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Couples Dressing for the Casino

Casinos are places that exude a sense of class, and incorporating the same into how you present yourself while gambling, not only shows a sense of seriousness and composure, it also promotes a sense of respect and adoration among your opponents, peers and the working staff. This in turn, not only makes gambling more of a fulfilling activity for you, it also makes it easier to obtain favors from the staff, in terms of preference to cast your bets, to be served beverages from the bar, or to be the first to invited to invited to events hosted by the casinos.

History of casino fashion:

Casinos began as informal businesses where people went to others’ houses to gamble and have  a good time in general. When governments realized that casinos could be monetized in the form of taxes, they started being established as businesses. As the money for gambling, and for taxes associated with gambling, lay predominantly with the rich, it isn’t abnormal to see why casino fashion predominantly stems from high status fashion of yore. This explains the black dresses, feathery accessories, higher heels for women, and tuxedos and white scarves for men, that is usually associated with casino fashion, that has continued both in popular culture and real life, even to this day.

The main fashion ideas for couples are as follows:

1) The Bond Couple:

  • The key to pulling off a Bond and a Bond girl is minimalism.
  • A tuxedo or a dapper suit for the man. If you go for the latter, make sure it is in sober colors like navy or dark grey. 
  • Avoid black suits as you need to differentiate yourself from the working staff. Having an accessory like a black watch or bracelet to amp up your style, also pays off.
  • The woman wears a simple bright dress that compliments her man. Something in red, blue, black or anything that catches the eye.
  • The dress can be complemented with minimalist jewelry like pearl earrings, but nothing more.
  • Shoes should be shining, preferably brogues or Oxfords for the man, and heels for the woman.

2) Mr. Dapper and Mrs. Flapper

  • Inspired by fashion trends in the 1930s, similar to what we say in The Great Gatsby.
  • The man wears a suit or a tuxedo, however, unlike the Bond man, this style does a lot extra
  • Donning opera gloves is one way to add some oomph, but a pocket watch is the real deal, adding both gravity and dimension. 
  • Wearing a money clip also sets you apart.
  • Ladies wear long cocktail dresses, usually in classy blacks only. 
  • Make up is vital. Make it bold and outrageous. A predominantly smoky eye with red lipstick is one example.
  • Feather boas complement this look really well, especially a color that suits your shade of foundation.
  • Accessorize as much as you like, as long as it complements your look. Diamonds are a perfect add on.

3) Sunny Sophisticated:

  • If the office look were taken seriously and dressed up for, we would get this particular look.
  • Men wear a pair of pleated and pressed trousers with a button down and pressed Oxford shirt.
  • The shirt is preferably white, light pink, or darker colors like navy, grey or black. Trousers will be a dark blue or grey if the top is light, and a beige color if the top is dark.
  • You can roll up the sleeves if you have the arms for it. Pairing a black or brown leather watch looks great too.
  • Brogues or Oxford shoes in brown or black, matching with your watch is the way to go.
  • Ladies can go for a dressy top, which may or may not be layered depending on how well you can pull it off. This paired with a pencil skirt makes quite a fashion statement.
  • Wearing heels or even sandals with this is more than enough, as the main attraction is the top.
  • Accessories are a strict no. At best, a light silver necklace that goes with your top can be donned.

4) Cool Casuals:

  • If the casino is a mere distraction for you, on your way to shopping or eating out, this look suits you best, as a subtle balance between casino wear and outdoor wear.
  • For guys, a polo shirt in a suitable color, paired with dark wash jeans or beige chinos gives you the cool look we’re aiming for.
  • This paired with a pair of loafers or boat shoes in leather is enough. White sneakers can also be tried, especially with dark wash jeans
  • For women, a maxi dress along with sandals is the go-to. An off-shoulder version, or one with thick shoulder straps should be your main aim. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Best Outfit Ideas For A Casino

A night at the casino is an ideal chance to spruce up and make some extraordinary memories! However, you should ensure you’ve dressed appropriately for a casino as many of them have dress codes. Recognizing what's in trend and finding the ideal outfit will make your night even better! If you intend to look glamorous like a movie character, you need to enter a casino looking your best. Before you hit a casino, you can try out online gambling and betting as it has its own thrill in it too. If you’re low key tempted, you might want to read how BetIndia reviews sportsbooks in India and find yourself in an ideal place to let your bets flow.

For the casino, men need an outfit that is professional, clean looking, without anything ratty or scruffy. It is better to avoid slippers and open sandals, hoodies, tank tops and ripped garments. When it comes to women, you can create the best outfit from something you already have lying in your closet. Choose your little black dress or one with gold or silver embellishments. If you need more glitz, go full glamorous in a gown. Include pantyhose and high heels to finish the look. Casinos are lavish, so keep that in mind.

