Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hijinny - Salon Services At Home

Going to the salon is both a chore and a necessity but wouldn't it be great if the salon came home to you? You're lucky if you live in Pune because now it's possible thanks to HiJinny, an awesome app that brings you the easiest and fastest on-demand professional hair and beauty salon services, delivered at the comfort of your home in an hygienic and affordable way. I recently tried their hair and skin services and was very happy with the experience. 

HiJinny offers services like hairstyling, skin, makeup, nail art and much more to primp and pamper yourself. You can either book services on-demand and schedule an appointment in the next 1 hour or at a convenient time later. Their beauty professionals are carefully screened, trained, background checked and use high quality branded products, single serve kits and disposables to meet hygiene and quality service standards.

For my skin, I got a rejuvenate facial done. The technician, Ashwini Mali, arrived before time and and judging from her technique, I could tell that she had years of experience and she even told me that she had worked at numerous reputed salons in her career. Following this, I got a hair spa as my tresses are always in dire need of moisture. This was done by therapist Uma Salunkhe, who did a fantastic job. I was amazed that she carried all the necessary tools for a hair spa and carried out the procedure in my house at such ease. Along with the equipment, both beauticians used disposables towels and sheets to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Thanks to them, my room became my own personal salon. I live quite far from the heart of the city so bonus points to HiJinny for providing me with their services all the way till the area I stay in. 

How To Order

Download the HiJinny app to your mobile to book a service.

Select the location, date and time, you'd like the Jinny to show up. Confirm your booking.

An experienced, fully equipped Jinny will arrive at your doorstep

Enjoy the service. Make payment and provide feedback

Download the app and book an appointment today to enjoy the unique HiJinny experience just like I did. I can assure you that you will be impressed!


  1. What a fabulous service! I wish there were this type of service here.


  2. It's awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. That is a very great app and a very useful service. I wish someone would put up an app for "home chef service" in my city too...:-).
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  6. This app sounds interesting with amazing service. It would be great if it is available everywhere.

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  8. great explanation of the app! This looks so convenient.



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  12. I love the idea of a salon service at home!

  13. Great post, sounds like a great app.
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  14. This would be very convenient indeed. I could have used it myself over the weekend! I had trouble booking make-up for myself!



    Great post. Tks.

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