Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Style

I adore these looks for fall. Sigh, only if it got that cold in the city I live in!

Trend Alert : Color Block

Carolina Engman of FashionSquad has incorporated my favorite colorblock look of the year!

Camilla Belle (above) and Sara Carbonero (below) both picked up looks straight from the Gucci spring 2011 collection and made this trend look really lovely indeed. In fact, I had picked up a bright orange skirt from  Zara a few months ago and was wondering what color to pair on top. As you can see I found my answer soon - a purple silk top. Will post pics soon!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Link Lovin' - September

Here are some great tips on how to shop

Accessorize with these and you wont go wrong

Some fantastic ideas to use your beauty products to multitask. This is a life saver when you're on the go

These two are the most  adorable gifting ideas for someone who loves to bake.  Incredibly cute

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