Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Girl Power: It’s Time To Make It Happen

Even though the slogan Girl Power is relatively new per se – it’s only been around since 1991 when the US punk band, Bikini Kill, published a zine under this name to celebrate women’s independence and empowerment –, the idea of strong and confident women is far from being new. Throughout history, women have ruled over countries, made crucial discoveries, changed the fate of their population, and introduced new ways of thinking into their communities.
In other words, while society has developed a solid feminist background in recent years, it would be unfair to claim that women didn’t matter until now. They did, and they always have been an essential part of society.

However, not everyone is given the same chances from birth. While some individuals receive the education they need to shine and have the support of their friends and family to push their careers or make their voices heard; others can find it hard to find to receive the guidance they deserve in life. Your life choices, your relationships, your career, and your social circle can play a decisive role in empowering women to achieve what they want and take control of their destiny. It is, therefore, everybody’s responsibility to make a difference and unleash Girl Power for all. Are you ready to make it happen?

Helping and encouraging young girls to go further
Did you know that impoverished countries could significantly improve their circumstances if their population were given the opportunity of pursuing a career? Indeed, many nations that have a high birth rate can suffer from the lack of education solutions, resulting in millions of children who can’t read, count, write or aspire to any professional success. More importantly, the failure to provide decent school opportunities for girls accentuates traditional gender issues and acts as an obstacle to the development of the entire population. Encouraging Girl Power in these places is about supporting charities and organisations that are working to provide adequate solutions. By helping schools to reach out to everyone and provide the facilities the population needs, you can ultimately empower girls to change their future for the better.

Being your own boss
For many women, there is an impossible gap between working in a company and launching your own business. Indeed, it can be daunting to become a leader in what feels like a man’s world – the business world remains heavily masculine with fewer women at the top. It’s not uncommon, as a consequence, to struggle to receive the respect and loyalty of a leadership role as a woman, as many employees are still more likely to prefer a man in a ruling position. But, don’t let studies and social bias stop you in your ascension in the business world. There might still be more men than women on top, but there are plenty of inspirational women that have built a successful and profitable business presence. You can turn to someone such as Victoria Beckham for inspiration, who has fought criticism throughout her career but still managed to become one of the most influential fashion designers of her time. Nobody better than Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, can explain what it means to be a #Girlboss. There’s one essential rule that makes leadership possible, you need to believe that you can, as a woman, become a boss.

Finding the right mindset
How you perceive women, and not only yourself, is determinant to both your and their success. Indeed, the biggest enemy of women bosses is the way other women react. According to the Twisted Sisterhood by Kelly Valen, 90% of women have suffered from incivility and gratuitous negativity from their own gender. Whether it’s between friends or colleagues, women can feel painful currents of meanness from fellow females. Ultimately, Valen points out a critical issue about our beloved Girl Power. We, as women, can spend a lot of time hurting each other. The sisterhood can be more twisted and self-harming than we want it to be. Ultimately, the idea behind the Girl Power is that women can help each other to build their independent paths. But when the hostility between women can take a devastating amplitude, it’s easy to understand where the gender gap still prevails.

Believe in yourself
Women are not only the enemies of each other, but they can also affect the way they perceive themselves. Indeed, according to a study done at Cornell University, men are more likely to overestimate their abilities and performance, while women tend to underestimate them. As a result, in the professional environment, women will tend more often to suffer from the imposter syndrome, feeling that they don’t deserve their job. This mindset can affect not only your chances of progression, but also your overall career path. It’s essential to break the vicious circle that keeps your career on standby by working on your posture, appearance and overall professional integration. The better you feel about yourself within the business, the more confident you’ll be about your skills.

Be the light that guides your sisters to success
So what happens once you’ve finally reached the highest step of the corporate ladder? Is your Girl Power journey over? On the contrary, now’s the best time to nurture the positivity in your female employees. Indeed, you can take the time to become a mentor for other women who are trying to build a successful career. Additionally, you have to make sure to keep all gender bias off your recruiting and promoting practices, hence giving talented women just as much chance as men.

