Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Customize Your Bag With Toteteca

I was horrendously in need of a nice handbag when I discovered Toteteca - a fantastic online store from my very own India! What makes it unique and fabulous is that they let you choose a bag from several styles and you can customize its colors and other features to create a bag that is truly unique and fits your style. 

I normally always carry small bags like the ones you can see in this post and as much as they're perfect for chilling with friends and partying, they definitely do not work when you've got errands to run ( mine mostly consist of buying groceries and taking trips to the tailor ) so, I was determined to get a nice big carryall for myself. Having used bags in shades like bright pink, beige, coral, blue and green, I'm quite sick of bright colors and wanted something classic, timeless and versatile so I went for my favorite color - Black! I have loads of black clothes and shoes so my Toteteca bag is just perfect for my closet. 

  As they have a wide range of bags, it took me a while to decide which one I wanted but I finally zeroed on the EDGE COLORED BOWLER BAG featuring a matte black body and edge coloring, metallic black handles and trim, gold metalwork, cranberry inside lining and a monogram stitched into the inside lining, my initials of course!

Their service is great and I was delighted to receive an email within a few days after I placed my order informing me that my bag was ready and it even had an image of what the finished product looked like! Needless to say, I couldn't wait get get my hands upon it!


 I love the material, quality and look and having carried loads of stuff in it (as usual, lots of groceries and clothes to and from the tailor) I was really pleased with how sturdy it is. 

Its remarkable that you can choose between everything from the design, inner lining color, fittings in silver or gold, length of the straps and even a monogram which can either be a removable hanging tag, stitched into the inside lining or on the front and inner center of the body. 

Inside lining with JB for June Biswas

Here's me with my bag ( outfit post coming soon! )

So if you're looking for a bag that's totally YOU, check out! You can check out their designs here. And here's some good news for all my international readers - they do ship worldwide! 

What do you think of my Toteteca bag? Would you buy a customized bag or prefer one from the high street?

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Envy Box - Valentine's Edition

As the days pass by, My Envy Box is getting better and better! As you may have read in my previous posts about the December and January boxes, these boxes come with samples of luxury beauty skincare and hair care products and fragrances. The past two boxes I got were white, but the February edition is a dark shade of peach. And as pointed by my fellow blogger Jo in the comments below, the color's a lot like a Hermès box! Well, I'm not complaining :)   

The monogrammed paper which wrapped the goodies in the previous boxes has now been replaced by a colorful cloth pouch and like every time, the box came with a letter telling us about their offers, contests and announcements. 

Along with these, came individual cards describing each product along with usage instructions. As a very thoughtful and sweet gesture, this month's box included a men's fragrance sample as gift to our Valentine and the box aptly reached me a day before Valentine's Day.  

This box also came with a complimentary Givenchy Consultation card. Unfortunately for me, there is no Givenchy Counter in Pune so I can't really make use of it.

The products in this month's box were -  

Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L’eau

Thalgo Oxygen SOS Serum

René Furterer Carthame Moisturising Milk Shampoo

Eminence Organics Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque

Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm in Sugared Rose

To start off with the two perfumes, I've saved Dahlia Noir for a night out as I usually like keeping all my sample sized perfumes in my party bags but my Valentine spritzed his sample of Gentlemen Only the moment he got it. It smells pretty good with woody and musky notes. 

Moving on to skincare, there are two samples of Thalgo's Oxygen SOS serum, a concentrate that detoxifies and repairs skin to boost radiance. I've been using this product everyday and love its texture. 

When it comes to hair care, the box came with René Furterer Carthame Moisturising Milk Shampoo, a moisturizing shampoo that hydrates the scalp and hair to live it smoother and silky. Am saving this one for a holiday, as usual. 

One of the cutest samples I've ever seen is Eminence Organics Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque, a delicious smelling moisturizing mask that's packed with antioxidant powers of cocoa and promises to provide a youthful radiance to your skin. Am saving this one for a special occasion when I want to pamper myself at home! 

