Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Reasons Why Watches Are A Great Fashion Accessory for Men

Have you wondered why so many men have an innate love for watches? The answer to this question is not as simple as one can imagine. While time keeping is one of the most important purposes of a wristwatch, many men like their time pieces because it reflects their personality, taste and reflection of thoughts. More so, unlike women, a watch is the only accessory that a man can flaunt. If you want to read more about how a watch can make a style statement, check out this post of mine. 
  Whether you want to reflect your great taste, sharp demeanor, professional expertise or cool personality, here are the top 5 reasons why watches are a superb fashion accessory for men -

Subtle Fashion Accessory 

Wristwatches are the most subtle fashion accessory for men. Some men go to great extends to showcase their individualism.  They may get a tattoo, piercings or don clothing that is over the top. While there is no problem with having an eclectic fashion sense, one may have to withhold their style out of adherence to dress code at office or societal and family reasons. Here's where watches come into place since they are a great fashion accessory that are minimalist and yet speak volumes about your personal taste and character. 

Family heirloom 
While some watches give you the convenience of tracking time, there are others that are valued because of exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity. Such watches serve as great family heirloom which can be passed down from one generation to the other.  These are mostly limited edition watches that are manufactured by luxury watch makers in few numbers, with only a couple of pieces being produced sometimes. Being an owner of such a watch gives one the image of exclusivity and profound taste.

Undoubtedly a Functional Accessory 
If we look at the history of watches, it is interesting to discover how it has evolved from a clock / pocket watch to an accessory only the elite of the time could afford . The development of military wristwatches began during the First World War, a special request of the German army for their soldiers stationed at the guard tower. Today, military wristwatches are a coveted segment of luxury watches desired by men who are into adventure sports or want to pose a rugged look. They are extremely functional and have amazing features such as a solar rechargeable battery, digital compass, barometers or thermometer, water resistance etc. The wristwatch that we consider as an uber cool accessory has evolved over a period of time. At one point in time, the device was regarded as a piece of jewelry that only the noblemen could afford, but were was far from accurate and had to be wound twice a day.  Then, as people began to appreciate the usefulness of watches, the design of the time piece was changed and a strap was incorporated for better usability of the device. There was also a movement towards mass production and shift from mechanical watches to quartz watches. 

Impactful at work
If your work requires you to meet client or attend a board meeting, a classy, dignified and understated wristwatch is a clear winner.  It will go well with your suit or business attire. 

Reflection of Great Taste 
A man with great taste in wine and watches is a winner all the way.  These are two things that are great conversation starters at a gathering.  Luxury brands like Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Tissot or Hublot make watches that reflect style and good taste, assets that work well for men in some social settings. 

Today, the watch industry is huge. There are a number of watches of different shapes, size and price range.  You can opt for a designer watch or a high end luxury watch, depending upon individual taste and preference. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stay Organized With Nirmala Franklin Planners

I'm definitely not a very organized person and heck, I kinda have the memory of a goldfish. Even if I need to go buy 3 items, I write them down on my phone so that I don't forget one of them. So when I discovered Nirmala Franklin Planners, it was quite a blessing for me. These colorful and fun planners help you stay organized and make life so much simpler. They come in a standard 7.25″ X 9.25″ size  with 170 pages in total.

The planner starts with a yearly format which lets to plan holidays and schedule your days. It also has fun stickers at the back which you can paste into your days to keep every thing in track. As you can see below, it has stickers dedicated for many occasions and makes planning so much easier! They have blank stickers too which you can use for events that are not listed. 

Then there's the monthly overview format where you can paste these stickers. Each day has about 1″x 1″ box space to fit in minute yet important details. This section also has a notes pane at the side where you can write notes for additional things you want to remember. 

Then there's the day wise overview which has enough space for you to plan your day and list out your chores. Each sheet is divided into 3×3 grid – 3 days x 3 sections (morning,day and night) where you can make notes. As you can see, each month is separated and marked using colorful laminated tabs which makes it easier to access each month. 