Supporting women’s rights and respecting their decisions
The underlying idea behind the Girl Power movement is to empower women to become who they want to be. While some women want to lead an inspirational career, others prefer the challenges of being a housewife for their family. It’s important that you recognise their contribution to society too. Stay-at-home wives and mothers shouldn’t feel ashamed for their choices, in the same way that a woman choosing to become CEO shouldn’t have to deal with people questioning her decision either. Remember that Girl Power is what everyone.

What do we, women, do in our day-to-day activities to support ourselves and other women? This is the question you need to put on top of your agenda if you want to eradicate gender bias and discrimination.  

Friday, November 23, 2018

Broke at month end? Now no more!

Coco Chanel once said, “The best things in life are free, the second best things are very very expensive. For a fashionista, this might be a much coveted pair of Jimmy Choos or for an avid traveller it could be that backpacking trip that all their friends are going on. At some point in life, each and every one of us has sacrificed some of these second best things because of a cash crunch. This is why I want to introduce you to a revolutionary mobile app called EarlySalary that will provide you with financial assistance to live the life of your dreams. 

The company provides an instant credit line which allows you to borrow 50% of your salary. So whether you want to buy the latest smartphone or get out of town for a weekend getaway, you can use the app to take a salary advance and meet your immediate needs. EarlySalary ensures that the money is available to you within the shortest possible amount of time.

How does it work? 

Download the EarlySalary application and create a profile & share basic details details like PAN number etc. Within seconds, EarlySalary calculates your ‘Social Worth score’ to determine if you can receive a loan. Once you're clear, the money is transferred to your bank account within a few minutes. The Social Worth score is generated by combining social media data with user profile and Credit Bureau data. Even users with a no credit history are given loans as long as they fulfil the other criterias. EarlySalary charges an interest costof INR 9 per day per INR 10,000 and simplifies the concept of borrowing. 

What more can you do with EarlySalary Approved Limit? 

What I really liked about EarlySalary was the ability to use the approved limit for shopping, they have a Zero Cost EMI to shop on Amazon &Flipkart for those must have mobile phones on 6 Months EMI using the EarlySalary limit. Also you can buy your groceries on EMI through a special tie-up with Big Bazaar and EarlySalary gives you a 3 months Zero Cost EMI even for grocery shopping. Interestingly the Shopping Limit is much larger & allows you up to 6months as repayment options. 

I spent a few hours with the founders of EarlySalary & the team at their office; what was really interesting is how they are creating AI & Machine Learning in giving instant credit; the ability to give loans without even speaking to a person is really building the future of banking. The start-up already has 7 Million downloads and has disbursed 350000 instant credit & salary advances making it the largest instant credit app in the country. I loved the idea of taking a salary advance rather than a personal loan from a bank and I will recommend friends to use EarlySalary in case of any cash flow issues. 

Interestingly Travel & Weekend Holidays is also one the biggest reasons to borrow from EarlySalary while Shopping is the next largest & settling into a new city is next. The team spoke about the a 100% surge in customer demand on 3 day weekends where users borrows 50% of their salary to travel to short 3 days weekend trips like Goa, Thailand. 

Akshay, the founder of EarlySalary spoke about how youngsters come to a new town to work and how they need to find a place to live and need to fit in. Since, it is not always possible to borrow from family and friendsto pay for a deposit on an apartment or a new office wardrobe instant credit line from EarlySalary really does come to the rescue. 

Key Highlights of EarlySalary: 

Rs.5,000 to Rs.2,00,000 loan 

Instant approved Credit Limit in a matter of seconds 

Get 50% of your salary credited into your Bank Anytime 

Shop now and pay later in EMIs at Amazon, Flipkart & Big Bazaar 

About EarlySalary 
The company is co-founded by Akshay Mehrotra (CEO) and Ashish Goyal (CFO) who have over a decade of experience and have an expertisein the field of marketing, finance and technology. They recognized a recurring need among young professionals due to which they were reaching out to theirfriends and colleagues and even their employers for a salary advance. That is where they came up with the idea of developing this app as traditional banking doesn't cater to short term needs and is very slow to cater to urgent needs. Thus, EarlySalary was found to offer consumers the convenience of availing loans at a short notice with minimum legal formalities involved. 

