Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Piccing - New look & Features!

Remember I spoke of a fashion and style app called Piccing last month? The app that lets you locate the things you want within the images you love? Now they have a brand new website with a user-friendly and more enjoyable experience. 

Here’s what you need to know now:

You can still upload and share images from your mobile, tablet or computer’s library and directly from websites. You’ll just need to drag & drop the new ‘Share it on Piccing’ bookmark to your bookmarks bar.

When uploading an image from a website the green plus icon has now been replaced with pink heart icon. Because who doesn’t need a little extra love in their life?

You can picc items you love within these images. Once an image has been uploaded to your profile, by clicking on the green ‘picc it’ button you can select up to 5 items you want within an image.

You can find similar items and see exactly where to get them. Once you’ve provided a description, suitable category and color of an item —a selection of similar items will be displayed in a pop up menu.

You can click through to a direct link to purchase items. Once you’ve selected the item you would like to purchase you’ll be redirected where to buy that item.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do in a few weeks:

Update your profile picture. Your existing profile image will be pulled from the original website, but don’t fret you’ll be able to change this soon.

Add your location and city. If you’re in Cali or Cape Town you can now add your location to your profile. This way, you’ll be able to follow fellow picc’rs from around the world.

You can remove and edit your individual piccs soon. This will help you to make changes or Edit or delete a picc.  updates to piccs whenever you like.

You’ll be able to select individual categories when following users. This will help to streamline your image feed to include only the things you love.

All these changes are set to happen over the next couple of weeks. Great news right? So just sign up on Piccing right now and start piccing!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Envy Box

I just got my November box this afternoon, and for the first time, have had a free slot in my blog schedule to be able to post immediately! This month's box is a beautiful shade of purple, perfect keeping fall/winter in mind. Labeled as the Detox box, this one has a lot of skincare goodies!

There's a small tube of ZA Perfect Solutions Cleansing Foam which is really handy to stash in your bag when you're out in the day. I can confidently say that ZA products are really good since I've tried a face wash and day cream from their range before. 

These are complimented by the Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator and Bottega Di Lungavita Sunscreen cream SPF 30. I've received a sample of the Thalgo product in a previous Envy Box and I don't like it much, but the sunscreen is a blessing as I need to slather loads on my face daily while I drive to work.

Moving on to body care, there's a handmade Ayurvedic soap - Suganda Fresh Milk and Olive Soap. Since, I've recently switched over to soaps from shower gels, this one will prove pretty handy!

Then there's the Natio ‘Meditate’ Shower Gel which is sized perfect for traveling. I'm off to the capital city next month's for my best friend's wedding so this will be very handy for my small trip.

Last but not the least, is a cute little package of San-Cha Mint Green Tea. I'm not a fan of any sort of tea but my dad's was eyeing it from the moment I opened the box. So this one's for you dad :)

For those of you who don't know about it, My Envy Box is a luxury beauty sampling service in India which has a bunch of samples from luxury brands, and if you like any, you can buy the full sized product from their site. The box retails at a reasonable Rs. 850 per month. Its almost a year since I've been getting it, and I love it so I totally recommend it to all of you!

How did you like the contents of this box? Do you subscribe to any boxes too?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moscow Metro Dogs

I may be more fond of cats but I'm a huge dog lover too! Since I'm recycling this post, here's what I had to say two years ago when I used to stay in Bombay - There are five stray dogs who live right outside my house and the leader of the pack - an adorable affectionate and  hyperactive mongrel I call Jumpy, really makes my day. Every morning he follows me to the main gate which I must open and wait for him to cross over, only then does he give me permission to walk out and head to work. And the evenings are the opposite where he sits behind the gate waiting for me to open it, while he waits for me to enter, squealing, whining and jumping on me a million times till I don't pet him and he doesn't calm down. Thus, the name Jumpy. Its really nice to come home to a happy and excited animal. The funny thing with him is when he whines and cries and I mimic him, he keeps going on and on carrying out a conversation in doggie language with me. Nevertheless, I have had a long affectionate one sided conversation with him in English after too much wine.

Anyway, this is something I've known for a while but I though I should share with you. Moscow has a huge number of stray dogs, but a small number of them have figured out how to navigate the subway system.

