Sunday, April 03, 2016

Glamorous Jewelry By Glamulet

Glamulet is a Canadian jewelry brand that specializes in high quality charm bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. All their jewelry is made of 925 sterling Silver, Swarovski crystals, Murano glass and various kinds of man-made and natural stones.  If you're fascinated by Pandora jewelry, you must check Glamulet as their quality is just as good and prices even better!  

Glamulet designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry made from genuine materials at affordable prices. I got a gorgeous necklace from them and am very happy with the quality of the product. 

The pendant and chain came in a gold box with a big, bright, blue ribbon tied around it. It also came with a matching gift bag and polishing cloth. 

The moment I held the piece in my hand, I could tell that it is made of solid 0.925 silver.  The stones are placed intricately and the craftsmanship on the pendant is remarkable. The necklace is absolutely exquisite as it is high quality and lightweight piece.

 Glamulet also designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of modern and quality charms that make it possible to create a unique and personalized bracelet that matches your style. Each charm & bead allows you to screw individual pieces onto any bracelet segment in the order you desire. I really loved the necklace and recommend you to check out Glamulet for gorgeous yet affordable high quality jewelry! 

 Photography - Akshat Bhatnagar


  1. Such a lovely pendant, very delicate and cute <3

  2. It's beautiful; I like their packaging too.

  3. So amazing pendant!!! Love it so much) Beautiful pics!!!

  4. such a pretty necklace
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  5. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  6. What a beautiful piece of jewelry!

  7. I love the key necklace! So beautiful :)

  8. I really love silver and I loved the pendant of Glamulet! Would love to have one like that, I really really loved it! I am back after some time running around, and now more settled, it's good to visit your blog again! Wishing you a nice Sunday, dear June!

  9. Lovely pendant and packaging :)

    Xx Mahshid مهشید

  10. wow i love it, so beautiful


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