Calvin Klein Jeans Fall Winter 2012

Calvin Klein Jeans has some good stuff this winter. I'll let the captions do the talking.

This gray sweater is a great piece for fall layering.

This gray cardi is nice right? But the bags are even better!

I love both! Which one should I get?

Getting the black one! My headless friend likes it too!

For entertainment, I also decided to try and do some modelling poses.. Yes so cliche and a great reminder to lost 10 pounds! With party season around the corner I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen hehehe

And I'm finally out of the store! These pictures were taken by a very talented friend of mine called Akhil. Check out his photography group on facebook here and please join!

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  1. I would get the black bag as well ;)
    And nice shoes!

    Best regards,

  2. definitely a great collection!!

    love the photos!!

  3. Hi dear, what a cute stuff, you look very nice! Congrats to your friend, these photos are lovely! I like the last one! Kisses! xo

  4. I love the gray cardigan! My favorite tote is from Calvin Klein so I am definitely biased. :)

    You look beautiful in all your photos and if you lose 10 pounds you might disappear, my dear!

  5. great collection!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!
    kisses pretty

  6. I really loved that grey cardigan! Reading your post made me develop some love for Calvin Klein. Your friend looks good in that sweater too. I'll look at for such cardis!
    Loved your blog!

  7. WOW! I did check out your friend's facebook, its really amazing work! Btw, I am so gonna go to CK this weekend!

    xx Sophie

  8. Always been a BIG fan of CK! ♥
    Love your post!!

    Followed you June!
    The Misty Mom

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    You have mentioned it really well.

  12. Great collection of handbags, I want them all brown leather handbags


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