Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Rotate Pictures in Blogger

I do not know any html or coding language but I do play a lot of video games and have been addicted to my computer for over thirteen years and am fairly good at sorting out software issues so I decided to write this post. Speaking of issues, I'm sure all of you using blogger as a platform may have realized that blogger has a few of its own.
A prominent issue I have faced over time is the fact that sometimes, photos you upload get auto rotated once you insert them into your blog. And unfortunately, you can't rotate pictures in Blogger. Also, even if you upload the picture again, its still rotated and is probably displayed sideways. So how do you sort this?I'll tell you how using this picture of mine below as an example!

Now each time you upload pictures to your blog, they are added to your Picasa Web Album. So, once you upload the picture in blogger and it appears sideways -

1) Go to your Picasa Web Album through this link - https://picasaweb.google.com. If you are signed into your gmail or blogger account, you'll be automatically logged in and will see all the photos you've ever uploaded on your blog on it, divided into various albums.

2) Find the picture you want to rotate. It should be in an album which has the latest possible date. Click on it. It will open up with a dark background with some options above it. There will be a rotate button on top which you need to click on to get the correct side up.

I've used my own picture below to illustrate. And have marked the rotate button with the horrible red triangle I drew using MSPaint. I'm sure you can't miss that :p

3) As you rotate the picture, it gets auto saved! All you need to do is fix it and put it in the correct side.

4) Now, go back to the upload picture option, and choose the image from Picasa Web Album (highlighted in red in the pic below) As you can see, the same image is straight now!

So there you go, that was an easy way to sort out blogger's photo flipping issue. Wasn't it?

PS: This post inspired me to start writing about blogging tips in the future!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Restaurant Review - MasalaZone

I have always been a huge foodie and love eating out and experimenting with restaurants everywhere I go. However, because of its rich and oily character, I never favored Indian fare in restaurants. Thankfully, one meal at MasalaZone, Bandra changed my opinion about the same. We tried a bunch of different dishes from their menu and each was delicious in its own way. So here is my review. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was how huge the place is. For Bandra standards, its definitely really spacious and offers an indoor as well as outdoor seating. Thanks to the nice weather, my friend and I sat outside. And since its become such a trend to add a filter to your food photos, all the ones on this post are Instagrammed :) 

I am a huge lover of red meat and I love spicy food, so I started with meal with an appetizer called Patthar ka gosht which is basically a Hyderabadi dish of mutton/lamb seared on a stone slab. It was just the right amount of spicy and the lamb was so tender that it melted in our mouths. The perfect way to start a meal!

Patthar ka Gosht

Next up was Butter Garlic Prawns - a dish that needs no explanation. Grilled prawns marinated with butter and garlic. Being a Bengali, I love seafood so I just had to have prawns and these were fantastic.

Butter garlic prawns

Continuing our common love for seafood, my friend and I were keen on trying some fish so we went for Tandoori Pomfret which is Pomfret fish marinated in a mixture of lime juice, chilly powder, curd and spices, cooked in a grill. This dish was perhaps the only one which did not impress us so much but wasn't bad either.

Tandoori Pomfret

After pigging out on so many starters and having demolished lamb, prawns and shrimp, for main course we decided to go for the last thing left on our list - Chicken! Mind you, were were just 2 girls but we actually did manage to finish everything so far :)

For main course, we ordered Murg Mughlai, a thick and creamy dish with a hint of sweetness and boiled egg garnish. The best part about it was that it wasn't rich or oily at all so we could enjoy the taste without the heaviness associated with Indian cuisine. 

Murg Mughlai
To accompany the chicken, we had cheese chilly naan, which was spicy, delicious and filled with generous amounts of cheese. Absolutely delicious!

Cheese Chilli Naan

Overall, I loved the food and service and was delighted to find an Indian restaurant which does not overload the food in oil and doesn't leave you feeling heavy after a meal. Price wise too, Masalazone is extremely reasonable for Mumbai standards and the portions give you total value for money.