Tie Ups and Business Partnerships 
EarlySalary has tied up with over 200 large companies in the country to offer instant salary advances to employees with no prior documentation and at a lower interest rate. They also offer interest free EMIs to buy products on major online stores like Amazon, Flipkart and Big Bazaar. 

EarlySalary is now on the list of my must have apps and I suggest that you get it too for all those big purchases and month end cash crunches. 

EarlySalary has achieved over 7 Million app downloads across the country. Download the app here -for iOS and android

Monday, November 12, 2018

Featured - Pune Mirror

So excited to share that I was featured in Pune Mirror last week for a Diwali dressing special. Pune Mirror is one of the city's most widely circulated newspapers and presents city, national, and international news and views through the lens of Pune. The best part is they even put me on the front page!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Inaaya by CS Jewellers

Diwali is the perfect time to buy jewelry so yesterday, I visited the Magarpatta store of CS Jewellers with my mom and was amazed to see their newly launched Inaaya collection which is perfect for the new age Indian woman. The best part about his collection is it's contemporary designs that match perfectly with both Indian and western outfits. Let me show you some of my favorite pieces from this collection - 

These sparkly bangles are available in different shades of gold and I absolutely love the one with the rose gold finish!

This rose gold ring is a beautiful statement piece

My mom loved these earrings and they were super sparkly and just perfect for a traditional look

My personal favorite is these big gold jhumkas which are absolutely eye-catching

I also loved this bangle as its nice and chunky and goes well with an ethnic outfit

If gold is not your thing, the Inaaya collection also has dainty diamond jewelry pieces that are subtle yet sparkly. Here are some necklaces I loved - 

It a lovely collection and has something for everyone since both me and mom loved it. So if you're looking out to add some exquisite pieces to your jewelry, make sure to visit CS jewelers. You can visit their website here

Friday, November 02, 2018

Restaurant Review - Ales, Brews and Ciders

Ales is the perfect place for everyone whether you want to go for dinner and drinks, party or host a private or corporate event. The sprawling property boasts of a outdoor seating area as you enter along with a closed section where they host parties and then there is massive outdoor section behind where you can dine or host a private gig. I went there recently for dinner and drinks and tried out a variety of dishes and loved the food and service.

To start with, we had the Belgian wheat beer which is made using magnum hops with notes of coriander and orange peel and had a smooth finish. 

The Bacon nachos were perfect to munch on with the beer and had a generous amount of bacon so it was delicious! I also had watermelon and basil martini which had vodka, fresh watermelon juice and basil and was just perfect for a warm evening.

Being a hardcore lover of red meat, I tried the Asian Stir fried pork with veggies in a mild garlic sauce with a hint of soya. This is amazing. 

We followed this with crispy fried chilli lamb which had thin and crispy lamb pieces in a spicy asian chilli hoison and oyster sauce.

 I washed these down with a cucumber martini which had vodka, fresh cucumber, lemon and sweet and sour syrup. Again delicious and refreshing and just the perfect amount of sweetness.

After this we moved on to seafood and ordered the beer battered calamari which had crispy fried squid in a light batter. This was the best calamari I've had in Pune till date. It was fresh and flavorful. Do not miss this!

Next up I tried Prawn Momos for the first time here on the recommendation of a friend and they were incredible! Do try this if you are a momo lover. I loved these!

We also had the prawns satay which had grilled and minced prawns served on lemongrass skewers. Again really delicious.

 Lastly, I had the kiwi rock which is made with vodka, fresh kiwi, lemon and sweet and sour which is a must for kiwi lovers!

Overall, some great food and awesome drinks coupled with good service and a really nice ambience make Ales an awesome destination to wine and dine!

Address - Mulik Palace, 16/1, Wadgaon Sheri Rd, Opp. Trump Towers, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Ales, Brews and Ciders Brewing Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

Image source - here
Evaluate your finances
Create a list of your expenses like your monthly bills and credit card debt and compare them with your income. When examining your debt and expenses, you should consider necessary expenses such as rent, grocery, phone and electricity bills and credit card balances.

