Monday, July 29, 2013

Ice Ice Baby - Ice Watches

Collectables is an amazing chain of stores in the UK which stocks a wide range of gifts and gift ideas for any occasion. They stock loads of top brands covering handbags, jewelry, bath & beauty, gift items, designer kitchenware and much more. A particular collection of theirs which caught my eye is that of Ice Watches. Ice Watches were discovered in 2007 and since then have taken the fashion industry by storm by adding a burst of colour and style to it. Their energetic, bold and vibrant designs are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement and add spunk to their wardrobe.

Simple, colourful and effortlessly stylish, Ice-watch designs are some of the funkiest watches around. These fun designer watches come in a huge selection of colours from the bold white to the bright pink or cool blue ice watch. The handpicked selection of coloured Ice-Watches at Collectables includes watches for men and women and unique unisex styles in a variety of amazing styles at fabulous discounts. Whether your style is sporty or elegant, there's one for everyone.

These stylish watches are also quite a favorite among celebreties and they were featured in David Guetta's "Where them girls at" music video featuring Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida and my favorite artist Katy Perry too wore one in her "Part Of Me" video . 

That's not all, the uber gorgeous Jennifer Lopez also wore it in her video "Live It Up" featuring Pitbull. Yeah, only she could look that good in yellow lipstick and matching nails!

 Check out the video below -

What do you think of these watches? I'm definitley adding one to my wishlist!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shopping In Dubai

It is no secret that the city of Dubai is world famous for shopping and tourism. With respect to this, it also hosts The Dubai Shopping Festival where brands offer huge discounts, crazy promotions, citywide sales and raffles  along with entertainment, food fairs, fireworks along with traditional performances and cultural activities. The mega malls in the city boast of a stunning showcase of international brands making it a shoppers paradise.

Lavish, luxurious and opulent are a few words which describe the malls of Dubai aptly

I've already spoken of the Dubai Mall in an earlier post. Situated in Downtown Dubai, right next to the world's tallest skyscraper - The Burj Khalifa, is the Dubai Mall - the largest shopping mall in the world. Apart from hosting 1200 of the world’s top brands it also features various leisure activities such as cinemas, a skating rink, arcades and fine dining. The 10-million liter Dubai Aquarium tank, situated on the ground level of The Dubai Mall, is the largest suspended aquarium in the world, a spectacle to behold. Another exciting feature of the mall is the world’s largest dancing fountain, located outside on the lower ground Waterfront Promenade. The fountain sprays are in sync with contemporary and Arabic music and people flock to watch the show every day.

Another mall worth a mention is the opulent Mall of the Emirates. This stunning shopping center is one of the city's most beautiful malls, with polished marble floors, spacious avenues and a stunning skylight. It boasts the best selection of shops, like the swish Harvey Nichols, dozens of chic boutiques, exclusive designer stores, fantastic shoe and accessory stores, cosmetics supermarkets, a massive Virgin Megastore and Borders bookshop, cinemas and theater, art galleries, a theater and more. And what else do you ask? This mall also has Ski Dubai, a huge man made indoor ski slope. Yup, a ski slope with real snow inside a mall. Dubai is awesome like that.

On the right, you can see the ski slope in the Mall of the Emirates

While Dubai has an abundance of sleek shopping malls, it also has bustling souqs (Middle Eastern-style bazaars) which Dubai has historically been famous for. These souqs are not just for tourists, they're where the real people shop for everyday things. Right from fake designer bags to pots and pans to digital gadgets, they have it all. If you're looking for the Souq experience in luxury, don't miss the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Situated inside the Madinat Jumeirah Resort (where I had stayed on my trip to Dubai) it boasts of private waterways to transfer people from its shops, bars and restaurants to the neighboring clutch of hotels.  This stunning, air-conditioned, contemporary version of a souq is the place to head when you don't want to face the chaos of the real souqs. In this beautiful "Old Arabian" styled shopping center with wooden arcades, wind-towers, and lovely courtyards, you can shop in comfort for fine quality carpets, handicrafts, souvenirs and gifts. Prices are obviously higher than at the souqs, but the quality is better. You'll also find fashion, jewelry, leather and accessories, and dozens of restaurants, caf├ęs and bars where you can relax, make new shopping lists, or assess the damage done to your credit card! 

Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Source -
To plan a trip within your budget, check out the exchange rates so that you can make the most of your trip to Dubai. All in all, if you have money to burn, then Dubai is made for you. Besides its opulent malls and uber luxurious hotels, the city has beautiful beaches for you to relax by the day and a bustling nightlife with an array of swish clubs for you to party at night. As I've said before, I loved the city and am dying to go there again. Lets pray I can make it to the Dubai Shopping Festival 2014!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Look + Online Shop

Hey everyone! I haven't been blogging much lately because I've been terribly busy and have been travelling a lot. I work in Mumbai in a social media agency but I live in Pune which is a few hours away so I divide my time equally between the two cities. Anyway, this year the rains hit India really accurately ( 1st June! ) and along with it came the ubiqutous bad hair days so for over a month, my mood could be described as -

 I was obviously fed up so I went to my hair dresser and got my hair chemically straightened. The result? She used Schwarzkopf Glatt and my hair is amazingly soft, straight and sleek now. But that was not it, I also decided to get a drastic new hairstyle so I got a cute little fringe too. Yes, I look extremely Chinese/South East Asian now. But the good thing is I also look much younger because a bunch of 18-19 year old girls totally thought I was in their age group! What do you think of my new look? I'll be doing a few outfit posts soon so you'll get to see more pictures of my new hairstyle. 

So, getting back to topic, after getting inspired from a lot of fashion bloggers around the world, I decided to open an online store with handpicked clothing of my choice from around the world. Check it out here. There is a tab on my menu which will redirect you to the page too. For now, I'm only shipping within India and have featured my products on a facebook album but I aspire to open a worldwide online store eventually. There are a lot more items I have in stock but unfortunately, with my travels and work schedule, I haven't had the time to put up the pictures. So please wish me luck for my new venture and tell me what you think of the collection :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Favorite Shoes + Amazing Milanoo!

Ever since I saw the wedge sneakers created by Isabel Marant, I was smitten by them. Of course, the price tag was not something I was ready to pay and it wasn't available in India either. So, a few months later (this January) when I saw a similar design at Promod, I was delighted and picked them up almost immediately. These babies are one of my favorite shoes because they look stylish and sporty while adding a bit of height at the same time. I even mentioned them on my new year post here. I usually team them with shorts, skirts or these gray leopard print leggings in the pic below. Do you like the wedge sneaker trend?

 Now, if you love shopping online like me then you ought to know about, an online store which has pretty much everything under the moon besides fashionable clothing like Lolita outfits, cosplay outfits and even home decor stuff. I've always had a thing for black shorts and have owned several pairs over the past few years. My previous pair had gotten pretty old so as a replacement I got these awesome black shorts from them which fit like a dream and I literally live in them. My order arrived really fast and I was pleasantly surprised to recieve a cute Milanoo labelled cardboard box with the shorts inside in a resealable plastic bag. That was not all, they even placed an envelope inside with a small card thanking me for choosing their site. 
Here are the shorts -

I loved their service and quality so I recommend you to check out the next time you're looking for good quality, shipping and pricing.
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