Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stylish Staples

Trends come and go, but certain things never go out of style. This is not one of those posts where I'm going to give you a list of wardrobe essentials like the shirt or blazer or a little black dress. But, I am going to point out some key items which, according to me, transcend time.

One shouldered tops/dresses
Eternally elegant and glamorous, one shouldered necklines are very flattering for those blessed with a nice décolletage. Historically, one shouldered garments were worn in Greece in the ancient times, but this style soon became a part of modern clothing. Even if you consider India, the design of a Saree - a staple garment worn here, is essentially that of a one shouldered gown worn with a blouse underneath. Whether you wore a one shouldered garment yesterday or ten years ago, this is one trend that never fades away and eternally looks stylish.

Bandage skirts
The concept of bandage dresses may have been started by Hervé Léger but any tight fitting bodycon skirt can essentially be classified as a bandage skirt. Whether its a bright and tiny statement bandage skirt, or a longer darker version you wear to work, there's no denying that a curve hugging bandage skirt is a versatile piece that can be paired with anything and has been around for years. It also makes our behinds look pretty good at the same time!

Tanks tops and Vests
Besides being summer staples, tank tops and vests can be paired with just about anything. They are a great base to work trendy items with and are also a great piece to create a layered look. Tanks are brilliant when it comes to multitasking as they can be worn for a casual date, movie or to go shopping. Try and look for cute details like embellishments, ruffles (like the one above) for a fresh update to this fashion favorite. 

Pussy bow blouse
Ever wondered why they are called Pussy bow blouses? They were named after cats wearing ribbons around their neck. The bow tie on the neck adds a feminine and girly factor to the serious shirt, and yet this blouse is very wearable for work. You'd be surprised to know that they have been around since the 1950s and have stood the test of time. Today, it is a must have classic item which can be worn with skirts, pants, shorts or jeans to create an effortlessly chic look.

Wrap Necklines/Dresses
Introduced by Diane Von Furstenberg in 1972, the wrap dress is a brilliant garment. The waist hugging and figure flattering design of the wrap cleverly draws attention to the neckline and waist, creating an hour-glass figure. This style is perfect for tops and cardigans too, and tops in this style (kimono tops) are made by designers and brands till this day.

Fitted Basics
Okay, I cheated. I said I wouldn't talk about wardrobe essentials but I just couldn't resist this one. Now for decades, we have worn white shirts, pants, blazers and everything else which falls in the list. As much as styles change and trends come and go, fitted basics always look chic and timeless. This picture below shows how a basic shirt and skirt look fabulous just because of the great fit.

Celebrities in these styles 
Kim K - One shoulder dress

Leighton Meester - Pussy bow blouse

Rihanna - Fitted basics & bandage skirt

Angelina Jolie - wrap dress

Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr and Nicky Hilton - tank tops

Friday, March 16, 2012

Styling Ideas March 2012 - Shirt Edition

Today, I would like to share some styling ideas with the wardrobe staple - the shirt! Essentially worn at work, there are many simple ways to dress a shirt up.

Rock a shirt in the color of the season - Mint

Break all black with a checks ! 

Don't you love these colors together? 

Mix polka dots with polka hearts! 

Rock a white shirt with denim shorts and a black bow tie 

Once, I walked into a luxury departmental store after work in a shirt and trousers and realized that my outfit resembled the uniform worn by the staff there *cringe* 

MORAL OF THE STORY - Dress up your shirt :)

Have a great weekend xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I ♥ Spirit Hoods

My personal fashion statement is a mix of everything. I would say its a little bit glam, a little bit boho and a little bit quirky. As much as a lot of people over the world have found them weird, I've been coveting a spirit hood since they became famous! Spirit Hoods are animal inspired faux fur snoods based on animals like the wolf, bear, leopard, husky, skunk and more. 

