Thursday, July 28, 2016

Decoding My Style

You never find me wearing very bright or girly outfits but I definitely favor certain color combinations which dominate my wardrobe and dressing style! I love shopping from export surplus stores as they stock a lot of international brands that aren’t present in India. I also buy most of my basic separates from  Forever 21 because they are stylish and reasonable. Here are some looks that define the way I dress -

Black and White with Red lips

I am madly in love with black and white and absolutely love wearing white tops with black bottoms. I like to add in a dash of color to the outfit with red lipstick.

Dark Florals

Even though I rarely wear prints, I have a weakness for floral print against a black background. I love this cute dress because it's perfect for summer but I like to wear it with boots instead of heels.


When I'm not wearing black, I'm usually wearing beige, pale pink, nude or other neutral shades like this skirt and top combo.

All Black 

I wear a lot of all black outfits and have lots of black dresses. To make the look pop, I like to add a touch of gold whenever possible as I have below with this chic gold belt.

Although I don’t wear dresses on a very regular basis, I buy most of my one piece dresses online 
to find the most unique and off beat pieces.

Which look do you like the best? Let me know in your comments below! For more outfits and looks, follow me on instagram at

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spa Review - Orrganic Elemennt

Orrganic Element is a brand new spa in the bustling lane 6 in Koregaon Park. What makes it stand out from the hordes of spas in the area is everything here is completely natural and organic. This spalon offers products and treatments that are created using plant derivatives without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. All their spa treatments are enhanced by the use of non-toxic polishes, organic scrubs, organic lotions, and essential oils.  They a wide range of body massages, foot massages, head massages, pedicures, manicures and facials with healing techniques and result oriented treatments which uplift your senses and revitalize your body. 

This spa was founded by Kaveeta Pol who has been in the industry for almost a decade and wanted to break away from the rampant use of chemical filled products. Not only are the products used organic, but even the decor has been made with biodegradable materials and even the utensils used here are made of copper which is known to be beneficial for health. Being a staunch vegetarian and an avid animal lover, Kaveeta launched the spa to create awareness about animal cruelty thus none of the products used here are tested on animals and they do not use any animal by products either. 

I tried out some therapies at the spa recently and was very pleased with their services. I went for the  Top to Toe package which begins with a head massage followed with an aromatherapy treatment and a organic body scrub. My spa therapist Sonam greeted me with a warm smile and impressed me with her sweet nature and fantastic masseuse skills. The head massage was incredibly relaxing and literally had me feeling light headed. I think I really need to indulge in these more often as I have long hair and a good head massage is good for hair growth too. Moving on to the aromatherapy massage, she used organic coconut oil mixed with aroma oils for a calming aroma combined with the benefit of coconut oil which is nourishing, yet not too greasy or thick. The massage was so good that I almost fell asleep 3 times during the course, which is proof of how relaxed I felt. The massage was followed by a body scrub made of raw sugarcane. I loved the texture as it was not very harsh, yet once I had a shower, I could feel the difference in my skin as it felt very smooth, renewed and revitalized even one day later. 

Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Orrganic Elemennt and if you're looking for some pampering, I totally recommend you to visit this spa! You definitely won't be disappointed!

Address -
Orrganic Elemennt,Basement 1, Shahinsha Society, Opposite Joggers Park, Lane 6, Koregaon Park,
Pune - 411 006

Phone -
020 4125 3366 |  +91 99216 17834

Website -

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bangkok Shopping Guide

Whenever you hear Bangkok, the first thing that comes to every woman's mind is shopping! From glistening air-conditioned malls to busting street markets, Bangkok offers every shopaholic more bang for their baht. If you're planning to go to Thailand, make sure you reserve 2-3 days (and a spare suitcase) for all your shopping. Its no secret that shopping is an integral contributor to Bangkok tourism. This posts lists malls that stock Thai apparel so I'm not including malls which have international brand stores like Forever 21 or Zara as those chains are present in all major countries and keep the same kind of stock everywhere. 

Platinum Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall is the largest and most famous wholesale shopping destination in Bangkok. There are hundreds of stores selling women's fashion and super cheap prices. Being a wholesale mall, you get better deals if you buy larger quantities. However, note that there are no changing rooms here but they provide measuring you with tapes. You can also check with the shop owners if an exchange is possible in case what you buy doesn't fit you. Many stores accept only cash so make sure you get your foreign exchange sorted in advance. 

Union Mall

Union Mall is similar to Platinum Mall, but  is more spacious and well organized. It's a popular spot for hangout for Thai college girls because it's designs are different compared to Platinum and it's less crowded. Items are slightly more expensive but their quality speaks for itself. There are many dressing rooms unlike Platinum and MBK so you can try out everything before you buy it.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is also known as Jatujak or JJ Market, and it is the largest market in Thailand.  The market has more than 5000 stalls selling a wide array of products including clothing for men and women, accessories, footwear, household items, handicrafts and much more. It is hot here so do wear light clothing. If you are able to conquer the heat here, I’m sure you will be able to get a lot of stuff. The Chatuchak is a tourist attraction in itself, with over 200 000 people visiting each day! It is popular among both local Thais, foreigners living in Bangkok and tourists.

MBK Shopping Centre

MahBoonKrong or MBK, is one of the oldest and best known shopping malls in Bangkok. MBK Center is Bangkok's most legendary shopping mall, popular with both tourists and locals, and busy with shoppers every day. There are eight floors packed with 2,000 shops that sell everything from clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, leather products and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, cameras, stationery and DVDs. 

Siam Square

Popular with young, funky looking Thais, Siam Square is known for its youthful and trendy selection of fashion items. This is where you can find the coolest shops and indie boutiques that stock local designer labels as well as clothes, accessories, shoes, electronics and beauty products. The square consists of a number of small, indoor shopping centres and markets, separated by high streets and little boutique shops outdoors. Unlike Platinum Fashion Mall, the material and design of the apparels here are of higher quality and are usually available in limited pieces

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is an upmarket shopping mall located next to Asok BTS Station. This mall has a unique airport theme where each floor of the mall is based on the theme of well-known cities like London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo and Istanbul. Both tourists and locals flock to this mall for its wide variety of unique stores & local designer apparel.

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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Mid Year Outfit Roundup

As you all may have noticed, I don't do outfit posts very often even though I love dressing up and shopping. Another factor is that I love writing so I prefer doing posts about reviews or sharing my opinions over outfit posts. But recently someone on instagram asked me why I haven't done any outfit posts on my blog for a while so I decided to do a mid year roundup of my favorite looks of this year. So here goes -

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in your comments below! For more outfits and looks, follow me on instagram at 

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