Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October Envy Box - 4th Anniversary Edition

As I write this post, I realized that time really flies as this is the fourth year of My Envy Box and that I have been reviewing it on my blog for such a long time! Since this was the Anniversary edition, I was hoping for better products so am a tad bit disappointed with it as I'm not into toners, face masks or herbal face washes (yeah, not much of a beauty junkie as you can see) and that's what most is this box was all about! Even though I love black, this month's all black box didn't look too pretty so I didn't even click a picture of it.

Anyway lets start with the products! So there were these two sheet masks from a Taiwan based brand called Kin Girls - the first being the Raspberry Extract Face Mask and the other being Truffle and Cocoa 3d Face Mask.  Both are packaged adorably and you can see their claims below. Though I'm not into masks, I sure am a sucker for cute packaging so will try them out sometime. Maybe I'll slather one on my beau and convince him for a his and hers at-home spa session!

Then there's a Green Apple Face Wash by Omorfree which I am yet to try. I don't really like experimenting with face washes and usually find herbal ones too gentle since I like a squeaky clean feeling which only soap and chemical based face washes can give.  The box also came with the Toning Elixir by Elixir Shop which has a nice pleasant fragrance and feels like just about any toner out there so I wasn't too pleased about both of these products. 

Saving my favorites for the last, I got Wella's Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo and Reboost Mask! Being an absolute sucker for hair products and a huge fan of Wella, I am more than happy with these and wish they had given bigger samples of these two instead of the other products. I can't wait to try these out!

Overall, it this box was not very beneficial for me but I'm sure every skincare junkie out there would beg to differ! Lets see what the November box has in store!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What Your Blog's Name Says About You

Coming up with a name for your blog might be one of the hardest things about blogging. You want it to tell the reader who you are or what you intend to talk about. But it also needs to show off your personality and possible blogging niche. But what you might not know, your blog name says a lot about your character. No need for astrological signs or a personality quiz. This post is by Helene from Helene In Between, a fantastic and inspiring blog I follow, so I'm sharing this post with you all.

Your Name.  If your name is part of your blog then you really want people to know your name. You wanted to be different than the others out there and so your name was what you thought would be original. You probably enjoy rum and diet cokes and have a hard time finding a matching pair of socks. You have a hard time being serious and sometimes you're too sarcastic.

An Emotion. Examples: "Calm" "Happy" "Joy" You are excited about life and want to share that with others. You are a die hard Starbucks addict and use emoticons frequently. You always see the silver lining unless you get a flat tire. Then all hell breaks loose. You like to take photos looking into the distance. Pinot Grigio is your drink of choice.

A Color. You go from happy to sad very easily and are often contemplating your dreams. You have a job but your passion lies elsewhere. You have a coffee mug with your name on it. Your nails are usually painted a bright color and you love white wine spritzers and moscato.

A Proper Place. You were born here, raised here, moved here, or think this place is where all life stems from. You haven't traveled much but you can tell anyone the in's and out's of where you have been. You use word's like M'am and your pictures are almost always perfect. You usually spill on yourself and you love Martinis.

Your role/job. Examples: "Wife" "Lawyer" "Momma" "Scribe" You have at least 1 pet and you upload artsy photos on Instagram. You're a good cook and excel in multitasking and organization. You write in-length about your struggles about anything that's on your mind in a way that others can relate to or laugh at. You're an expert on beer and prefer it in a frosty mug.

Hair Color. Examples: "Blonde" "Brunette" Your hair is the central feature in all photos, as it should be. You tend to give tutorials and often expand on your new favorite product/shoe/bag/skater dress. What you studied in college has absolutely nothing to do with what you're doing now- thank god. Sometimes people mistake you for a celebrity. Red bull Vodka or die.

Drinks. Examples: "Vodka" "Tea" "Starbucks" You practically keep (insert drink name) in business. You often write while drinking and you also run marathons. You're obsessed with your college sports team and that's only because they're the best. You frequent Forever 21 and you win at most card games.

Action. Examples: "Running" "Dancing" "Crossfitting" You're in better shape than any 18 year old around the block and you're wearing a tank top that proves it. You have bruises, callouses, and blisters that only a mother could love. Speaking of moms, yours taught you everything and is better at everything. You're a little competitive and you like to write lists- whether on or off your blog. You love a good juice cleanse.

When it comes to my blog's name, I clearly come across as a greedy person. What do you think your blog's name says about you? 

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