Biologists say these dogs have figured out that taking the subway is a fast and convenient way to get from place to place. They also have a good sense of time which helps them not to miss their destination. Also, they often choose the last or the first metro car as those are usually less crowded. If they’re traveling in pairs or groups, one dog generally stays awake if the others are snoozing, and wakes them up when they reach their station.

ABC News found a female stray in the Kievskaya station, and followed her as she zipped between the legs of the bustling travelers around her to catch a ride on the Koltsevaya Line. Once aboard, she settled down on the floor among the feet and legs, even dozed a bit, and occasionally got up to mingle with friendly humans. 

These metro dogs have not only mastered getting into or out for trains, but, as observed by Ecologists,  they have also started playing games like jumping into the train just seconds before the doors shut for fun.  
Another skill they have developed is that they cross the road on the green traffic light. “They don’t react on color, but on the picture they see on the traffic light”, a Moscow scientist said. 

There is also a touching story about a stray mongrel called Malchik who lived at the Mendeleyevskaya station on the Moscow Metro for about three years. Malchick was a popular station ‘resident’ among rail employees and commuters, and territorially protected the station from drunks and other dogs. He was killed when a 21-year-old woman Yulia Romanova stabbed him with a kitchen knife. Later it was revealed that Romanova has a long history of cruelty to animals and psychiatric treatment. The incident sparked a wave of public outrage regarding the treatment of animals, and, in 2007, a monument was erected in Malchik’s honour at Mendeleyevskaya station. Passersby now rub the Malchik's shiny bronze nose for good luck. More on the monument HERE and HERE.

Malchik's statue
Are you a dog lover too? Aren't the Moscow Metro Dogs so cool?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Indulgence - Cake Shop & Snack Bar Review

In the corner of lane 6 in Koregaon Park lies Indulgence, a quaint cake shop and snack bar that offers a variety of delicious cakes and cheese cakes in flavors like lemon, strawberry, peach, double chocolate mousse cake to name a few. The biggest USP of this eatery is that besides conventional dessert favorites, it also offers a variety of traditional Austrian delicacies, made by the owner - Mazo Hoppel. That's not all – Mazo's expertise makes her bring out delicious Apple Strudel, Cream Cheese Strudel, Black Forest cake and lots more.

For those who prefer something savory, they also stock multi grain bread, whole wheat bread, whole wheat crackers, dinner rolls croissants, garlic fingers along with a delicious dip that goes perfectly with all of them, and me and my family couldn't get enough of it! I've tried a few things from here so feast your eyes below!

They offer a mini New York cheese cake which is perfect for those who want to indulge while taking care of the calories at the same time!

Their red velvet cupcakes are absolutely heavenly. Probably the best I've had in Pune.

The chocolate cupcake again is an absolute winner. I actually ate this one in three bites while driving to work (steering in one hand, cupcake in the other!) 

Indulgence is famous for its fantastic variety of cheesecakes and I tried the blueberry which was nice and creamy and not too sweet, just the way I like it!

So if you happen to be in Pune and have a sweet tooth, don't miss Indulgence! Its worth indulging in :)

Shop No. 7 
Rajat Rashmi Society, 
Lane No. 6 
Koregaon Park, 
Click to add a blog post for Indulgence on ZomatoPune 411001
Ph : 020-65001068

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Using Hair Extensions For Volume

Wavy chestnut clip in hair extension
I'm not much of a makeup freak but when it comes to my hair, I use a variety of products to keep it healthy and maintain its texture as its really fine and I get it chemically straightened and colored every now and then. Even though my straight hair looks neat and tidy, its also falls flat and I find it kinda boring, and I've always wanted to add volume to it. Since I'll never be able to do it myself (heck, I don't even own a hair dryer) and getting a blowout at a salon every other day is pretty inconvenient, While going through Wigsbuy - a great online store that stocks a fantastic range of wigs and extensions, I realized that the simplest and cheapest way to add volume to hair is to with clip in hair extensions. 

Brown wavy clip in hair extension

Whether you're looking to add fullness, length or dimension to your current locks, their range of extensions can easily help you achieve the look you desire. If you're growing out a haircut and struggling with an awkward in-between style, extensions can solve all of your concerns. If you're the kinds who doesn't want to chemically treat your hair, you can even add highlights to your hair with extensions as you can see from the ombre hair extension below! Extensions can transform flat, limp hair and give us glamorous, celebrity-inspired tresses we all desire. You'll also feel like a supermodel as fabulous hair will always give you a major confidence boost in the beauty department.

