Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wedding Dress Trends 2017

A friend of mine recently got married in Fiji and before she zeroed down on her dream dress, she showed me a bunch of options she was confused about. Since I’ve been blogging for a long time and am always on the lookout for new styles and trends around the world, this got me researching bespoke wedding gowns and I got in touch with a friend of mine who specializes in the creation of bridal gowns for wedding ceremonies and has been in the business for almost 13 years now. She obviously encounters a lot of queries from would-be brides regarding what would be the perfect gown to wear for their special day and her answers vary based on many considerations, but one of the most common questions she gets is what is the hottest wedding gown for this year. So with her help, here’s a list of bridal gown trends for 2017:

For Winter Weddings:

She gets a lot of orders of long sleeved wedding gowns that are going to be used for that time of the year. So I think a long sleeved bridal gown is a great choice to be included in my list. Meanwhile, if you can handle the cold, a Strapless Floor-length Chiffon Sleeve Wedding dress with a removable shrug can transform any woman into a stunning bride during winter weddings.

Beach and Destination Weddings:

I handpicked this champagne colored lace wedding dress because colored wedding dresses are in for 2017. The detailing at the back and light lace fabric make it lightweight and easy to walk around in at a destination wedding. Lace is a great option for wedding gowns as it is not very heavy and fits the wearer well. This is probably why Kate Middleton’s chose lace for her iconic Alexander McQueen wedding gown. Lacy textures and appliques lend themselves to all kinds of aesthetics, from ethereal and romantic to gothic and cutting-edge.

Simple and Modest Weddings:

For simple wedding ceremonies, I am more inclined to suggest simple but elegant wedding gowns. I chose this strapless wedding dress because of its simplicity combined with the sophisticated appeal of the rhinestone detailing on the bodice. This dress is elegant without looking over the top.

Grand weddings:

Empire wedding dresses and ball gown wedding dresses are still in for this year, but I chose something that’s easy on the eye (for the viewers) and for the body (for the wearer). These 2 dresses are perfect for any grand wedding. The one shouldered detail of the first one  makes it stand out from conventional wedding dresses and the trail detailing on the shoulder exudes a regal appeal that makes the bride look grand and elegant. The second one looks classy and sophisticated due to its extensive use of satin which lends a royal appearance to any garment. It also features subtle embroidery which adds to the beauty of the dress.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Featured - Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs

I'm so happy to share that my blog is in the Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs by Feedspot - a blog aggregation site which lists top blogs in various categories! Check out the badge on the right sidebar of my blog! Blogs have been ranked based on their google reputation and search ranking along with influence and popularity on social media sites, quality and consistency of posts and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review. 

One of my recent collaborations with Accessorize
This is really special to me because this year I complete a decade of blogging and trust me, back when I started, no one in India even knew what a blog was. When I started blogging, it was those Orkut days and Facebook wasn't even popular in India. Over the years, Instagram came up and now there are numerous girls around the world who think posting outfit pictures makes them bloggers but I have stuck to writing because I feel that a blog should be a source of information and help others make decisions rather than just be eye candy. Even though I love Instagram, I keep it a mix of my personal life and blogging and don't want to show everyone a picture perfect life because that's not how life works. I took up blogging because fashion and writing have been my greatest passions and over the years, my blog has evolved beyond fashion and has diversified to topics like product and website reviews, restaurant reviews, gadget reviews. 

One of my collaborations with Lakme 
Blogging has been a fantastic journey for me - it has helped me make friends from around the world, it got me invited to attend and cover Lakme Fashion Week in 2012, then I won a blogging contest in 2013 and got to travel to Dubai for an all-expenses paid trip and attend a fashion show! Thanks to the blog, I've been featured in various magazines and newspapers (you can check out my press mentions here) and of course I got to work with tons of amazing brands from L'Oreal to ASUS to Hard Rock Cafe and many more. So I'm just humbled and proud of my blog which has been my baby for a decade and a lifetime to come. 

One of my collaborations with TIGI
 A lot of people assume I'm a full time blogger but I've always had a full time desk job and I currently work as a data analyst and handle digital marketing in a research firm! And this is one of the main reasons that I don't get enough time to shoot or blog and disappear for a couple of weeks sometimes. However, all I want to say to each and every one of you who reads my blog is a huge THANK YOU for all your support! Keep reading :)

Thursday, June 08, 2017

An Afternoon With Kiehl's

Kiehl's is a 166-year-old skincare brand from New York which started off as an apothecary and has now transitioned into a full fledged skincare company which has a global presence. I was recently invited by the brand to host an afternoon with Kiehl's at their store at Phoneix Marketcity Pune and obviously obliged as I am a fan of the brand and absolutely love their products! 

It was a fun afternoon catching up with my friends and fellow bloggers over personalized skin consultations, product demonstrations of Kiehl's new launches and a lot of photo moments over some appetizers. 

Did you know that you will find a jolly lab coat clad skeleton called Mr Bones at every Kiehls store around the world?  The original 'Mr. Bones' is an actual human skeleton used by founding family member, Aaron Morse to educate patrons on various ailments and how Kiehl’s remedies would address them. Today, 'Mr. Bones' represents Kiehl’s pharmacy heritage, commitment to customer service, education and science.

My skin consultation was done by KCR (Kiehl's Customer Representative) Ranjana, who greeted me with a big smile and educated me about various Kiehls products. I was delighted to hear about the newly launched Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil which comes with the same formulation as their Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is a cult product around the world. She heard out my concerns and suggested appropriate products for the same. 

And that's happy June after her skin consultation!

What I love about Kiehls is that instead of advertising or fancy packaging, they let their products speak for themselves through customer testimonials and word-of-mouth. This always works for them thanks to their scientific and efficacious formulations that have always delivered fantastic results. 

The brand gives out samples generously, adhering to its 'try before you buy' sampling philosophy. Even if you come into the store and don’t buy anything they will always send you away with samples. All the ladies got their skin consultations done and received samples of products according to their skin type and problems. 

Their product ranges include body care, hair care, skin care, dermatologist solutions and specific collections for men and babies. If you’re new to the brand and don't know where to begin, there’s a helpful Customer Favorites stand near the entrance which features Kiehl’s best-selling products specific to each region. 

Anyway, getting back to the event, here are a bunch of photos of me and my friends -

 I had a superb time hosting an Afternoon with Kiehl's and my friends enjoyed the event! A big thanks to all of the girls who made it in spite of it being a weekday! In case you haven't tried it yet, Kiehl’s beauty products are internationally recognized as being the highest quality in skincare and are used by numerous Hollywood celebrities. So the next time you're looking for some serious skincare, don't forget to hit your nearest Kiehl's store and pamper your skin and senses!

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