Friday, June 27, 2014

Perfume Review - Mademoiselle Ricci

I'm a huge lover of perfumes and Nina Ricci has always been one of my favorite brands when it comes to them. My love for Nina Ricci fragrances started just after high school, when I was in love with sweet and fruity fragrances and hence got Les Belles de Ricci Cherry Fantasy. A few years later, while buying another sweet and fruity fragrance, I was given a generous sample of  Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps, which I found way too grown up and passed on to my mom.


A few years after that, I bought Nina by Nina Ricci, a fragrance I loved and used for over 2 years when I decided to try out a new fragrance by them. A friend of mine had Ricci Ricci, and as much as I loved it, something about it felt very strong and overpowering and now that my nose had graduated, I was looking for a fragrance that was more soft and elegant and that's when I discovered Mademoiselle Ricci, which I purchased last year and am absolutely in love with.   

The perfume comes in a pretty and dainty bottle with the lid in a shape of a couture ribbon, in a powder pink hue. A delicately balanced creaminess and powderiness make this scent beautiful. The fragrance itself is a pink woody floral set against musk and white wood with top notes of wild rose and pink pepper; middle notes of nerium oleander, rose hip and laurels and base notes of white wood and musk.  

This enveloping and deliciously attractive fragrance is a mix of some of my favorite notes. The many facets of Mademoiselle Ricci's fragrance include the chic of Rose Centifolia, the hint of craziness of Eglantine, the sensuality of Pink Laurel and the vibrancy of Pink Pepper. 

This is one of my favorite fragrances, you can check out its profile on Fragrantica here to know more about it. And if you happen to come across it, make sure you sample it out as you might just love it! 

What kind of fragrances do you usually prefer? What's your favorite perfume? Let me know!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kiehl's In Pune!

Yay! Kiehl's is finally in my city! This 162-year-old skincare brand from New York started off as an old-world apothecary and has now graduated into a full-line skincare company that has products for the face, hair, body, men, babies and even dogs and horses! With a cutout of lady liberty to greet you, bare brick walls covered in neon lights and a jolly lab coat clad skeleton called Mr. Bones, when you walk up to Kiehl’s new store Pune's Phoenix MarketCity mall, your first impression won’t be that of a serious skincare store. However, you'll be surprised once you see their product line. 

I was always aware of Kiehl’s as I had read rave reviews of a bunch of their products and even visited their store in Delhi a few years ago, but all I had ever used was their acclaimed lip balm. But now, after I visited the store in Pune on their opening day, I was glad to know more about the brand and was pleasantly surprised by their product range and history thanks to their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

How it works is that they give everyone who walks into their stores a complimentary skincare consultation and free samples that are appropriate for their skin for them to try out the products before they buy them as they believe in advocating their brand through true customer testimonials and by sheer word-of-mouth. This always works for them thanks to their scientific and efficacious formulations that have always delivered fantastic results. The Kiehl’s Commitment is healthier, clearer, younger-looking skin and they definitely live up to their motto.

You won’t find any sleekly packaged products on the shelves but simple containers that hark back to Kiehl’s pharmacological heritage. In fact, many of this brand’s most popular products like the Calendula Toner or Creme de Corps are all formulations that haven’t changed since they were created.

Kiehl’s is a very democratic brand and their positioning is 'accessible luxury'. When you walk into the store, you'll end up meeting conversational and friendly staff. The neon sign above lady liberty says 'Life, Liberty and Samples’ and they ply you with them. It’s a practice that began in the original East Village pharmacy and continues till date. Even if you come into the store and don’t buy anything they will always send you away with samples.

Kiehl’s has never advertised and does not believe in fancy packaging – the bottles have a simple design and are made of recycled materials. Kiehl’s also has an impressive Recycle and Reward system, the first of which I've seen in India, where the customer gets complimentary products when he/she brings back a certain number of empty bottles back for recycling.

