Monday, November 21, 2011

The ABC's of Happiness

A : Accept Insanity

B : Be Yourself

C : Create something exciting

D : Drink / Dance or Dance Drunk

E : Eat lots of chocoloate or chilly

F : Feel the wind ( try getting yourself on a bike or shove your head out of car window like a doggie )
     Fear nothing

G : Get creative... Get a pet ....    Give

H : Hug often....      Help others

I : Invent imaginary friends and speak to them often
 ( when you're alone )

J : Jump and hop once in a while ( Don't you think its adorable when kids do it? )

K : Keep looking forward to amazing experiences of life    ....  Kiss a loved one.

L : Laugh

M : Meditate....   Make friends.
      There are lots of lovely people in the world.

N : Never underestimate yourself

O : Observe beauty.....
      Be Openhearted

P : Pray .....  
     Play something

Q : Quit negative thinking

R: Read.... Relax....    Reinvent yourself

S : Smile a lot .....  Simplify your mind
     Scream occasionally (its fun)

T : Talk a lot ( Being quiet is mysterious but boring too )

U : Unleash your creativity.....     Unleash your strengths

V : Vizualize your dream .....    Vent out your frustrations

W : Walk... Write... Watch the sunset

X : Xerox all the attributes you love about yourself or others

Y : Your life is in your hands        Yell for fun :)

 Z : Zap negativity

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