Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cats ♥

I love cats. And dogs. And squirrels. And goats. And rabbits. You get the point.
I've had a strange variety of pets so far ( three cats, two rabbits, two squirrels, two goldfish ) all because I always wanted a dog. Basically, I wasn't allowed to get a dog so I got every other animal possible.

You've seen my black cat Tinkerbell in my past posts ( and here) Sadly, he ran away a few years ago, but is living happily in the neighbourhood and picking up the ladies. I know beause I've seen him around :)

Besides my immense love for cats, I'm also terribly allergic to them but that doesn't stop me from being crazy about them. There is just something so super cute about a cat. Here are some adorable and hilarious pictures of cats to please the cat lover in you! 

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  1. Hah! Love all of these! Especially the one in the tissue box! Such a devious kitten >:D

    1. I love the tissue box kitty too xx

  2. Hey really nice post!


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