As an avid fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food blogger, I have a lot to say about products and services I love. If you feel that your product, store or services would be a good feature on this blog, I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with me at


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I also work as a personal shopper and can help you with a closet makeover. If you need help with an outfit for an important day or for overhauling your closet, drop me an email with your questions or let me know if you would like to have a session and I can email you the details. If you need help with your blog design or you are starting a new blog and don't know where to start, I can help.


Besides fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle blogging, I am also an experienced social media manager and have worked with some of India's top brands like Biba, Lipton Ice Tea, Secret Temptation and MTS. You can see my LinkedIn profile here.  I can also guide you on how to work with bloggers, how to grow your social media footprint and how to ensure your blogger outreach is effective and efficient.

If you’re looking for genuine engagement with your audience, you need a well thought out social media programme. I regularly interact online across numerous platforms – Facebook, Twitter, blogging, G+, Instagram – so I can help build the audience you are looking for. And my hands-on experience in communicating and engaging with audiences means I understand how to interact in this digital world. I can help you with everything from blogger outreach to blog writing. 

So if you need any help in any of these channels, you know you to get in touch with! Besides these, if you have any style queries, reader requests or comments, feel free to email me at


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