Prioritize your purchases
Differentiate between wants and needs. Do you need food and housing? Obviously. Do you need Starbucks? No. 

Create a budget
A budget will help you track your spending and get a better handle on how to shrink your credit card debt. Stick to your new budget like glue and carry a limited amount of cash on you when you're out so that you don't overspend. 

Free up money
As you’re adhering to your budget, focus on ways you can trim your expenses and generate more income. You need to decide which luxuries you’re willing to give up and which you can't live without. Canceling your cable connection or gym membership are just a few ways to trim down your expenses. 

Get a side hustle
Try getting a part-time job or making money from a hobby and remember to put all of that extra income toward your credit card debt, and not towards a fancy gadget or a holiday. 

Take a loan
Credit cards usually have high interest rates but if you want to relieve yourself of that stress, you can take a loan from PaySense which provides quick loans to people who have zero credit history with minimal documentation and at-door services. Read more at http://bit.ly/2yuLqsj on how taking a personal loan is a good idea to eliminate your credit card debt.

Work on your financial habits
Make sure to stick to smart financial habits for life so that you never fall into into credit card debt again. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

North Goa Travel Guide

Goa is India's little slice of hippie paradise and if you're planning to visit India, your trip is incomplete without going to Goa. I have been going there for over a decade so there's a lot I can advise you if you're planning to go there! Goa is India's smallest state and happens to be surrounded by numerous lovely beaches. If you love laid-back beaches, love dancing, practice yoga, shop and eat well, Goa is the place for you!

Goa can be divided into North and South and since I always hang around in North Goa, this post is all about it! North Goa is the popular side of Goa which is evident by its crowded beaches, delicious seafood, crazy nightlife, hippie markets and yoga retreats. 


Mid October to Mid-March is the best time to go to Goa as the weather is nice and it's the main 'season' time so all beach shacks, restaurants and shops are open and there are lot of good parties to go to! 

The month of December is extremely crowded with people from all over the world (and India) there and prices of hotels are hiked up too, so I avoid December. From mid-March to end of May it's extremely hot and humid while it's the rainy season from June to September so most shacks and shops are closed. It rains heavily and for a long duration so it's kind of a bummer if you're there at that time. Another downside is you definitely cannot chill by the beach or go for a swim at that time either. However, everything is green and really beautiful at the same time too. I had once gone during the rains and it was quite pretty to say the least. There was so much of greenery that I couldn't recognize half the roads I was otherwise familiar with.


If you're coming to India, you will probably either land in Mumbai or Delhi. As Mumbai is quite close to Goa, there are numerous Mumbai to Goa flights by various airlines and they take just above an hour to reach! In case you land in Delhi and plan to travel across north India before hitting Goa, there are numerous flights to Goa from all major cities of India. 


I recommend staying right on the beach or as close as you can to it. Almost every beach has accommodation and there are properties to suit every sort of budget so you can get both hostels and fancy beach huts. As you move inland away from the beach, there are lots of hotels and resorts too.

If you want to relax and primarily spend time on the beaches with quiet dinners, I recommend you to stay way up in Morjim/Ashwem or Arambol. 

If you're the party person and enjoy the mayhem like I do, stay in Anjuna/Vagator. 
I personally prefer staying here because of the restaurants and parties and I travel to Morjim/Ashwem/Mandrem/Arambol to spend the day on these beaches.


Laze, swim, chill, drink, party, shop, water sports, and yoga - the options are endless on the beaches! There are lots of beautiful beaches in North Goa. In the far north, Arambol is a popular paragliding spot and has lots of cheap accommodation. It also has a lovely beach and numerous shacks on the beach that serve amazing food along with an adorable sweet water lake which has fun parties by the lakeside. Just a bit ahead of it are the laid-back beaches of Morjim, Aswem and Mandrem are low-key. These beaches are really beautiful too and amazing to swim in. Then there is Anjuna, one of the most famous beaches of North Goa. It's the party center of Goa with lots of beach parties but the beach itself is kind of rocky and the waves are really strong so it's not so great for swimming. Almost adjacent to Anjuna is Vagator which comprises of three beaches. It has lots of amazing restaurants and party places too along with lots of fancy places to stay. 

