Thursday, August 28, 2014

Deals & Coupons From

Do you watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? As you may know, Mama June is a huge fan of couponing. So now you gotta agree when another June tells you the same :)

Being bloggers and internet junkies, online shopping is a very important part of our lives. It is convenient and provides us with a vast range of options for what we're looking for. And of course, we also save time and money. With increasing prices of day to day items, coupons are definitely a lifesaver when it comes to making purchases online. After all, who doesn't like a good bargain? While the discounts are offered by most online stores on a regular basis, its quite tedious to check them all out one by one to see where we can get the best deal. And this is when we need coupon codes and deals and when I tell you about Couponz deal. - a deal and coupon site in India that adds new dealers on their site on a daily basis. They validate and check each and every discount coupon to make sure that accurate information is given to consumers. Along with a host of exclusive offers from major retailers collectively on their site for your benefit, they are your one-source shopping website when it comes to savings. 

The site lists all the top Indian online stores like Snapdeal coupons, Ebay coupons and a gazillion others along with the number of coupons available for them. You can find millions of free coupons categorized towards healthcare and beauty commodities, groceries, toys, electronics, fitness and sports, travel and rental car discounts and so on.

They have been continuously raising their standards to provide the best deals to buyers.  They are confident that buyers will find the right deals at attractive prices and discounts on their site. You will find user reviews on their website which is a good way to judge the worthiness of the coupon or deal. They also provide updates via emails for the most recent deals and coupons based on the categories selected by each consumer. For example if a customer wants alerts towards products of a certain brand, they are notified when discount coupons are available for the same. 

So, for a comprehensive online shopping experience in India, make sure you check out Couponz deal. Their varied offers and fresh deals will make shopping easier and affordable for you. They are constantly working on offering a better experience to customers and update exclusive discounts and coupons on a daily basis. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moroccan Oil Light Review

You've definitely heard of Moroccan Oil, unless you live under a rock. This miracle product is a versatile, multitasking product that began the buzz on utilizing Argan oil as a restorative property. It’s an essential foundation for hairstyling and can be used as a conditioner, styler and finishing tool depending on your needs. After noticing that a couple of my friends were using it and hearing rave reviews by them, I finally jumped on the Morrocan oil bandwagon a few months ago. 

Since my hair is chemically straightened and I color it once in a few months to hide my grays, I really needed a product that would make my hair look healthy, shiny and more manageable. Was I pleased with the results? Hell yeah! Even though it acts as a high end serum, this is a fantastic investment as a little bit goes a long way. It has a thick consistency but it gets absorbed very quickly and does not feel heavy on hair.  All you need to do is take a very small amount in your palms and work it through damp hair after shampooing.

I used it on both damp and dry hair and it works great in both ways. Since I have really fine hair, I chose the Light variety with works perfect for me as the original formula is heavier and can weigh hair down. Overall, a fantastic product that I recommend to all my readers. 

Have you tried Moroccanoil Treatment or any other Moroccanoil products?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outfit - Two Bags One Dress

As a lover of quirky bags, I recently got this adorable cat shaped bag from Milanoo and a book shaped one from Blackfive. I paired both with this beautiful white lace dress from Milanoo to give you two different looks!

My dear friend Saloni, who you've seen in this post, was in town for a few days all the way from Auckland, so we met up after a long six months to catch up and that's when we clicked these photos. 


Dress- Milanoo

Cat Bag - Milanoo

Book Bag - Blackfive

I have always been a big fan of Milanoo's service as the last time I got a pair of shorts from them, they had packed it neatly in a box and this time, my package arrived with a thank you note and a complimentary screen cleaning wipe so they get full points for presentation.  Little gestures like this definitely make a difference, don't they? How do you like my outfit? Which bag do you prefer?