Their product ranges include body care, hair care, skin care, dermatologist solutions and specific collections for men and children. If you’re new to the brand and not sure where to begin, there’s a helpful Customer Favorites stand near the entrance featuring Kiehl’s best-selling products specific to each region. This includes Vogue India Beauty Awards 2012 winner for Best Serum - Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.

As I entered, I was greeted with a big smile and was told all about the brand and given a consultation about my skin type as I discussed my issues ( not too many thankfully, I guess my binge eating compensates for my party girl lifestyle ) and was given a bunch of samples to try to see their results on my skin before I make a purchase. Amazing concept, right? Am totally coveting their midnight recovery concentrate! 

That's me with Mr. Bones both above and below since I can't judge which photo I look better in. Might as well share both haha!

I was also lucky to meet two fellow bloggers at the event and we had a great time gossiping and chatting. Can't wait to catch up with them again! 

They had an assortment of cute lil delicious cupcakes in a bunch of flavors. And as you know, fashion blogger + cupcake = #PerfectCombination. And in case of me, I'm a huge cupcake hoarder (I hoard them in my tummy and thanks to this habit, my tummy is on a mission to convert itself to a muffin top) so this was perfect! 

I was elated to receive a goody bag from them with a bunch of samples and an adorable jar with a fruit and some herbal teas as they believe in healthy living from both the inside and the outside! I totally agree with that! Check it out below.

Having tested a lot of the products in the store according to my skin type, I was more than happy to receive testers of the same in my goody bag so that I could try them out and decide whether to purchase them or not. I think this is a fantastic concept by a brand where you let your products speak for themselves instead of a trial and error method. 

I've already started using some of the products and already have a couple of them on my wish list. Oh, and I must mention that for those of you looking out for a nice gift for the men in your life (dads, brothers, boyfriends, besties), Kiehl's also has an impressive range of men's products. I've always felt that finding gifts for men is rather difficult so decided to share this fact with you girls as they are always in need of shaving products and secretly love a nice face wash :) 

So if you're looking for fantastic skincare that delivers great results, make sure to visit Kiehls. They have stores over the world so you can check out their official website here to find your nearest store. 

Do you use any of Kiehl's products? If yes, let me know what your favorite is, in your comments below.

Friday, June 20, 2014

How To Become A Successful Mompreneur

There are many reasons why the topic of this post is important to me because I have a lot to say in this matter. No, I'm not a mother and have no experience about the same (I even treat my dog as a sister and not my 'baby') However, living in a country where women 'sacrifice' their careers for the sake of their young children by quitting their jobs or choosing professions like teaching to avoid long working hours of the corporate job they're qualified for, makes me realize that there is a huge scope for mompreneurs in India. It is a known fact that motherhood makes you crafty and gives you a creativity that is driven by the necessity and willingness to give the best to your baby. And many women in India create unique products for their babies as well as for other women, but do not know how to display their creations or monetize these talents. 

And this is where MyBabyCart comes in. It is an online store that serves as a one stop shop for all your motherhood needs. From baby clothes, toys, gear, bedding and hygiene supplies, this website has got it all for the Indian mother. What makes it even more remarkable is that if you're a talented mom and a budding mompreneur, it gives you an amazing platform to sell your products online. The site provides full support to enterprising moms and manages the logistics, advertising and customer service to help their creations reach other moms in a hassle free process. All moms need to do is keep their product packed and ready for a pick up from their place.

What all you can sell? With a presence of over 200 brands, the site already has nearly fifty mompreneurs who promote their products ranging from hand-knitted clothes, blankets, maternity wear; fashion accessories like bands, bracelets, hair clips; fun stuff like bags, masks, stationery; room d├ęcor for kids which includes furniture, bedspreads, curtains and much more.  If you have the talent, don’t just keep it to yourself, even if it’s as simple as making tiny bows clips. You can make a start using MyBabyCart to get your creativity out there!

