2011 Trend Roundup

As its finally December and the year is coming to an end, I decided to round up some major trends that I've loved this year. They are all linked to their original posts on this blog.


  1. yes I agree! on everything! :)

  2. Leopard Clutch and the Claw Bracelet..SO AWESOME!!

  3. Hello!

    I was sifting through some data online when I came across your post on the "ABC's of Happiness" and I must say that what you wrote out there is so true.

    I browsed through your blog and liked what you have put together. Though I am as far from the fashion industry as Jupiter is from the Sun I nevertheless can make out that you are passionate about what you blog.

    Happy Blogging!

  4. Glad you'll liked it :)

  5. Loved the polkadots on polkadots! So fancyy! <3

  6. These are great trends. I'm really into leopard lately as well!

  7. Hey June! I finally found the time to visit your blog today and I think it's great! Love that you write about other things as well, besides fashion. And you are stunning btw! I'm following you back on twitter so hopefully we can catch each other there some time. Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a mail :)



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