UPDATE : I was stupid enough to leave the gorgeous black book shaped bag in the backseat of my car this weekend outside a restaurant super late at night while I dined, and an evil soul broke my car's window and stole it and ransacked the contents of my car too. There was barely any money in it and my cellphone was with me thankfully, but that stupid piece of shit didn't bother to check the contents of the purse and took it with them :( The only thing I really loved besides the bag was my favorite lipstick which was in there too. And I just got both like a month ago and had barely used the lipstick :( Anyway, Karma is a bitch so whoever stole my bag, will get ass fucked by a cactus. Sorry for the bad language but its about time you all knew that I'm very foul mouthed when I'm mad!! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Awesome Benefit Dupes

I love Korean cosmetics! The products are good quality, prices are reasonable and their packaging is to die for. At a time when I was obsessed with finding Korean cosmetics online, I discovered W2Beauty - a fantastic beauty and makeup web store that has a gazillion products by top Korean brands. I got two products from them and then realized that I had unintentionally bought dupes of two Benefit products I own. Now as much as Benefit products are amazing, there is no denying that they are amazingly pricey too. After using all the products in conjunction, I can confidently conclude that I prefer the dupes over the originals any day. 

The first product I got is Peri's Tint Water by a brand called Peripera. As you can see, the packaging is really cute and its artwork was done by Mari Kim who drew the animated versions of 2NE1 for their "I Hate You" video. The shade I got is #1 Cherry Juice. Even though this is a lip tint, I prefer using it on my cheeks.

I've placed it next to my Benetint and as you can see, the colors are pretty similar. When it comes to consistency, Peri's tint is just as watery and runny as Benetint but its color is slightly more pigmented so a smaller amount is required. Also, when it comes to the applicator, I find Benetint's brush applicator annoying as it can give you streaks at times while Peri's tint has a doe foot applicator which dispenses a decent amount of product. Its staining power is just as good as Benetint and it costs only $9 compared to Benetint's $30 so this product wins hands down for me. 

Even when it comes to packaging, you can't deny that Benetint looks boring next to the adorable Peri's tint. You can see the swatches below and decide for yourself. You can buy Peri's tint here

The second product I got is Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam, an illuminator/highlighter that provides a gleaming shine to the skin and can be used to accentuate one's brow bone, nose bridge and cheekbones. Usage is easy, just dab three small dots on your cheekbones or wherever you need some highlighting and blend, and you're good to go.

I've held it next to my Benefit's High Beam and as you can see below, both products look exactly like each other. Pink Beam uses a wand applicator which I prefer over High Beam's brush. Both products are very pigmented but when it comes to consistency, High Beam dries up faster leaving blotches of extra shimmery skin while Pink Beam doesn't, giving you time to blend the product. 

You can see the swatches of both products below, which shows how similar they are. And although the product isn't available on W2Beauty at present, it retails at less than half of the $26 Benefit High Beam.

From personal use, I have noticed that reasonable products are often just as good as premium ones. Just like how my super creamy and long lasting Colorbar lipstick which I'm wearing here costs almost ten times less than my YSL Rouge Volupte that totally dries out my lips and lasts for barely an hour, these two amazing dupes from W2Beauty prove that you can get fantastic quality at reasonable prices too.

Have you used any of these products? When it comes to cosmetics, what is your opinion about originals vs dupes ?

Friday, August 08, 2014

Currently Coveting - Flash Tats!

 Ladies, welcome the Flash Tattoo! Flash Tattoos are temporary tattoos inspired by jewelry. These temporary tattoos shine against your skin, and are perfect for the beach, pool party or a music festival! I was intrigued by them ever since I spotted them on Pinterest and a little research later, I got to know that they were quite a favorite at Coachella 2014.

Flash tattoos are stylish and fun and application is easy because all you need is water. They can stand exposure to sun and water, and will remain intact for 4 to 6 days. However, avoid soaps and lotions over them as they will make the tattoo peel off faster. 

I like the look of jewelry but find it rather uncomfortable to wear any so these seem totally perfect for me. I have 2 permanent tattoos (one of which you can see on my photo to the right) but for those of you who don't want the commitment or the pain, this is a perfect option!

 Each package of Flash Tattoos contains different designs, so you can get creative and let your imagination run wild. Here are some stunning examples -

How awesome is the body chain Flash Tattoo? I want this!