Oh look, they have Barbie too :) 

I know a lot of fashion bloggers who are mums too, and we like to be individual in our style and would want to dress up our children in the same way, so this site is perfect if you want one-of-a-kind clothing for your little one that can't be found at a store. Also worth a mention is the fact that you get positively hideous clothes for kids here in India, especially if you live in a small city. Online shopping is also a blessing to mothers who want to get outfits and accessories right at the doorstep thus sparing time to spend with their child. And what's better than something made by a mother, with love, for another?

I think MyBabyCart is a fantastic concept for all mums and if you're one, you must check it out. Let me know what you think in your comments below. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog Header Looks Gray? Fix it!

Last year, I had written a post explaining how to rotate photos in blogger. In that post, I had mentioned that I was inspired to do more posts with blogging tips. Fast forward to almost a year later, and I've finally found the inspiration so here is this post! I had also been wanting to change the appearance of my blog for a long time but as you may have noticed, I've finally done that now. I got rid of the former header and have made a bunch of other tweaks under the hood. Unfortunately, I'm a little confused about how my new header should be so, for the time being, its under construction :)

When I was trying out a few header options I had created, an issue I repeatedly faced was that the moment I would upload a header image to blogger, my nice white background turned into a pale shade of grey. The same also happened when I uploaded photos with a white background. You can see an example of it in this post where I had posted screenshots of an interview of mine and in the first image, the white background of the site has turned gray. After some probing and searching, I finally found a fix for it. And luckily it's really easy to fix. Below are two screenshots of my interview and as you can see, the image has turned gray.

My interview post where the white background on the left image has turned grey

Images with white backgrounds turn grey because Google is 'auto enhancing' them and this is done as a default feature. To stop this from happening here's what you need to do -

1. Go to your Google Plus settings

2. Scroll down to the Photos and Videos section and turn off the 'Auto Enhance' feature

And, you're done! After this step, you need to re-upload the header/ images to blogger again and it will now upload true to its own color without turning grey.

Have you ever experienced this problem of a white image turning grey in Blogger? If yes, how did you sort it?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Loot Is On With

Couponing is quite a must if you shop online. After all, we all love a good deal, don't we? I recently came across, a handy deals and coupons aggregation site in India which helps you find discounts on numerous websites on a gazillion different things you can buy online. What makes this site unique from other players in the market is that coupons are categorized by website, brands and even banks making it very simple and organized for you to find exactly what you're looking for.  It also has an easily accessible search bar which lets you browse through your coupons quickly and saves time.

The Zoutons home page displays Most Popular Stores, Popular Coupons, Latest Coupons and Featured Coupons. The Popular Coupons section contains hot deals and coupons with high success rates. The Latest Coupons section contains those coupons which are newly released. Featured Coupons are handpicked by the Zoutons team to assist the buyers to find special deals with huge savings.

Zoutons allows you to sign up and login to their website using your Facebook or email. Discount coupons are categorized into Top Categories like Fashion, Recharges, Electronics, Travel and much more. The Top Stores section has India's most popular online shopping portals like Myntra, Snapdeal, Flipkart and many other. It also lets you find deals based on brands under the Top Brands section. A very cool and unique feature about this site is that it even lets you find deals on banks like ICICI, Axis, SBI etc. So you get deals if you possess credit cards in these listed banks too. 

The site is user friendly and easy to navigate and shows you stores with similar coupons options and discounts on the right side based on your search. It also features a handy 'Submit Your Coupon' section so that you can help other users find a good deal. 

Overall, this is a very useful site to help you find deals on almost everything under the moon when it comes to online shopping in India. So the next time you're making a purchase online, make sure you check out Zoutons to get a great discount on your purchases. 

Do you use coupon sites when you shop online? 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Bag & Wallet!

I own a bunch of bags but am partial to very few of them and have got a new favorite!  Now that I've been trying to make a conscious effort to get rid of my former dress code of all black, I realized that it was about time to get a light colored bag too. I've already got some really interesting bags from as you may remember from my older posts here and here so it was my first choice to look for another one from their site and I found a gorgeous one! 

Clear acrylic clutch and 2d Style Cartoon bag both from

I shot these photos while taking pictures for my previous post by the poolside. 
So here's my lovely new tassel bag!

