Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lovely Shoes from

Thanks to my giant feet (Europe 41) I've always been strictly against even looking at shoes online, forget buying them. But then came Lovely Shoes and changed my mind completely! This fantastic online store has a huge selection of gorgeous shoes and I got two stunning pairs from them, straight off my wishlist :) January has been kind indeed! 

The first pair I got is these adorable brown winter boots, complete with a furry inner lining. They're really comfortable and to my surprise, fit me a glove!


Check out my shoe selfie here!

The coolest part is that the top half can be rolled down so these lovelies ( haha pun intended ) can be worn in two different ways!

Here is a detailed image of the shoes

The next pair I got is these stunning black booties. I love the sexy stiletto heel and louboutin-esque red soles!

Time for another shoe selfie!

They were kind enough to give me enough store credit to pay for my shipping and squeeze in a pair of leggings so I got these rad black sheer panel leggings which make any outfit look totally badass! It was too bright in my room at the time to take a full length picture so its time for more leg selfies!

The quality of the products is great and the website has a lot of details like the size, materials, dimensions and large photos of different color options to ease the ordering process. Because of my giant feet, I was a little confused about my size and had placed my order for a size smaller than mine. Later, when I realized that I'd rather have larger shoes than tight ones, I mailed their representative to change my shoe size and she promptly changed my order and informed me about the same. Thus, excellent customer service too!  

I've worn all three and absolutely love them so I can confidently say that LovelyShoes is lovely indeed! Oh, and I forgot to mention that all their merchandise (they have clothing too) is extremely reasonable so you must check the site out for a lot of gorgeous goodies in shocking prices!

Have you even bought shoes online? If yes, then from which site? Tell me about your experience.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Envy Box - January Edition

My January Envy Box arrived a few days ago and I was delighted by the text I received informing me that it was on its way to my doorstep. As I mentioned in a previous post, My Envy Box, is a beauty box with samples of luxury skincare, hair products and perfumes, priced at a very reasonable Rs 850 a month. If you like a certain product, you can buy its full sized version from the same site and that too at a special discount, making it a wonderful way to try it before you buy it. 

This month's box came with 6 products - 

Elie Saab Le Parfum 

Thalgo Unizones Clearing Corrector 

Thalgo Brightening Regulating Essence 

Eminence Organic Tinted Moisturizer in Caramel Latte 

René Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Shampoo 

 René Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask

The box also has cards featuring the details and usage instructions of each product along with the price of the full sized bottle. 

As you can see, these samples are great to store in your bag when you're on the go, or save and use when you're on vacation and don't want to carry full sized bottles. 

Thalgo is a French  marine spa cosmetics brand and is renowned for treatments and products that deliver excellent results. The first product in the box by Thalgo is the Unizones Clearing Corrector, an ultra-concentrated lightening corrector that reduces the size and intensity of pigmentation marks and the second one is the Brightening Regulating Essence, perfect for all of us who wish to brighten our complexion and make our skin look visibly younger.

Next up is Eminence's Organic Tinted Moisturizer in Caramel Latte, an antioxidant-rich lightweight moisturizer with SPF25 that provides sheer coverage and smells heavenly just like Caramel Latte. Very moisturizing and luxurious. Unfortunately, the shade is slightly dark for my complexion but then again, who wants to look like a white ghost in the day time?

I am yet to try the Elie Saab Perfume as I'm saving it for a special occasion, but the 4 cutout samples provided look so good that my mom picked up two immediately for herself, giving me the logic that she loves the smell so I wont like it! She and I have polar opposite fragrance preferences, but from the description I've read, the floral woody notes in it have already made me pretty sure that I will love it.   

Paris based Rene Furterer's Karite Intense Nourishing Shampoo is something I'm saving for my travels. Its a gentle cleansing shampoo that intensely nourishes and restructures very dry, damaged scalp and hair. The other product by them is the Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask , a rich, deep conditioning mask that nourishes and repairs very dry, damaged hair. Am saving this one for a special occasion :)

So these were the contents of the January edition of My Envy Box and I love all of them! Did I mention that the box itself is great to store your trinkets and other stuff? I've already converted my December box into a jewelry box and have promised my mom to give her the February box :)

What do you think of this box? Have you tried any of these products before?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

L’Oréal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo Review

I've been looking for a dry shampoo for years but knew that it was impossible to find in India until recently when I saw an ad in an Indian magazine featuring one by L’Oréal Professionnel. I was obviously very excited and wrote to them if it would be possible for them to send me a sample and they were really nice and promptly sent me a can! 

Fresh Dust is a dry shampoo from the Tecni Art range by L’Oréal Professionnel which adds instant volume, texture and refreshes your roots. You can use it between shampoos to absorb oil or to extend the life of your salon blow dry. This fine spray powder absorbs oil at the roots at ease and has a really nice and pleasant fragrance. Unlike what I had read about a lot of dry shampoos, Fresh Dust doesn't leave any kind residue in your hair, thus keeping it feeling fresh. It also gives great volume to my chemically straightened hair which falls quite flat at times. 

I use the L’Oreal dry shampoo in between washes and it definitely helps me extend a day or two as it absorbs the oil in my hair. It also has very pleasant fragrance and gives my hair good volume. I have fine hair and my hair looked voluminous instantly. If you've got your hair done at the salon, this product will keep this in help place the next day. 

This is definitely a great product to keep your hair feeling fresh and clean and is perfect when you're travelling or in a hurry to get ready.

Priced at INR 950/- for 150ml can.

Till then, tell me - Have you ever used a dry shampoo? Which is your favorite brand and why?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Pretty Gift From Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store is this really amazing online store which has an array of products which every girl needs. Whether its cool nail polishes, nail art kits and decorations, makeup and beauty and their tools, this store has it all along with clothing, accessories, insanely cute home stuff and even pet supplies! They were sweet enough to send me this amazingly chic and stylish leopard print watch and I totally love it! It came packed in this cute little box along with a spare battery and I totally love it! In fact, I left it in a friend's car by mistake and bugged him for two days to return it to me because I missed it so much! I'm not too fond of leopard print clothing anymore but when it comes to accessories, hell yeah! 

They have many more watches and insane prices

Also, if you're buying anything from the store, don't forget to use the COUPON - JUNEBC10 to get 10% off on any purchase from BornPrettyStore! Go shop now :)

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