I'm loving the the gold armlet and peacock feathers. They remind me of ancient Indian queens

These palm trees and seashells just scream Beach!

This henna inspired set is stunning

How lovely is the motif on her back?
Aren't they amazing? Check out more photos here

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Free Online Photo Editing With Fotor

We live in a world where Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs are inseparable from our lives so beautiful photos are always a priority for us. If you know how to work Photoshop, you don't need anything else, however many of us mere mortals (like me) find it really complicated and have no idea how to use it. And this is when the need for a good photo editor comes up and so I'm writing about collages, cover pics, cards and much more. 

A simple feature of Fotor that I often use is the 1-Tap Enhance, which automatically adjusts settings to make your photos look better. It lets you compare the settings with the original photo, so you if you like the end result, you can save it accordingly. Besides that you can also crop, rotate, color and fine tune your image. The fine tune feature is very handy too, as you can manually adjust the exposure, highlights and shadows. You can see the effect of the 1-Tap Enhance on my original photo from the picture below -  

You can also beautify your photo with options like blemish fix, red eye removal, eye shadow, eye tint and many more. Below, I've demonstrated how I changed the color of my lipstick using their lip tint function -

Besides numerous filters, Fotor also has some fun functions like Tilt Shift that lets you blur the background and keep a certain part in focus. I also love the Color Splash feature which lets you keep only certain areas of your photo in color, as I have demonstrated below -

Besides these functions, you can also add text, symbols, funny stickers and frames to your photos, making it perfect for your blog. The site is very user friendly and I totally recommend it to you to enhance your photo so check out Fotor before you make your next post! I'm sure it will help you! One last thing, they have an app too!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Litejoy Electronic Cigarette Review

Smoking has been one of my vices from a young age and as the years have passed by, so has the number of cigarettes I smoked on a daily basis. In the past three four years, my 10-a-day habit escalated further and I often had days when I'd be coughing in my sleep. Now I obviously know how harmful smoking is so I really wanted to cut down and resorted to nicotine gum. Sadly, it tasted so awful that I smoked more after I had the gum. After putting some more thought into it, I decided to try electronic cigarettes so here I am sharing my experience with you about a UK based brand called Litejoy which has helped me cut down on tobacco drastically. 

The Litejoy starter kit comprises of the battery, cartomisers and USB charger. The cartomiser is basically a mix of the words cartridge and atomizer and this is what contains the nicotine and flavor. I've tried 4 flavors of Litejoy - Classic original which is the equivalent of a hard cigarette, Light Original which is the equivalent of a light cigarette, Cool Menthol that's minty and Creamy Vanilla which has a delicious dessert like flavor. I've been smoking Marlboro Lights from the day I started smoking almost a decade ago, so the Light Original flavor works perfect for me. 

I like the fact that Litejoy hasn't been modeled to look like a traditional cigarette and is black and purple instead. The battery and cartomiser together form the electronic cigarette and need to be screwed together. Thus, you can use the same battery for multiple cartomisers in different flavors. Since there is no tobacco involved, there is no smoke or odor so you can smoke these inside restaurants, malls and even in the movies, making it really convenient. Inhaling at the cartomiser end produces vapor with a purple LED at the end of the battery. Because of this, smoking an ecigarette is also known as vaping.  

 From the day I started using these, I have managed to cut down tobacco drastically and my urge to smoke cigarettes has also reduced greatly so I'm definitely very pleased with the product. 

 The battery lasts for about 5-6 hours and comes with a USB charger so you can charge it on the go. A full charge takes approximately 3-4 hours if your cigarette is completely discharged. When charging, the purple light of the battery and red dot on the charger will glow. Once, fully charged, this red dot turns green. 

Now if you've been smoking for a long time, quitting is pretty difficult but if you want to make a start, I recommend switching to ecigarettes as soon as possible. It worked for me! Litejoy products are available in India and in the UK from the websites and

If you're trying to quit smoking, check out this amazing guide to help quit smoking. 

Any fellow smokers here? Have you tried ecigarettes or prefer the real deal?

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