There are many more interesting features in the tab like a section dedicated for your contacts. Even though we have all our contacts in our phones and email contacts, it is always a good idea to write them down somewhere (at least the most important ones like family, close friends and colleagues because you just never know what if you lose your phone or your contact list somehow! ) My phone was stolen last year and I had to rely on pen and paper for a while to write down numbers and email ids ( I was on vacation at that time so couldn't even buy a new phone )  It is also filled with motivational and inspirational quotes in colorful pages as you can see above and below. 

Another useful feature it has is an Expenses tab! This is really useful for us to maintain a record of our priorities, savings and splurges. Something I think is essential for everyone to take care of their finances. 

Then there's a section for notes which is handy when you have to note down important information like bank details or license detail etc. 

In the end of the planner, there's a pocket flap which you can see on the left side of the page  and a clear zip lock bag on the right side where you can store bills, ticket stubs, photos and other memories . On the right side is a clearfor the same purpose. I loved scrapbooking as a child so this reminds me of all the scrapbooks I had! 

Overall, this is an excellent planner which has everything you need to get your days organized and your life simpler. Though it is priced at the higher side, it's definitely a really good planner. To buy one of these or find out more about the brand, check out

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Women's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Women's Day everyone! Since it's our day, it’s all about surprising your favorite ladies and letting them know you’re happy to have them in your life. It is a nice gesture to gift something to the special ladies of your life and also a very good excuse to buy a gift for yourself! Here are some great Women's day gift ideas -


Flowers may be cliché but they are cute and comforting too. You can opt for a potted plant, fresh cut flower bouquets or beautiful and unique arrangements made with dried or pressed flowers. A gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers is the most budget-friendly women's day gift!

Most women who drink love wine (at least I and my girlfriends do) and gifting a nice bottle of wine to the special ladies in your life is a nice gesture to make their day. You can even have a ladies night with lots of wine. Fun guaranteed! 

 A Day at a Spa 
You can book an exclusive package at a spa and make her feel pampered. A modern woman has to handle both work and home responsibilities and thus hardly find any time for herself. Therefore, a day at a spa will make her feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Bath Set
Women love fancy bath stuff, so this gift will be really nice and useful at the same time. You can take a fancy wicker basket and place soaps, shower gels, body scrubs and candles in it. 

A woman can never have too many bags! According to their taste, choose a nice purse for them and if you want to play it safe, go for basic colors like black, nude, beige or white which are versatile and can be teamed with a variety of outfits. 

In case you are gifting someone or yourself this Women's day, let me know what you choose in the comments below!

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Lacelle Colors Contact Lens Review

When it comes to contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb needs no introduction. I have been wearing their Soflens 59 range almost daily for over a decade now and though I tried a couple of other brands in the middle, I've always stuck to it. The good news is they they have now created an exclusive range of colored lenses known as LACELLE Colors! They have a wide range of designs and colors with unique lace patterns to enhance the natural beauty of your iris. I recently got Lacelle lenses in their colors range in the shade brown and I totally love it. It brightens my eyes and makes them look very pretty. Thanks to being from a reputed contact lens brand like Bausch and Lomb, I don't have to worry about discomfort or damaging my eyes either. Another high point is that through their high water content and non-ionic coating, these lenses naturally reduce protein build up, preventing discomfort to ensure long lasting wearing comfort. I earlier preferred wearing clear lenses on a daily basis but thanks to the large number of various colored lenses I have, I wear a different color every day :) 

In case you forgot, this is my natural eye color -

And voila, here I am with these lenses- 

I love what a beautiful shade of brown it is and how natural it looks!

Brand: Bausch & Lomb Lacelle - Colors
Water Content : 42.00%
Lens Material : Hefilcon A (Group - 1)
Diameter : 14.0 mm
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Usage Duration : 1 month   

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