Ombre clip in hair extension
 In fact, this is a trick used by many celebrities for beautiful body and thick, voluminous hairstyles. So, how do we use hair extensions for volume? 

First you have to prepare your hair and extensions. Wash and blow-dry your hair with a light mousse, to add texture and volume to your locks. Scrunch it as you go to add some waves and texture. It’s easier to hide extensions if your hair has a bit of texture. Make sure your extensions match the texture of your natural hair. If necessary, use a curling iron or flat iron to add some oomph. Gather your tools: a comb, at least four clip-in extensions, a clip to hold up your hair, and a light hairspray.

Dark brown straight clip in hair extension

Before you begin, open all the clips on your extensions. With your hair down, pull up half your hair and clip it out of the way, so the very lowest layer at the back of your head is down, and the top is completely clipped away. The part should be at about mid-ear. At the part that separates upper hair from lower hair, insert your first extension, starting with the middle clips and working outward until it’s completely clipped to your head. Unclip your top hair, and let down another layer, about a finger-length above the previous part. Repeat the process, inserting another extension. They key here is using your natural hair to layer over the extensions to hide the clips. 

Image source here
So, if you're interested in getting clip in hair extensions, check out Wigsbuy's Black Friday clip in hair extensions deals for some fantastic options at great prices. I'm definitely getting some!

Have you tried hair extensions? How was your experience?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outfit - The Witching Hour

This gorgeous bell sleeved  black dress was on my wishlist for ages but was sold out on a certain site. However, lady luck was on my side when I found it on Oasap a few months later! There's something really goth and witchy about it and it reminds me of what one of the girls in my favorite show American Horror Story: Coven would wear! As my obsession for LBDs and black lace continues, here's the perfect dress that combines both. 

Dress : Oasap

 These photos were taken by my talented friend Akhil, check out his work here!  

How do you like my outfit? What's your preference when it comes to dresses?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Colorful Wedding Dresses & Funny Invitations

Wedding season has arrived in India and my high school BFF is getting married in less than a month's time! Indian wedding outfits are always traditional and in bright colors (predominantly red or magenta) but when it comes to the rest of the world,  its mostly white wedding gowns. White will forever be classic and beautiful, but there's something undeniable about the appeal of an unexpected hue in a sea of ivory. If you want to be perfectly bridal while injecting your personality and individual style to your wedding, the best way to do it is with a colored wedding dress. It can also become a wedding centerpiece and dictate the entire style and color palette of your wedding.

I'm not the only one who thinks so, bridal fashion guru Vera Wang's Fall 2014 wedding dress collection had vivid shades of grapefruit, fuchsia, and lilac. Even celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Taylor and other favorite famous brides wore colorful wedding dresses. Shades like blush pink, mint green and baby blue are perfect for a fresh and romantic look while shades like champagne, gunmetal and wine give a sophisticated and luxurious look.

Love the idea of a wedding dress that's bold on color? Here are some beautiful wedding dresses in living color I loved on, a site that specializes in bridesmaid dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion, plus size dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming and many more. Since you all loved my pink dress outfit post so much, I coincidentally ended up picking a few pink gowns!

This beautiful chiffon wedding dress has a diamante detailing on the neckline

I love the one shouldered detail on this coral pink wedding gown

The cowl neck back of this wedding dress is just so elegant

Similar to the first one, but I like this one better as it cinches the waist

Weddingbasa has loads of fabric and color options for every single dress on their site and even show you a swatch of the color you choose in each fabric before you place an order, so its a great way to determine what the dress would look like, so if you are on the lookout for a unique and stunning dress for a wedding or special occasion, you must check it out. I also found some really funny, innovative and creative wedding announcements and invitations -

Here's an invite inspired from the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother
Meme lovers will totally relate to this one!

Here's a cynical wedding announcement, which my BFF and I kinda relate to!
This adorable wedding announcement is just perfect for dog lovers!
Geeky gamers like me would love a Save the Date announcement like this one!
Here's a candid mugshot with a Save the date announcement
Hollywood buffs and noir cinema lovers, this Sin City style announcement is just for you

So, do you like the idea of a colored wedding dress? Which dress and which invite do you like the most? Let me know in your comments below!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Spa Review - The Four Fountains Spa

The Four Fountains Spa is India’s largest chain of affordable day spas. They have numerous spas spread out over many cities with therapies for de-stressing, detoxification, immunity and beauty for men and women. The therapies include over 20 body massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials. I recently visited their Wanowrie branch and experienced a couple of their services. 