Last and definitely not the least was a FULL SIZED product for the first time - Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm in Sugared Rose. This one was a total blessing for me as I'm a huge lip balm freak! My lips are always dry because I smoke and the weather in Pune is really dry so I am constantly trying new brands and always have a bunch of different lip balms from all around the world stocked in my beauty cabinet. This product makes this box absolutely worth the price as the balm itself costs almost as much as the box does!

So, to put it in a nutshell, this month's Envy Box was absolutely amazing and as I've been told, the next few months will include makeup samples too so I'm really looking forward to them!

What did you think of My Envy Box? If you're based in India, you must try this out! Priced at a reasonable Rs 850 per month, not only does the box let you sample premium luxury products but you can also buy the full sized product at their store for a discount! Great deal, isn't it?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hair Ties by Kitsch

I recently got hair ties from Kitsch - specially designed to be kind on your hair and cute on your wrist. They are crease-less and do not bend your ponytail or get caught in your hair and double as a fashionable bracelet. A hair tie is an essential accessory for someone like me who does not like to leave her hair open (unless it's really cold) and feels really hot all the time (unfortunately not the sexy hot) 

Kitsch's one-of-a-kind ponytail holders come in various colors, assortments, prints, and patterns. Each unique combination allows the wearer to express their personal creativity and individuality all while maintaining the functionality of a classic hair elastic. Here's what I got - the Swan Lake Hair Ties and the Naturally Mini Hair Ties

Their prints and combinations are constantly keeping up with the latest fashion and color trends. There’s a hair band to fit your personal style as their selection ranges from edgy animal prints, chic glitter, colorful tie dye prints, lovely lace, sassy mustaches, feminine floral, bejeweled prints, luxe link chains, ombre and more! 

What I loved the most was that they actually sent me a personalized hand written note with my ties! How sweet is that? :)

Their hair ties are great to use during your fitness routine, to party, at the office, in class, or relaxing at home. And they're made from super soft, durable elastic so they don't bend, crease or get tangled in your hair.  

Their cute ties can double as chic bracelets you can stack, layer, and collect. If you're feeling flirty you can  pair a glitter tie with a heart print while edgy fashionistas can pair a skull print tie with black glitter. The possibilities are endless! These stackable ties are celebrity favorites and are often featured in various print and online fashion publications. 

KITSCH products can be found in over 500 boutiques worldwide and are available in large retailers such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People, Kitson, Urban Outfitters and more. KITSCH is also available online at

Elisa of My Fantabulous World has worn her Kitsch hair ties in a look that can be best described as festival chic! I just love this look. See below -  

Holly of Glamour Mash has paired her Kitsch Ties with chunky black and gold jewelry for an amazing night look. Check it out below -

Aren't these cute? I adore them! What do think of Kitsch's hair ties? 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Restaurant Review - Cafe 1730

Cafe 1730 is one of the few places in Pune which offers all day dining along with a well stocked bar. Tucked in a serene lane of Koregaon Park in a building aptly named Serene Bay, their multi-cuisine menu offers Continental, Indian, Tandoor, and Goan food along with a extensive fare of seafood. They also have an impressive All Day Breakfast menu loaded with omelettes, waffles, pancakes, wraps and much more. 

I went there the other day with my girlfriends and we had a great time chatting over good food and drinks. 

Check out my review below -

Funny wall art in the outer seating area

The delicious and beautiful cocktails whipped up for us by the bartender

Our girly fruity drinks

I guess this photo doesn't need a caption

Okay, now getting to my favorite part - the food! As you guys may have known by now, I am a HUGE foodie and I love doing food reviews! I even have a profile on Zomato which is a great food discovery website.

We started our meal with Buffalo Wings. These succulent chicken wings were marinated in chilly flakes, cider vinegar and honey and then roasted, giving them a deliciously sweet and spicy flavor. They were served with creamy blue cheese dip and we devoured them in no time. We managed to be ladylike and eat our wings with a fork but deep inside, we were all dying to dig our claws into them and eat them like zombies :)

Buffalo Wings 

Next up we had the Prawn Rissois - a unique appetizer made of chopped prawns cooked with shallots, green pepper and cheese stuffed in roux pastry and crumb fried. These were nice and crispy on the outside and soft creamy inside. Savory and flavorful, the blend of prawns and cheese was very interesting and tasty.

