Hi, my name is June. 
I was born in May :)

I'm from an Army background and have lived all over India and spent a substantial ten years of my life in the city of Pune. I have an MBA in Marketing and I work in digital marketing as a data analyst. Boring huh!

However, fashion is my passion so here I am!
My personal style is a mix of glam, boho, edgy and crazy all put in a martini glass, shaken and stirred!

There are two sides to me - when I'm not obsessing about fashion and shopping, you can find me wearing nerdy glasses playing video games and tinkering with computers!

 Besides my love for clothes and shoes, I also (strangely?) harbor an immense love for horror films and video games. I blog about them here.

I am a huge foodie and love cooking and eating! I have a weakness for super spicy food and chillies! 

I loooooove cats but am allergic to them *sob*

 I have an adorable little dog now though :)

No, that cow in the picture above is not my dog.

I'm also a self-confessed party girl and closet alcoholic! I love traveling and am obsessed with beaches!

I think that's enough for now. But if you want to know more about me, check out 7 random facts about me and my 11 things tag answers


  1. Hey!!! Pictures is beautiful!!! Kiss from Croatia!

  2. i m happy that i finally found your blog,cause i am a huge fan of indian styling, food n tradition.

  3. hi!Thanks for your message on IFB, love the pics on your blog. If you have time visit my blog http://anafashionista7.blogspot.com/ if you like it leave a comment or follow if if you want, thanks you and good luck with blogging;)

  4. hey june. rly nice blog ya, loved it. , . imran khan here

  5. You're so cute, love the way you write too ^_^

  6. I just came to have a peek after seeing article in The Golden Sparrow.Nice & attractive blog.
    Normally I do not search for fashion being a simple person and as I blog on sports
    like golf e.g. www.agolfersdelight.blog.co.uk/
    or on nature and what ever catches my fancy e.g. mahatmasocietykothrudpune.blogspot.in and a few others too.

  7. The quality of pictures is very good and the blog is fashionable as it should be being a lot on fashion and pretty professional.

  8. Your blog is creative and lively! Keep posting.

  9. Awesome..love your first dress..you look pretty..You working in Pune?


  10. Love your style!
    And I looooove cats too. Fortunately I'm not allergic :)

  11. Blog is very nice....and Loving ur style


Thank you so much for your comments!! I will try and get back to you as soon as possible

xx June

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