Friday, April 26, 2013

Outfit - Forest Goddess

Here are the rest of the pictures of the stunning dress sent to me by The dress fits like a dream and it made me feel like a character straight out of a tv show or videogame. Of course, that feeling went away soon when I had to drive my car to the shoot location in this dress! 

DresseStylist has an amazing variety of dresses and each dress is custom made according to your exact measurements. You can now check their facebook page to see their dresses and reviews by many fashion bloggers around the world. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sneak Peek - Gift from DresseStylist

DresseStylist sent me this divine gown! Full post coming up soon :)

Photos by Rohan! You must check his work out here!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Styling Ideas - Maxi Skirt

I always steered clear from maxi skirts but thanks to a recent maxi dress one of my sponsors sent me (post coming soon) along with the fact that I've seen short people often pull off them at ease, I've decided to finally get myself a maxi skirt, with a slit of course! Check out a few style tips on wearing a maxi skirt. There are various styles of maxi skirts out there which will fit for your style.

Here are four looks you can achieve with a maxi skirt -

Boho Look: With a sexy side slit and in sheer chiffon a flowy top paired with a maxi skirt is a great daytime look with an effortless boho vibe.
Boho look with a maxi skirt
Sexy Look: Go for a maxi skirt with a curved front slit for a sexy raw party look. 

Glam and sexy in a maxi skirt
Chic Look: Wear a bright maxi skirt with assymetrical slits and colorblock your outfit for a chic and vibrant look. 
Chic colorblocked maxi skirt look
Edgy Look: As they say, when in doubt wear black! Choose a plain black one or a printed one like the picture below and team it with a black top for an edgy look with a maxi skirt. 

Edgy in a maxi skirt
Which is your favorite look? Let me know in your comments below.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

TShirt Printing

A lot of you readers love my blog header and I always wanted some merchandize to promote my blog so when I was contacted by the good folks at to get a custom designed tee, this is what I decided to get! 

The London based site offers personalised tshirts, vests, hoodies, polo shirts and sweatshirts in a variety of colors which you can choose from.  After all, personalized clothing is unique and on the garment, you can get exactly what you want! Their service is great and they deliver worldwide promptly so if you want to get a custom designed garment, go to and you won't be disappointed.

I was on monkey mode so I also decided to climb a tree and oh my god its still so much fun! I really wanted to go higher up but it looked like a long jump down and I really didn't want to risk breaking my foot again!

Top -, Shorts - Ripcurl, Shoes - New Yorker

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Outfit - Club Nights

Chicnova is an amazing online store that brings the latest trends to fashion lovers at every corner of the world. They have an amazing range of clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and jewelry. I got this fabulous sequinned skirt from them which is perfect for a night of clubbing. It's really light and comfortable and fits well and looks awesome as you can see. 

Besides a fabulous range of apparel and accessories, they also focus on trends and have a separate section dedicated to them. Oh and one last thing, Free Shipping Worldwide :)

Top - Bangkok, Skirt - ChicNova, Shoes - H&M, Bag - Mango

I think its about time I should also let you know that I have superpowers. Here's me entering a secret portal of awesomeness!

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