They have a button on the front to ensure your hood stays on, and they also double as a scarf with mittens for extra warmth. The best part about them is that every time you purchase a Spirit Hood, a portion of proceeds goes directly to supporting your favorite animal.  They have partnered with several non-profit organizations dedicated to helping protect the habitats and rights of these animals. 

You can check out their Product Blue page to find out about how Spirit Hood purchases are helping animals around the world. Hollywood has lapped them up in a frenzy as they are cute, quirky, comfortable and would definitely appeal to animal lovers. On my earlier post Broken foot you can see Jessie J rocking a spirit hood. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

gaga by Tanya Sharma

Designer Tanya Sharma showcased her label 'GaGa' at Lakme Fashion Week 2012 which I attended. As a tribute to India, she draws inspiration from various colors and elements of the country and incorporates them in her designs. For this collection, she used the wardrobe classic white shirt as a base. But to it, she added a fun element and mixed things up with Indian fabrics and a dash of neon and stripes to give us a super cool and quirky collection.

Sari Jumpsuit
Cape Playsuit
Pink hood Jacket with Sheer Shirtdress 
Knotted Shirt Anarkali
Jacket dress with Neon Balloon Skirt
One Side Shirt Palazzos

Monday, March 12, 2012

Outfit - Lakme Fashion Week

After a lot of readers asked me what I wore while attending the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012 shows, I decided to do an outfit post. On day 3, the India Textile day, I chose to wear these bird print palazzo pants with a matching top which i knotted, all from one of my favorite brands, a Dubai based label called Splash. I accessorized it with a color block satchel. What do you think of this look?

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

LFW Day 5 : Jatin Varma

Designer Jatin Varma showcased a wonderful collection called “Glisten – Shine by Reflection”at Lakmé Fashion Week for the Summer/Resort 2012 season. Jatin presented structured dresses and gowns, highlighted with the laser cut-outs and the matte sequin touches. With just three pastel shades of pale pink, lemon and blue with the finale in deep black, Jatin opened the show with three ultra futuristic creations made from stunning laser cut felt.The black dresses of his collection were quoted as “glamarama” by the press because of their dramatic yet glamorous designs with gowns and minis covered with the laser cut felt positioned at strategic points.Former Miss India Ankita Shorey wore a stunning black gown and looked really lovely in it.

LFW Day 5 : Arpan Vohra

Designer Arpan Vohra presented the “Back to the Hourglass” at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012 yesterday which was influenced by the hourglass figure. Models walked the ramp in form fitting, bodycon silhouettes with an emphasis on the waistline in the form of  skinny pants, sexy dresses and waist accentuating corsets. I saw a lot of color blocking and 20s flapper like fringe elements on garments along with ruffles on dresses and especially loved the controversial black and white swimsuit (rumored to be too similar to Shivan & Narresh's 2010 design) and the black flapper style dress in the pictures below. 

LFW Day 5 : Payal Kapoor

Payal Kapoor’s dazzling Summer/Resort collection took the audience tour of Mediterranean and South Asian countries which were her inspirations at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012. Feminine and flowy skirts, tank tops, dresses, and saris in chiffon, satin, georgette with hints of tie and dye touches mesmerized the audience in lovely colors like pistachio, ivory, salmon and indigo. I loved the cool and summery feeling of the dresses which looked comfortable and perfect for summer shindigs.

LFW Day 5 : Malaga By Malini Agarwalla

On day 5 of Lakme Fashion Week 2012,  Malini Agarwalla presented her “KwaZulu” collection, an exotic line inspired by the Zulu kingdom KwaZulu Natal of South Africa.. Models wore eyecatching, one of a kind necklaces designer by Malini which were perfect for the over sized jewelry trend. Many celebrities like Vidya Malavade, Maria Gorretti, Mini Mathur, Sharmila Khanna, Madhu Shah and Shaheen Abbas walked the ramp of her wearing giant gold necklaces - some resembling armour plates, while others had chains streaming down from huge collars. All the ladies carried leopard print bags. Her colored jewelry was impressive too, with tribal and aztec elements in bright and vibrant colors. 

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