There are many more famous beaches like Baga, Calangute, and Candolim which are super commercialized and insanely crowded with tourists so I suggest you to steer clear from these.

There are restaurants everywhere serving cuisines from all around the world and food is Goa is amazing!  I usually eat at beach shacks because the food is really delicious and the menus are extensive with lots of options of different kinds of cuisines. I primarily just eat seafood 24/7 when I'm in Goa.

Anjuna hosts the world famous flea market every Wednesday (during season time only) where you get everything from clothes, jewellery, music, spices, home stuff to smoking paraphernalia from all around India and the world. Then there's the Saturday Night Market in Arpora which is a bigger version and has a lot more to offer along with lots of restaurant stalls, bars and parties too. I suggest you to check out both as they have their own charm. Besides these two, there are lots of boutiques and stores selling resort wear, boho clothing and exotic jewelry all over Goa but many of them have stalls in the two markets I mentioned before so you don't need to go hunting for them.

You can rent a bike or a car for a relatively cheap price in Goa. If it's a long distance, you can take a taxi. I prefer traveling by bike but if you have to go long distances, then it's better to have a car. I drove down in my car last year from Pune to Goa so it was pretty convenient for me to travel all over.

If you want to get touristy, you could visit old Goa and check out the beautiful churches and cathedrals all over. 
If you love nature and wildlife you can check out the butterfly conservatory, and also go crocodile/ dolphin/turtle watching/
There are river cruises, houseboat tours and yacht cruises too. 

If you love dancing, Goa is the place to be! Goa is probably the only place in India with a proper psychedelic music scene. Popular places that host psy parties are Curlies, Shiva Valley, Nyex, Hilltop, UV Bar and more. Note that there are lots of impromptu parties that happen in open air locations and there are posters/flyers all over Goa notifying you their location and details a few days before each party.

If you prefer more of techno there's Teso, Chronicle, Waters, Katzensuppe, and Bubble Brunch to name a few. 

I hate commercial music which usually plays in the clubs (and I never go to clubs in Goa) so I can't help you with those. However, I'm 100% sure that if commercial music is your thing, you'll definitely love Baga and find that kind of music there. 

So this was my guide to things to do in North Goa. If you're ever planning to come to India, make sure you come to Goa! It's just so much fun!! Feel free to hit me up if you're a reader and have Goa plans and I'd be happy to help!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Spa Review - Sukho Thai Pune

If you've been following me on Instagram, you probably know that I just got back from an almost 3 week long vacation in Thailand! I am a very active person and my holiday was no exception so there was a lot of walking, swimming, dancing and hiking involved! Besides that I was also drinking and eating quite a bit (when do I not?) and sleeping really less out of excitement. To top that, it is really hot and humid in Thailand so you end up sweating a lot too. Unfortunately for me, all these factors contributed to fluid retention and I ended up with awfully swollen ankles and feet during the last week as you can see from my cankles in the picture below -

The first thing I did when I got back to India was start taking diuretic tablets which made most of the swelling subside, but my legs and feet were still not back to their normal size. Now one of the main causes for fluid retention is poor blood circulation and the best way to fix this is to get a massage. Thus I decided to treat my feet to a traditional Thai foot massage at Sukho Thai Foot Spa at Chaturshingi, Pune. 

The moment you enter Sukho Thai, the dim and tranquil environment of the spa makes you feel calm and relaxed. Unlike traditional spas, you don't need to undress since they don't slather oil all over your body and the whole massage takes place on a reclining chair. The therapist started the massage by cleansing and sanitizing my feet using warm water which was followed by a gentle massage to open up the joints and relax them. After this, she gave each leg an oil massage from the knees to the feet ensuring that every pressure point was emphasized upon. Using different Thai moves, she hit all the right points to un-knot all my muscle points. She also used a small stick to put pressure on certain points on my toes. In the end of the foot massage, she used a absorbent powder on my legs and feet to free my skin from any oiliness.  My legs were then wrapped with a dry towel followed by a dry massage to my full legs, back, shoulder and head. After the foot massage, she started with stretching my legs, shoulders and back along with a massage on each area which was super relaxing! To be honest, this was better than the massages I got in Thailand!

