Calvin Klein Jeans 2011 India

 I happened to visit the Calvin Klein Jeans store last evening and was pleasantly surprised with their latest collection.  Here are some of my top picks from their Women's collection -

This breezy cardi + striped knit vest and shorts combo is perfect for hot October days

I tried on both colors as I couldn't decide which one I liked more.

Found something to wear to work too. Super comfy black skinny fit pants and this really fab blue shirt which fits like a dream.

They have loads of stuff for men, including a newly launched line of shoes. Yeah, I never thought I'd ever bother looking at menswear but the shoes were all over the place and caught my eye. They seemed really classy so I would recommend this store to those of you who wanna gift the men in your life . 

This jacket is an absolute favorite of mine. I walking out of the store when I saw it and I knew I had to see it again. Yes, it was almost love at first sight.


  1. u look fab , wud be great if u can price the pieces individually ... keep lookin stylish <3 <3

  2. Love love love everything ... And ya I want thm all too!!


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