Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

Alexander McQueen may be gone in person, but his style is prominent in his Spring Summer 2012 collection, which was presented at the Paris Fashion Week. Sarah Burton, of Kate Middleton wedding dress fame, presented her designs for Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 with many of her predecessor's signatures: mysteriously masked faces (which surely have a guaranteed client as Lady Gaga), corseted bodices, nature references and a womanly silhouette. 

The collection was half made in the UK and half made in France, all hand sewn, with some by Burton herself. Burton's inspiration came from mermaids and the ocean bed where she dressed  her models in wearing fine lace masks just covering eyes but encasing the whole head. Gowns had details like beads, oyster shells, waterfall ruffles and embroidered lace. Feminine, exquisite and ethereal are a few words that would best describe this collection which featured lots of pastel colors and equally gorgeous shoes. 


  1. Interesting collection, colors are beautiful :)

  2. This collection really looks amazing!


  3. Hi dear! I haven't visited in a while! I just adore Alexander McQueen! Everything he has ever done has just always blown me away! I think every woman should own something by McQueen!!! xo


  4. Beautiful collection!

  5. Love this couture!
    Please take a look at my blog!
    -Krystin Tysire

  6. Sarah Burton is defo the best think ever happened to the brad !!


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