I walked out fully rejuvenated and energized and just like I predicted, my swelling was almost gone! If you have never gone for a foot massage before, I recommend you to try it at Sukho Thai. Their therapists are trained to work wonders on your feet, massaging the right pressure points, alleviating knots allowing for complete detoxification of the mind, body and soul! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Quick Tips To Enjoy An Even Better Maui Vacation

Maui is renowned for its literally endless white sand beaches, colorful luaus and different sporting activities one can enjoy. Basically, Maui is perfect for every single possible vacation desire. You can find incredible Maui beach condos to stay at, in picturesque locations, and then enjoy a full day of everything you may desire. 

While Maui is definitely a treat, there are always things that can be better if we are to enjoy everything more. This is normal with every holiday destination from around the world. If you want to enjoy Maui even more, consider these really simple tips. 

Choosing An Ideal Maui Vacation Location
Maui gives you access to numerous entertainment sites, hotels and resorts. As a first-time traveler it is so easy to become overwhelmed. You will most likely have no idea where to settle and what accommodation is the best option for you. There is a reason why Maui is locally known as “Magic Isle”. There are 81 beaches available, all filled with rental cottages, condominiums, hotels and luxury resorts to choose from. 
If you love adventure and are looking for action, even if the vacation should be relaxing, go to the west. This is where many outdoor activities and water sports wait for you. If you love shopping, go to Lahaina. When looking for a highly romantic location with the one you love, you want to consider Maui’s southern parts. The white sand beaches there are immaculate and the sunrise is a delight when in a hammock, with Wailea and Kihei being perfect towns to consider. 
If you visit central Maui you can enjoy Hawaiian culture at its very best and when looking for mystery and solitude, eastern Maui should be your destination. 

Where Should You Stay?
Beach resorts and luxury hotels are present all throughout Maui. Many are expensive so you do want to know what your budget is so you fully understand exactly what accommodations you can afford. It is generally a good idea to book ahead, especially when budget is limited. Try to choose based on what is available on the island and what places of interest you will want to visit. There is something unique in every Maui corner so do plan the trip ahead. This should be done before accommodations are chosen. 
When particularly interested in saving on accommodations, you want to consider rental condo units. They include fully furnished bedrooms and have complete kitchens. When you travel with a family or a larger group, these rental units are highly preferred. If you travel with a small group or just with another person, something remote like a cabin is normally what is chosen. 

Make Right Bookings
Whenever possible, it is a very good idea to book ahead of time, before you reach Maui. There are always numerous accommodations available but in many beach resorts and hotels you actually need to book your stay at least 2 weeks before arrival date. The travel itinerary can be created after you make the bookings. Always check with the hotel you consider for available location transfers and tour packages since this can help you to save more money on the long run. 

When worried about the fact that you cannot cancel, remember that most resorts and hotels do accommodate cancellations. You just need to let the establishment know around 48 hours ahead of time. Some cancellation fees might appear so you want to know about them before you make the booking. 

Getting Around
Getting around Maui islands is possible in different way. At the end of the day your choice will depend on how much you want to get around alone. When exploring Maui for the first time, guided tours are recommended. These take you to various popular travel destinations. 
Those that visited Maui several times and are familiar with highways and roads can always rent cars to explore everything in complete freedom. ATV rentals are available and you can easily take advantage of public transportation, which is affordable. 

