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Wow, I dont watch this show. But I love how the stylists have dressed this Blair girl!!!


  1. I love Gossip Girl... when I was younger I read all of the books and the series are just as good :) and the fashion... it's perfection. P.S. you have a really lovely blog :)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! And thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I would love to link so I'll add you to mine too.:)

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures, Leighton Meester has such FABULOUS style! And so does everyone else in Gossip Girl. :)

  3. Outfits 3 & 4 are DIVINE. How I wish I woke up every morning and had the fictional wardrobe of Blair Waldorf to pick and choose from.
    Great blog :)

  4. hi there.. i just love Blair's white mini dress. she knws xcatly what to wear n always lookin chic. tx for posting ^^

  5. s1&2 was good, but after that, i only watch for their clothes.

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