Bring on the Bling!

Finally I started buying jewelry again this July. Ever since I turned seventeen, I started slowly disliking wearing jewelry. I went on a little shopping spree a few years later, but it all ended up in the bottom shelf of my cupboard till I started gifting all those trinkets to close friends ( I still have a necklace left from that lot, and its been lying unworn for about 4 years now )

Last week, I happened to enter a trinket shop and saw the most amazing glittery teardrop pendant with and iridescent sparkle on its surface. The unique texture and color of the stone totally lured me into buying it! Later I found out that its a Druzy Quartz. And looks something like the picture here but mine is a much lighter shade of blue.

Later, I picked up a bejeweled headband from Accessorize similar to the style I always wanted. Photo on the right.

On my actual wish list have been Nicole Richie's House Of Harlow Head Bands which are so totally gorgeous. I've been lusting after those for years.

Accessorize also had a lot of pretty necklaces and this gold elephant caught my eye and now happily lies in my closet. Am gonna rock this one with a white dress very soon!


  1. hi...
    im a big fan of accessories too.
    cant wait for your next post to see da white dress.


  2. The white dress post is here :) cheers!! one more coming up!!


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