What Should You Take With You?
Maui is a great travel destination for those that love light packing. The climate is warm so you do not need to take really heavy sweaters with you. If your goal is to be a part of many sightseeing trips, be sure that you have comfortable clothing with you, like light cotton shirts and shorts. Sunglasses and hats are always a very good idea and you should always remember to bring sunscreen or buy once in Maui. Obviously, swimsuits are important due to the numerous waterfalls and beaches that can be explored in this part of Hawaii. 
In the event you want to go up country to visit ranches and enjoy some horseback riding, be sure that you have long pants and closed shoes with you. Biking tours and cycling tours will require specific clothing so preparations should be made in advance. 
Some of the Maui posh bars and restaurants impose specific dress codes. If you want to go there you need casual-formal outfits. However, in most restaurants people can enjoy themselves while wearing casual outfits. Shorts and shirts are very common there.

Final Thoughts
The tips above will make your Maui stay more enjoyable but there is so much more that can be said. Be sure that you take the time you need to actually learn all that you need to, based on where you will go. Maui can be experienced in so many ways that it is a shame not to consider them. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How to Spend Less and Enjoy More On Holiday

I love traveling and feel that it is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling ways to relax and unwind as distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. Exploring new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures help us to refresh our minds from our daily routines. Home is still the same when we get back from a good holiday, but something in our mind has changed, and that changes everything. As much as traveling is fun, it can also be an expensive affair. Whether it is the air tickets or pricey hotels, traveling abroad is always a challenge if you have a budget restriction. 

However, there are some simple tips that you can follow to save money while planning a vacation so here is your guide on how to spend less and enjoy a pocket friendly vacation abroad -

1. Start a Travel Fund
Unless you have a lot of extra moolah in your bank account, it's time to create a travel fund. The easiest way to do so is to set a recurring deposit where a certain amount gets deducted from your savings account and is stored for your holiday.

2. Buy insurance
Why is insurance important, you ask? I've heard horror stories of people reaching their holiday destination while the airline has lost all their luggage. Then there is one where someone I knew had just gotten to day two of their big fat Euro trip, where the bag containing all their cash, passport and valuables disappeared at a cafe in Barcelona so they had to the Indian embassy and return back to India on day 3 of the vacation. Unfortunately we can't predict life and a smooth journey can take a dismal and unexpected twist anytime. No matter what we say or think, we never know what is waiting at the end of the tunnel. Such situations have made me realize the importance of buying a term insurance plan to curtail the impact of unexpected twists. After researching the same, I realized that we can now thankfully get a term plan online and it is affordable and time saving.

3. Choose an off beat destination
The more popular a destination, the more commercialized it will be. Going to underrated and under-traveled destinations can help you save money on accommodations and activities and avoid the crowds associated with top tourist spots. 

4. Make off-season your best friend
Traveling off season is one of the simplest moves that will lower the cost of your international trip. Every location has a peak season when flight, hotel and other costs are hiked up immensely. 

5. Try a Vacation Rental
Instead of choosing the standard path of a hotel, options like airbnb, couch surfing and hostels can help you save a lot of money. We often spend most of our days outdoors while traveling, so it only makes sense to spend more on your stay if you will be spending a lot of time in the hotel premises.
Another bonus of a vacation rental is that you can buy fresh produce and cook your own meals, saving up on restaurant meal costs too. 

6. Stay in a Central Location 
Transportation can add up quickly, so make sure you stay in a central location from all the places you wish to visit. Ideally, somewhere you can walk everywhere would work best. 

7. Look for Free Walking Tours
If you wish to know more about the history, culture or other trivia about the place you're visiting, instead of booking tours and guides, try to look up for free tours online. Many cities around the world offer free guided tours which offer a comprehensive experience free of cost. 

So these were my tips for you to save money while enjoying your holiday! Hope you find them helpful. 

Image source - here

About Aegon Life:

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited launched its pan-India operations in July 2008 with a vision to be the most recommended new age life insurance Company. Aegon is one of the world’s leading financial services organizations (providing life insurance, pension plans, and asset management) and Bennett, Coleman & Company (India’s leading media conglomerate) have come together to launch Aegon Life Insurance. This joint venture adopts a local approach with the power of global expertise to facilitate a direct to customer approach, leveraging digital platforms to bring transparent solutions to customers and to prioritize their needs.
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