Thursday, October 20, 2011

J'aime French Connection

Yes I know its a British chain but boy do I love their stuff! I also went to the French Connection store last evening and least to say, I fell in love.... with a lot of pieces. See the pictures below -

 This top is perfect for a casual day out or can be dressed up. It covers two trends - Nautical and Stripes.

 This red faux snakeskin clutch had me at hello. Followed by, I need to buy you. How uber glam is this??

 Who said you cant mix leopard print and stripes? That's exactly what I have demonstrated below.

 I have an immense love for exaggerated shoulders and have a lot of tops that have frills or ruffles or giant flowers. I've started toning it down since 'the boyfriend' commented followed by a gesture pointing at his own shoulders as if something was growing from them saying - Why do your tops have so much over here?
So obviously, I tried to avoid trying this top but knew I would love it.

 I tried to hide the ruffles with this lovely gray cardigan. According to me, long flowy cardis are a must have in any fashionista's wardrobe. They look relaxed and chic at the same time and can make any outfit look classy.

And now moving on the one of my favorites, how glam is this printed dress? Right from the print to the neckline to the fit, this dress is perfect for a casual day out, fun night out or lazy afternoon brunch.

 The winner of the lot according to me is the leopard print dress with pointy shoulders. As I mentioned, the shoulders did the job for me and my childhood inclination for leopard print, see my post on leopard here or just scroll down below on this page.

This dress is glamorous and uber sexy without revealing too much skin.  

 I added this gorgeous satin black clutch (also from French Connection) to complete the look.

 LBD. Obviously I had to try one of my former must haves - a little black dress. The addiction stopped when I realised that I have too many little black dresses. This dress is available in all black and in black and gray. 

As you can see, the bust area of the dress is black while the shoulder detailing and rest are gray. And it fits like a dream. This dress is perfect for a nice dinner or any occasion where you wanna look posh!

Calvin Klein Jeans 2011 India

 I happened to visit the Calvin Klein Jeans store last evening and was pleasantly surprised with their latest collection.  Here are some of my top picks from their Women's collection -

This breezy cardi + striped knit vest and shorts combo is perfect for hot October days

I tried on both colors as I couldn't decide which one I liked more.

Found something to wear to work too. Super comfy black skinny fit pants and this really fab blue shirt which fits like a dream.

They have loads of stuff for men, including a newly launched line of shoes. Yeah, I never thought I'd ever bother looking at menswear but the shoes were all over the place and caught my eye. They seemed really classy so I would recommend this store to those of you who wanna gift the men in your life . 

This jacket is an absolute favorite of mine. I walking out of the store when I saw it and I knew I had to see it again. Yes, it was almost love at first sight.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Link Lovin' - October

Trend Alert : Leopard Print

Always in style, leopard print comes back every fall/winter on clothes, coats, bags, scarves and shoes. 

The Mulberry Alexa

Extremely versatile and chic, it can be seen on the runways, celebrity, stylish women and even hippies :)

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