Prawn Rissois

Moving on to the main course, the four of us ordered very unique dishes, each delicious in its own way.

The first dish we got was the Mix Meat Lasagne which was a medley of meats and cold cuts sauteed together, cooked with concussey sauce and layered between sheets of pasta topped with creamy béchamel sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella cheese gratinated and served. Wow, what more can I say? Loaded with meat, pasta and cheese, this creamy dish was absolutely heavenly and all of us loved it.

Mix Meat Lasagne

Next up was Grilled Fish, a huge portion of fish generously sprinkled with a tangy lemon and pepper sauce, grilled to perfection and served with a fresh and flavorful serving of veggies. Totally healthy and totally delicious!

Fish Florentine

Being a carnivore and a huge lover of Pork, I was delighted to find it on the menu as not too many places in Pune serve it. Thus, the third dish on our list was Pork Chops with Pepper Sauce. This was a huge portion of Grilled pork chops marinated to perfection in a spicy pepper sauce, served with mashed potatoes and veggies. This is exactly how I like my Pork Chops!

Pork Chops

Last on our list were the Mushroom and Corn Crepes, the only vegetarian dish in our entire meal, but it was delicious nevertheless. It consisted of buttered mushrooms and American corn sauteed in a creamy sauce and wrapped into soft and delicious crepes. These very nice and creamy and the corn added a sweet and enjoyable taste to them.

Mushroom and Corn Crepes

Me and my gorgeous girlfriends Natasha, Nikita and Elisa had a great time there and here we are posing in the inner section of Cafe 1730.

These pictures were taken by my dear friend Natasha, who has a fabulous blog called Mariposa Love! You must check it out! She is a darling and her style and photos are stunning!

Overall, we loved the ambiance, food and drinks at Cafe 1730 and if you happen to be in Pune, you must check it out!
Click to add a blog post for Cafe 1730 on Zomato

21/1, Serene Bay,
Lane 6,
Off North Main Road,
Koregaon Park,

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

iFairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lens Review |

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you might know by now that I have really poor eyesight and cannot live without lenses! I wear transparent ones when I'm out and glasses at home but am very fond of colored lenses as they are the easiest way to effortlessly transform your look.

I also love Gyaru makeup and cosplay but I struggle to wear fake lashes and my make up skills aren't that great either. So I just stick to circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger!

I recently got a pair of really nice lenses from Lens Village, a Korean Circle Lens Online store that offers 100% authentic brands, and loads of different colors and styles to choose from. They ship worldwide, and offer free shipping on orders over $50. And they also sent me this cute animal lens case!

Check out this cute animal lens case

As I have really dark and small eyes, I was looking for a dramatic brown blend that would provide good enlargement so I chose i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Lens by Vassen. As you can see, they definitely suit the purpose!

As you can see, the enlargement effect is amazing and my eyes definitely look brighter and bigger!

iFairy Moe Moe Brown - with and without

iFairy Moe Moe Brown in natural light indoors

The color of these lenses is also pretty unique as they have a yellow-green tint  Their outline is also pretty subtle which makes them look more natural. 

The best part about these lenses is that they're incredibly comfortable thanks to the 55 percent water content. I've always had a dry and burning eye issue withing the first 3-4 hours of wearing any circle lenses, but these felt fine even 8 hours later.

iFairy Moe Moe Brown Close-up

Here is a shot of me wearing them in natural light outdoors and as you can see, once I smile, you can't really see much of my eyes but these lenses sure make them pop!

iFairy Moe Moe Brown outdoors in natural light


Item Name: Princess Eyes Cosmo Honey
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 1 year
Price: USD 22.00
Approved by: KFDA

What do you think of these lenses on me? Check out Lensvillage for more amazing colored circle lenses!

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