 Here’s a list of the outfits which are totally in favor of the casino vibe :


A casino is where you need to dress in your best clothing. Whatever you decide to wear should fit you perfectly. Even if you aren’t at a casino in Las Vegas, you still can have a fair idea of what it's like over there. Here are some outfit ideas which are best for a casino:

 Cocktail Dress  - A cocktail dress doesn't show lot of skin and isn't too formal either so it works well for a casino.

Gown - An evening gown is perfect for a luxury casino with a formal dress code. You can wear any color but black, golden and silver are advisable as they look beautiful at night.

Preppy Blouse and High Waist Pants - An upbeat or crop top with high waist pants can be matched with pants and high heels. Make sure you’re wearing complimenting colors while choosing your blouse and pants.

Off-shoulder Dress - An off-shoulder dress looks stylish and accentuates your collarbones. You can combine it with a eye catching necklace if you like.

Shoes - Ensure you wear shoes that are comfortable. Try not to wear new shoes because they stand a chance to give you bruises.

Accessories - Accessorize as much as you want, there’s no stopping there. Get hold of a brilliant neck piece, or dangling earrings, all should look fine!


Formals are the best option for men in every case . So when are wearing formals, you are impeccably dressed for a casino. Here are a couple of casino outfit ideas for men:

Tux - Tuxedos are stylish simple too. You can wear a tuxedo and pair it with formal oxford shoes and an astounding watch.

Formal Shirt and Jeans/Trouser - You can enter a casino wearing a shirt and pants and still look dapper, as long as you choose the correct combination.

Semi-Formals - You can wear a shirt or a plain shirt with a round neckline and wear a coat or a jacket over it to give it semi-formal look.

Shoes – Only wear covered shoes, there is no choice here! Covered shoes look the best at casinos; of course, you haven’t come to visit a park that you’ll wear slippers!

Accessories – A good watch is a must on your wrist, to add on, you can also wear a dark colored tie.

These outfits will definitely help you look stylish at the casino. To both men and women wondering what to wear at a casino, go for trendy stuff and you’ll have the best night ever!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What to Wear At A Casino

If you haven't been a casino yet, odds are that your idea of what it looks like is confined to what you see in movies. Nowadays, you can get casino entertainment at However, when somebody calls you to meet at a casino, do you have any idea how to dress up for a casino party? Fortunately, this post will help you look stylish at the casino and enjoy your time there with a memorable experience.


Before anything else, verify the casino's dress code. Some casinos have a formal dress code which requires men to wear ties while ladies can wear cocktail dresses. Even if you're at a beach side holiday destination, a casino there might you in wearing shorts and casual shoes. Thus, you need to follow dress codes to avoid the awkwardness of being turned away for a outfit that's too informal. Taking an opportunity at the poll table may be a risk that may often return, but not being able to get in because of your clothes can be quite disappointing.


Casino Dress Codes change with increasing informal because the day advances. For morning to mid-afternoon parties, a "properly casual" system is usually in place. Yet, one must not wear sleeveless clothes (for men), flip flops or beachwear. Between 2-7 pm, shorts, and smart sports-type shoes are appreciated. But, from 7 pm onwards, the dress code becomes more formal, transferring to a "smart and casual look".

A casino can also ban work dress – think if chef's wear whites, paint-splattered polos, and hi-vis jackets even as coaches and steel-toed shoes. What's more, using badly torn or distressed clothes, coats, tracksuits, or caps emphasizing offensive imagery or dictionary will usually cause your entry ban.


Whether you're playing real blackjack in Vegas or poker in Macao,  you need to be comfortable in what you're wearing as that gives you the ultimate confidence for the game. To feel positive by both your appearance and your form is an excellent way to defeat distractions and focus on your game.

Your confidence will help gamblers, observers, and mainly other players around understand that you mean business.


With coaches banned in most casinos, wearing proper footwear is essential for a stylish. For ladies,  heels are a great and attractive option when going to a casino. Pointed low pumps too are acceptable as they look formal and and there's no need to compromise on style. You do not want anything to disrupt your winning streak when you're in the zone. If you're heading on a weekend trip to the casino, I prefer to recommend you pack either a classic pair of trainers or loafers (or both!) as these styles will work well with tailored trousers and denim

 Footwear should be as clean as possible. Dress shoes are an absolute must, apart from Vegas, where you'll see people wearing sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals in most casinos. Your shoes should match your outfit. Thus, the color, style, brand – everything should blend in together with your clothes.


You may feel people staring at you and judging all the time - maybe they're not - just hold your head high and own it! People will always have their opinions about others clothes, makeup, hair, but your view is the one that matters. When your confidence radiates, other people are more likely to accept and appreciate your style.

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Looking more fashionable isn't about wearing the most stylish, most fancy outfits, or understanding complicated styling tricks. Sometimes it's as simple as just dressing in the right color scheme or wearing the right shoes with the right outfit.

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