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Last year, I had bought this cute black and white dress with a floral print and wore it around quite a bit. Then, exactly a year later, this August, after going through a couple of high fashion magazines I noticed that a lot of top designers including Gucci had made black white & yellow dresses with a floral print. Voila, I got the inspiration. Went to a stationery shop, bought yellow fabric paint and just filled in the flowers and here I am, same dress, new look :)


  1. Wow that is an AWESOME idea - it's like that print that Gucci was using! Very creative and well executed...I'm impressed :)

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  3. That dress looks stunning on you! You always have the cutest buys!

    Tina {Your Everyday Style}

  4. I love the cut of the dress & it fits you so well!!! :)

  5. i thought it was a brand new dress, would never have guessed it was diy dress. Looks very neat.

    Gucci collection also had this colour combination on their dresses.

  6. WOW ... The dress looks amazing. So pretty :)

    P.S. I added you to my favorites, hope you don't mind :O

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  8. i loved it! totally professional it looks! I'm gonna come more often to this blog!
    *hurries to paint all the dresses in her wardrobe*

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    Marina (from France)


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