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I'm not much of a jewelry person. The only piece of jewelry I've worn for the past nine years is my belly button ring which I never remove because of obvious reasons. In fact, I just started wearing jewelry like maybe a year ago and all I can still handle is rings. On rare occasions I wear necklaces. I've probably worn one like 3 times in the past two years. And don't even get me started about earrings. I can't stand them on myself. But I have fallen in love.... with ear cuffs! Primarily, its because you don't have to wear them on your lobes so they are comfortable and more than anything else, they look fabulous.

Okay, now a ear cuff is an oversized ear embellishment that not only covers your ear lobe but crawls up onto your cartilage or goes behind it. They’ve been seen everywhere from the runways to everyday wear and are available in various levels of embellishment. Of course, a lot of credit goes to model Lara Bingle who was spotted in one at an event, and the ear cuff became a star!

Whether you want something with spikes or a feathered festival style one or something with gemstones and crystals, there is a lot of variety you can choose from to express your own personal style.

I’ve always loved a little something extra and unique so I am smitten by these. I got myself an amazing black and gold one recently. Will put up a picture soon!


  1. some of them are really pretty!

    personally i dnt imagine wearing them though

  2. Your blog is great and very inspiring, so I'm following you now! :)


  3. Hi dear! I love jewelry, always wear accessories, for me is the opposite: more is more!:P I like this trend, I'd like to get one too! the last pic is so cool! Happy monday my friend, big hugs to you!!!:***<3

  4. Have you seen the rose one by Opening Ceremony? It is really expensive, but oh-so-pretty--I like to "window" shop by dropping by the site sometimes and looking in on it.


  5. We have been lusting after this too! The first and fifth are goegeous.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  6. Wow, these are amazing! I really do love this trend! Not sure if I could pull it off, but I certainly would love to try :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  7. I'm crazy about rings but I think that this can look really interesting too :)

  8. Really want pretty ear cuffs like these!


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