Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DIY - The Artistic June

Last year, I had bought this cute black and white dress with a floral print and wore it around quite a bit. Then, exactly a year later, this August, after going through a couple of high fashion magazines I noticed that a lot of top designers including Gucci had made black white & yellow dresses with a floral print. Voila, I got the inspiration. Went to a stationery shop, bought yellow fabric paint and just filled in the flowers and here I am, same dress, new look :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tinkerbell - My Gangsta Cat -

Got this lovely blue rhinestone studded collar with a nice matching tinkly bell for my cat today.

Now he's the hip hop star with the bling-bling. He must quit all his bad habits though....

June - Tinker, will you ever quit smoking???

Tinkerbell - Bhwwwww

~The streets of Japan are runways~

Japanese fashion is sheer eye candy. All the people are so well dressed and have such an amazing sense of style. Here are some looks from the Tokyo Street Style website that I loved. Check them all out at Style Arena Japan

Wanted : Rachel Bilson's Shoes

These are sooooooo FABULOUS!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My little monkeys

Meet Caesar and Charlie, 6 year old identical twins who happen to be my cousins. They're extremely naughty and have developed an extreme liking to my clothes, shoes, bags and makeup. So much that when I change, they wear my tops (which fit them like evening gowns) and slip into my heels and parade around the house like beauty queens.
I'm hoping that they realise soon that they are boys. Anyway, they're adorable.

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