After my BFF's bachelorette weekend, I was really tanned because of spending all day in the pool under the sun. So I was in dire need of some exfoliation and treatment as my face was now caramel and my arms were a muddy brown! I decided to go for their Ladies Sojourn Classic package which is a great combination of relaxation and beauty as it comprises of a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage followed by a Coffee & Cane Sugar Body Polish and a Facial.

As I entered the spa, I was greeted and an in-house doctor asked me a couple of questions about my lifestyle, stress levels, health, and sleep patterns. After that I was escorted by the therapist to the room. As usual, I asked for medium pressure because the combination of light pressure and an aromatherapy massage can make you feel really sleepy!  The therapist was trained in Kerala Ayurveda massage too so her techniques were an interesting combination of many movements. She was very sweet and being the chatty person I am, we ended up talking a lot as I told her that I wanted to remain awake and energized during the treatment. I explained my concerns of the tan I had so when we moved on to the Cane and Sugar body scrub, she did a great job and my skin felt amazingly smooth after the scrub.

The items used for the facial
To get rid of the tan on my face, I went for a lightening facial. The best part about the facial was that at the end when she applied the face mask on me, she gave me a mini foot massage which felt out of this world! Absolute bliss! :)

Finally when it was done, I headed back to the reception area where I was given a prescription booklet which consisting of the regime, diet, lifestyle and exercises they recommend me to follow for well being along with a card offering me a complimentary mini service the next time I visited and a small stress reliving balm. 

Overall, I had a great experience at the Four Fountains Spa. Unlike other spas, they are very very affordable so you don't really need to even think twice before indulging here. The ambience, the staff, the masseur and treatments are all good and I will definitely visit again. A major bonus for me is that its also pretty close to my house! If you live in India and have a Four Fountains spa in your city, I totally recommend you to try it out!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Coupounzguru Google Online Shopping Festival 2014

The popularity of Black Friday and online shopping gave birth to Cyber Monday, when all the online shopping sites offer inevitable discounts to its customers for a day. Sadly, we never had a concept like that in my country till Google India launched the Great Online Shopping Festival that is celebrated every year in December. This interesting shopping platform offers buyers huge discounts and is a very interesting and resourceful way to promote sales of all online shopping sites. If you've seen a product on Flipkart and are planning to buy it, I'd recommend you to wait till December as prices are going to be heavily slashed on GOSF day. The major online stores of India like Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Snapdeal, Indiatimes shopping, and Makemytrip etc are vital participants in the festival.

All the online brands try their level best to offer biggest discounts of the day and as every brand specializes in different types of commodities, you are likely to find everything you want with luscious discounts. Even if one site is not offering discounts on women's jewelry, chances are that you will find offers on another. So it is an important piece of advice for all you buyers to check out participating sites before you decide to make a purchase. You can find amazing clothing options on huge discounts so it will be a one shop stop for all the ladies and gadgets will be served on highly affordable prices so it can serve a purpose for men too. 

Among all the participants, you can find travel sites like or that offers most economical holiday packages and cheapest flight tickets. For all the people that are planning to plan a vacation must get their packages done on GOSF day. You can get the booking done on the day and then avail the offerings according to their convenience.

More than 240 e-commerce sites that participated in last year’s fest and the count is likely to get bigger this time as last year’s fest was a super success and companies were so glad with the performance that they extended the festivities for a day. Customers will soon be informed about the fest through newsletters, youtube advertisements and special calls from the online stores to their customers mentioning the discounted categories and kind of products that will be offered.

CouponzGuru will be of great help to you at this time with its numerous GOSF Offers to help customers find most exciting deals in travel, food, apparels, electronics, automobiles, jewelry and much more at one stop. The online festivities of GOSF are approaching soon, and they are inviting their customers to check out their huge range of offers like Myntra GOSF Offers, Jabong GOSF Offers, Flipkart GOSF Offers and much more.

So, buyers get ready to welcome the most magnificent sale bonanza of the year “Great Online Shopping Festival” and make most amazing shopping deals. Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Featured - Pune Mirror

I was featured in yesterday's issue of the Pune Mirror newspaper along with my fellow blogger friends in the city! Check it out below! You can right click and open image in new tab or read it at this link -

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