Monday, November 28, 2011

Black cat or spotted cat?

Black cat or spotted cat?

Fashion Faux Pas 101

Katy Perry's dress is skanky!
Ah, just two more days till payday!
I've been super broke and annoyed this month so I decided to do a rant post.

This is something I've always thought to myself but at the same time have never heard or read anyone ever discuss.

Now there are a zillion blogs that talk about the Fashion Police and Fugly clothes, but if you look beyond that, one major factor contributes to a bad outfit. And that is whether it it goes with your appearance/body type.

Now as much fashion is about expressing yourself and dressing according to your personality, the way you end up looking also matters greatly with your physical appearance.

I'm totally pro dressing in line with your personal style statement  but honestly, for every chic girl on the street there are twenty (or more) who walk around like fashion disasters or end up looking extremely wannabe.

It is a common sight, especially in Bombay, to see a lot of girls who have Indianized features / hairstyles yet try to dress Parisian ala oversized pretty top, tailored pants, big belt / bag, fancy shoes and honestly, they do not look very nice that way.

Below I have a few celebrity examples who've gone wrong too.

My first example is Megan Fox. Look at the image on the left. She is mind blowingly beautiful, extremely sexy and has a body to die for. The glamorous Donna Karan gown she is wearing just adds to her appeal and make her look like a goddess.

Now look at the image on the right, her face looks gorgeous and super hot (when does it not?) but the dress? Well its by Zac Posen and would look perfect on a 16 year old for her prom, or on a cuter girl ( think Anna Faris, Julianne Hough ) but it just does not work on the smokin' hot Fox

MORAL OF THE STORY: Dress according to your face.

Look at Fearne Cotton (left) waist up. Awesome rocker chic vibe. Right? Do you see her pants? Can  you see how awful they look? Part harem part pyjama = Disaster

The harem pants trend is not a very easy one to rock my ladies. So think carefully before you buy any because this is not an easy look to pull off.

Now moving aside to the gorgeous and super pretty Cheryl Cole (right) who is out to party, as you can tell from her sparkly heels, jewelry and hair.

But thanks to her satin pyjama suit, she looks like she got out of bed got ready and forgot to wear her party outfit and stepped out of the house.

 Last season, sleepwear as outerwear was an upcoming trend. Fashion
biggies like Dolce & Gabbana attempted to start a pyjama trend and lots of stars religiously followed with disastrous results  (See link here)

Thankfully, this trend couldn't make a global impact.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Do not follow trends blindly. You will end up looking like a fool, no matter how rich, famous or gorgeous you are.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Trend Alert : Polka Dots

Polka dots always look adorable. Timeless and cute, polka dots have made their mark on dresses, bags, belts and hair accessories with a hint of retro fashion. But this year, Stella McCartney, Lanvin and other designers have given this trend a sexy new twist and have glammed it up.Stella McCartney's designs with a mix of sheer and polka dots has been loved by celebrities and have made it on many magazine covers this year.

Stella McCartney AW 2011

Though black and white seem to be the easiest way to pull off polka dots, designers are going colorful with them too as you can see on Beyonce below

Celebrities in Polka Dots
Polka dots are cute and timeless so if you haven't got anything in your wardrobe with them, go shopping now!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Link Lovin' - November

Barbie is not just a doll! See why she is a good role model (apart from promoting anorexia and boob jobs)

Siri is awesome. Its one of the reasons that I feel like switching from my beloved blackberry to an iphone. Besides being very smart, Siri also has some fun stuff to say when you want to mess around with it. Check this

Refinery29 shows you how to braid your hair in cool new ways

If feel awful to be back to your city after a lovely holiday, the way I recently did, this article will surely help

As women are constantly trying to lose weight, here are a few useful tips to increase your metabolism

Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook  shows us 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes in this fabulous video!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The ABC's of Happiness

A : Accept Insanity

B : Be Yourself

C : Create something exciting

D : Drink / Dance or Dance Drunk

E : Eat lots of chocoloate or chilly

F : Feel the wind ( try getting yourself on a bike or shove your head out of car window like a doggie )
     Fear nothing

G : Get creative... Get a pet ....    Give

H : Hug often....      Help others

I : Invent imaginary friends and speak to them often
 ( when you're alone )

J : Jump and hop once in a while ( Don't you think its adorable when kids do it? )

K : Keep looking forward to amazing experiences of life    ....  Kiss a loved one.

