Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I ♥ Spirit Hoods

My personal fashion statement is a mix of everything. I would say its a little bit glam, a little bit boho and a little bit quirky. As much as a lot of people over the world have found them weird, I've been coveting a spirit hood since they became famous! Spirit Hoods are animal inspired faux fur snoods based on animals like the wolf, bear, leopard, husky, skunk and more. 

They have a button on the front to ensure your hood stays on, and they also double as a scarf with mittens for extra warmth. The best part about them is that every time you purchase a Spirit Hood, a portion of proceeds goes directly to supporting your favorite animal.  They have partnered with several non-profit organizations dedicated to helping protect the habitats and rights of these animals. 

You can check out their Product Blue page to find out about how Spirit Hood purchases are helping animals around the world. Hollywood has lapped them up in a frenzy as they are cute, quirky, comfortable and would definitely appeal to animal lovers. On my earlier post Broken foot you can see Jessie J rocking a spirit hood. If you want to know  more read this article about them on the LA Weekly.

Check out their website

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  1. This is so cute ;)

  2. ah very lovely!:) it seems so warm! kisses dear!:*

  3. it is sooo cute

  4. Wow, they are cute! I never heard of them before! Hope you are having a good day sweetie! xo


  5. I think these look cute on other people...i'm not sure I could pull it off.

    xo erica

  6. SpiritHoods rule! The girl who writes The Green Room {} on my site is good friends w/ the creator and got a batch of the full first line before it ever came out. Great post of a fun accessory line.
    xx- Annalise

  7. Ooooooo....I didn't know they're called spirit hoods. I think they look fab!

  8. hey June! =) I love this post!!! cute scarfs! kisses

  9. This is sooo cute...specially last one <3

  10. thanks for stopping by me, love your blog!What about follow each other?

  11. love your blog! and i love the hoodies!

  12. loving the fur !!

  13. i've just learnt how to make these in my millinery class! love them :)
    your blog is great keep it up!

    return the follow if you like :)

    1. How cool! I wish I could make one!! Maybe I should try! xx


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