Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

OMG I forgot about my blog! Anyway, I remembered now!  Merry Christmas all of you! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Just breathe....

Sometimes, the best feeling is to close your eyes and feel the wind through your hair.... and you can always jump off the balcony for a better feel of the real deal :p

Anyway the name of this post is inspired by this calming track of the same name by the French trio Télépopmusik. Just close your eyes and enjoy :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Trend Alert - Ear Cuffs

I'm not much of a jewelry person. The only piece of jewelry I've worn for the past nine years is my belly button ring which I never remove because of obvious reasons. In fact, I just started wearing jewelry like maybe a year ago and all I can still handle is rings. On rare occasions I wear necklaces. I've probably worn one like 3 times in the past two years. And don't even get me started about earrings. I can't stand them on myself. But I have fallen in love.... with ear cuffs! Primarily, its because you don't have to wear them on your lobes so they are comfortable and more than anything else, they look fabulous.

Okay, now a ear cuff is an oversized ear embellishment that not only covers your ear lobe but crawls up onto your cartilage or goes behind it. They’ve been seen everywhere from the runways to everyday wear and are available in various levels of embellishment. Of course, a lot of credit goes to model Lara Bingle who was spotted in one at an event, and the ear cuff became a star!

Whether you want something with spikes or a feathered festival style one or something with gemstones and crystals, there is a lot of variety you can choose from to express your own personal style.

I’ve always loved a little something extra and unique so I am smitten by these. I got myself an amazing black and gold one recently. Will put up a picture soon!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Broken Foot Again!!!!

Okay, this time its broken toe but this is insane right? For those of you who've been regular readers you may remember that right at the start of this year in January I had broken my foot and was limping halfway through the year and was in a lot of pain. So I became perfectly fine by June and just in the start of December, once again I managed to find myself in an accident and broke a toe! This time, I'm not even depressed, I'm just incredibly amused. Like seriously. Two times. Same foot. Same year. Wow. Lets just hope I can walk normally and wear heels soon otherwise I'll start doing depression related posts again. Thankfully I have a splint this time though I still cant walk, everything is better than a cast. Isn't it? Anyway, for now, let me share some hilarious stuff I found on someecards thanks to Pinterest.

Oops I did it again!!

And in case you are interested, you can find my broken foot posts here and here

Saturday, November 24, 2012

French Connection Autumn Winter 2012

French Connection never fails to impress me and just like every fall, they have a stunning collection this year too. There is a huge variety of dresses in stunning silhouettes and colors so there's something for every one. I've been a very lazy girl lately so I'm just going to let the captions do the talking. 

I am in LOVE with these pants and this faux fur vest!!!! Badass chic!

Here is a super chic LBD

And the same shot but with open hair!

This LBD with sheer sleeves is just perfect for the holiday season
These corduroy pants and this sexy faux peter pan collar top are ah-mazing!
Don't know if I love this top or the bright purple clutch more!

There's much more in stock but I decided to stick to a safe neutral palette and show you some of my favorites from French Connection's AW collection 2012. What do you think of this collection? 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calvin Klein Jeans Fall Winter 2012

Calvin Klein Jeans has some good stuff this winter. I'll let the captions do the talking.

This gray sweater is a great piece for fall layering.

This gray cardi is nice right? But the bags are even better!

I love both! Which one should I get?

Getting the black one! My headless friend likes it too!

For entertainment, I also decided to try and do some modelling poses.. Yes so cliche and a great reminder to lost 10 pounds! With party season around the corner I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen hehehe

And I'm finally out of the store! These pictures were taken by a very talented friend of mine called Akhil. Check out his photography group on facebook here and please join!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review - Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper

I travel a lot every week from one city to another and I can never sleep when I'm in a car so I often read. Being an animal lover and a sucker for romance at times, I was charmed by Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper. This is a touching story about a rich New York businessman called Ian McKinley who moves to a small town in Virginia to repair the strained relationship between him and his son. Add our heroine Colby to the equation, a small town veterinarian who has a similar problem of her own with her teenage daughter, and we have an adorable love story.

As much as Fifty Shades has been the talk of the town all over the world, lets face it, its just a Twilight rip-off where you replace all the werewolves and vampires with kinky f*ckery. No offense to Fifty Shades lovers, but honestly I found it kinda boring and felt it was bad fan fiction. Anyway, lets get back to Good Guys Love Dogs. Colby, the small town vet is a single mother who is content with her life but things change when she meets the hunky millionaire Ian who shows up in her town. To put it in a nutshell, very soon sparks fly. Throw in a budding romance between their kids and the rest is history.

This book is an enjoyable romance will appeal to readers who like realistic characters and are animal lovers. I always wanted to be a vet as a child so I instantly fell in love with Colby. The characters are adorable and the story is humorous and interesting. I would recommend this sweet story to any girl out there because trust me, you wont be disappointed!


Inglath Cooper is a winner of the RITA Award for best long contemporary romance novel given out each year by Romance Writers of America. Her books have been described as a combination of Danielle Steel meets Luanne Rice.

Inglath most often writes stories about love and life that are set in small Virginia towns like the one where she grew up. “I like to think the flavor of my hometown shows up in my books both in their setting and through the characters who people it.”

Outside of writing, Inglath is actively involved in dog and cat rescue, working with The Franklin County Humane Society to place dogs and cats in need of rehoming.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Styling Ideas - Fall Inspiration

Firstly, I hope all my readers in the East Coast and their families are safe. I pray for things at your end of the world to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Secondly, Happy Halloween. I'm not doing a Halloween inspired post because I still don't know what my costume is.

Finally, with the chill in the air settling in slowly, it is safe to say that fall is in full form. Here are some fabulous outfit ideas for fall.

A faux fur vest is the best investment piece you can get this fall

Fashion + Function - A motorcycle jacket is best worn in fall. 

Leg warmers over pants and boots just scream Fall Chic!

Three Small Words - Tights Shorts Booties

Tangerine Tango is hot for fall too! Try a pumpkin hued coat!

Tights with lace details look hot under a woolen trench

Layer a long top under a short coat for a super chic look

When in doubt, wear black and white!

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