L : Laugh

M : Meditate....   Make friends.
      There are lots of lovely people in the world.

N : Never underestimate yourself

O : Observe beauty.....
      Be Openhearted

P : Pray .....  
     Play something

Q : Quit negative thinking

R: Read.... Relax....    Reinvent yourself

S : Smile a lot .....  Simplify your mind
     Scream occasionally (its fun)

T : Talk a lot ( Being quiet is mysterious but boring too )

U : Unleash your creativity.....     Unleash your strengths

V : Vizualize your dream .....    Vent out your frustrations

W : Walk... Write... Watch the sunset

X : Xerox all the attributes you love about yourself or others

Y : Your life is in your hands        Yell for fun :)

 Z : Zap negativity

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fab Fall Shoes

From top clockwise : Platform Loafers by Nine West, Ankle Wedges by DKNY, Slingback Bow Pumps by Valentino Garavani Pointy Ankle Boots by Michael Kors, Pointy Flats by Delman Shoes, Stacked Heel Boots by Diane Von Furstenberg. IMAGES COURTESY LUCKY MAGazine

Real People Real Fashion

Do you know where actual fashion exists? Well, its not what you see on the runways or the red carpets.

Because practically speaking, nobody wears over-the-top /sheer /mismatched outfits in day to day life (besides celebrities) and in the same way, a very brief population of the world attends red carpet events

Coco on Fashionfreax
Well that leaves fashion in our hands. The best fashion show is on streets across the world. ( third world countries like mine are still trying hard to develop fashion, but hopefully in another 173 years the whole world will be really fashionable )

If you're looking for fashion inspiration or seek knowledge of how people around the world dress, you must visit the sites below. You can also become a member and post your looks to them -

1. LOOKBOOK - This is a website where stylish men and women from around the world post their looks. It makes you realise that there are millions of amazing, creative and fashionable people around the world.

Lua P's on 

2. STREET STYLE BLOG - This blog snaps stylish people on streets around the world. But the best part? The pictures are all organized according to trends!

Bezo on Fashionfreax

3. FASHIONFREAX - Fashion freax has the same concept as lookbook but people also post picture of looks they love on others or celebrites. So check it out!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cats ♥

I love cats. And dogs. And squirrels. And goats. And rabbits. You get the point.
I've had a strange variety of pets so far ( three cats, two rabbits, two squirrels, two goldfish ) all because I always wanted a dog. Basically, I wasn't allowed to get a dog so I got every other animal possible.

You've seen my black cat Tinkerbell in my past posts ( and here) Sadly, he ran away a few years ago, but is living happily in the neighborhood and picking up the ladies. I know because I've seen him around :)

Besides my immense love for cats, I'm also terribly allergic to them but that doesn't stop me from being crazy about them. There is just something so super cute about a cat. Here are some adorable and hilarious pictures of cats to please the cat lover in you! 

Do Not Stress, Wear a Dress

Whether your style is glam, feminine, goth or sexy, there is a mini dress for everyone. My personal favorite is the glam / sexy mini dress because I have a weird body. But as you can see from the dresses below, you can 
choose from a million styles and find something that works with your personality and appearance.

Leighton Meester at the 2009 MTV Movie awards 

Megan Fox at the GQ Awards 2008

Selena Gomez at the 2011 MTV EMAs wearing Marchesa

Fashionable tv shows

I recently got hooked on to the television drama Revenge and it is fantastic! This ABC series is just so juicy and enticing and enthralling to watch that audiences are actually cheering on a person seeking to ruin someone else's life.

Set in the Hamptons, besides a kickass storyline, the show also boasts of a great designer wardrobe and all the ladies look really chic indeed.

The clothes that really caught my eye are those worn by the character Ashley, played by adorable Ashley Madekwe - who has an amazing personal style and her own great fashion blog Ring My Bell.

My apologies for the hazy pictures as they are snapshots taken from my VLC player

I've noticed some uber chic peplum dresses and fitted skirts with breezy tops on her in the show and can't wait to see what the show has in store for us in future, both story and fashion wise :)

Another favorite TV series character of mine is Lily from How I Met Your Mother, played by adorable Alyson Hannigan. Over the years, I've seen Lily sport some fierce clothes on the show. 

How cute is this shrug?

They reused it on another episode

Love the sheer sleeves of the shirt

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