Its really great quality and has a super chic and elegant design so its perfect for both day and night. 

It has a bunch of zippers and compartments to store all my essentials without any clutter. 

It also has a zippered compartment at the back for easy access to keep my phone while I'm out or driving. 

The strap at the top lets me carry it like a briefcase when I want to look ladylike, while the longer adjustable strap lets me carry it as a shoulder or cross body bag. Convenient, right?

I was also in dire need of a new wallet to go with my gorgeous new bag and got a matching one from their site. It's cute, inexpensive and can be carried around as a wristlet too.

It fits all my cards, cash and mints without any problem and the detachable strap also lets me hook my pen drive to it ( it's always a good idea to carry your pen drive with you on the go so that you can copy music,  movies and video games from your friends ) You can buy it here

Both the bag and the wallet are available in a bunch of other cute colors like mint, pink, rose red which are super cute. I chose these colors as I wanted something versatile that matches with a wide number of outfits.

How do you like my new bag and wallet?  

Monday, June 09, 2014

Outfit - Summer Lovin'

Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons. The bright sunshine and the song of the koel bird immediately bring a smile to my face. This is the time of the year when I finally steer clear from my love of black and transition my wardrobe to light and colorful clothes. 

When I saw this beautiful multicolored strapless dress on my favorite online store Sheinside, I knew I had to have it. Colorful, flowy and elegant, this is dress is just perfect to bring summer into your wardrobe. This is exactly what I would wear to a beach wedding, pool party or a summer soiree. It's beautiful print and effortlessly chic silhouette make it timeless and perfect to elevate any occasion.    


These photos were taken by my talented friend Rohan, who worked with me for the amazing photos on my Forest Goddess post last year. For any photography needs, you can get in touch with him here

What do you think of this dress? Where would you wear it? 

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

L'oreal Professional Liss Unlimited Review

I hate my wavy hair and have been getting my hair chemically straightened for a bunch of years now and I recently got it straightened again. Last year, the straightening made my hair amazingly soft and silky but I did not take care of it at all and the effect wore out in a few months. So this time I've decided to start taking care of my hair and pamper it with L'oreal's Liss Unlimited range. Ideal for rebellious hair, this range introduces a complete haircare regime to control even the most unruly of locks. With summer in full blast, I was looking at a product which delivers long-lasting smooth and straight results that is uninterrupted by heat and humidity and this range does exactly that.

A key factor of climate-proof hair care range is its use of Keratinoil Complex – a dual system technology which combines a gel formula with Pro-Keratin for strength and control, and an oil formula with Kukui and Evening Primrose oils to block humidity. Pro-Keratin that helps repair the your hair’s internal structure, making it feel stronger and more resilient while Kukui Nut defends dry, rebellious hair from the threat of humidity and Evening Primrose smoothens, nourishes and help banish seasonal woes so you know your hairstyle going to be safe in the upcoming monsoon too!

I shampoo my hair every alternate day thanks to the summer heat and to maintain a smooth and high gloss finish, I use the smoothing shampoo and masque each time. The shampoo is incredibly moisturizing and a little bit goes a long way. If you like your head to feel squeaky clean like me (especially after a sweaty gym session), I recommend you to use a cleansing shampoo first and then use this one to soften your locks. After shampooing, I use the masque and leave it on for about 3-5 minutes. The masque has a lovely fragrance and its thick creamy texture helps effectively seals in moisture in your hair shaft and leaves hair looking exceptionally shiny. The finished result is incredibly smooth hair that feels like silk, yet still has the movement and freedom of unfinished hair.

See my hair below to see its effect. Pretty shiny and healthy looking for chemically straightened and highlighted right? L'oreal Liss Unlimited shampoo and masque really help me with this! If you're looking at a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner system which will leave your hair soft, shiny and humidity proof, this is the product to choose!

I totally recommend this range to all my readers! Available in all major salons worldwide. Have you tried this range? What's your favorite shampoo and conditioner/masque duo? Tell me in your comments below!

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