Me and my friend Eva after our meal :)

So if you're in Bandra and are looking for delicious Indian food you must visit MasalaZone!

Click to add a blog post for Masalazone on Zomato
ONGC Complex,
Opposite Leelavati Hosptial,
21-B, Reclamation, Bandra West,
Mumbai, MH 400050
Phone: 022 2643 9239

PS: It's in the same lane as Candies on the extreme left once you enter the lane

Monday, August 19, 2013

Outfit - Time To Get Fit

I didn't go to the gym yesterday. That makes makes five years in a row. 

Yeah, I've been wanting to exercise or work out like forever but lazy ol' me never did a thing about it and ate and drank like a pig (Thank you metabolism). And for those of you who start telling me that I don't need exercise and that I look perfectly fine, trust me, its all good genes and photoshop :p Okay, I haven't photoshopped myself at all in this post. But trust me when I say I have thunder thighs and could really do with a lot of toning up. I recently quit my job in Mumbai so I don't have to travel like crazy anymore and can finally spend more time on my blog (YAY! If you notice, this is my 3rd post in less than 10 days) and fitness! 

Another reason I realized that its about time I start working out? 

I got this great top below from Chicnova, its everything I love. Its black, its got a creature from the cat family ( don't know which one, maybe a lynx? ) and it looks nice with shorts and my favorite wedge sneakers. What's the problem? It was way too tight for me which makes me realize that even if I look fine, I've piled on the pounds. I wore the the very day I got it in the mail and went out with friends but soon had to ask a bartender for a pair of scissors and cut the neckline because it was choking me!

That's not all. I had a pair of denim shorts on my wishlist like forever till I found this great pair on Choies which I'm wearing below. After receiving it, to my dismay, I realized it gives me the worst muffin top ever even though its my size and I can't even button it properly or dream of wearing it out with my thunder thighs on display. Thus, here is a cute outfit which I will feel good in only if I lose a couple of inches. So, finally after all these years, I am going for a run right now. 

Top - Chicnova, Shorts - Choies, Sneakers - Promod

UPDATE : I did not run but went for an hour long walk

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bridal Fashion from The Delhi Couture Week

The PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013, was a unique platform for designers to showcase their collection and for couture lovers to have a look at an inspiring range of designer wear from famous Indian designer labels. While the fashion week had a lot many designers, nine to be specific, displaying their collection on the ramp, each had something different to say.

The ramp was full of drama, gorgeous ethnic designs and heavy on bridal couture. Talking about gorgeous ethnic designs, famous Indian designers Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra had simplistic yet grand bridal collections. Both the designers have a distinctly different style, one is known for his fashionable ethnic wear like designer salwar kameez for Bollywood divas and the other is famous for creating elegance in the form of striking designer sarees and oodles of it at that. What struck the right chord was the glamour and elegance in their respective designs.

Both designers displayed a lot of amazing Indian bridal fashion looks so it's hard to pick a favorite. However, here are a few designs from their collection which I loved - 

1. These spectacular creations by Manish Malhotra in the season's favorite hot orange color.

2. Backless and low neck designs coupled with traditional, regal fabrics like this one.

3. As I mentioned, the designs were heavy on embroidery. Here's the gorgeous creation worn by showstopper Deepika Padukone.

4. And now, coming to the designer whose designs exude and enhance femininity - Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Here is an absolutely stunning and very vintage lehenga with a long backless choli (blouse)

5. There was a lot of shimmer and shine on the ramp with the designer's couture collection. Here's a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary style in the form of a fitted ensemble

6. Another thing I love is layers! Here is a lovely creation with lots of them!

Over all, the designs were a great delight to watch and truly inspiring! The couture week, with all its unique elements established that Indian bridal wear is not all about reds and gold, and in no way is it monotonous.

If you're looking for exquisite Indian wear online, check out Kalki Fashion. They also have free shipping worldwide! Use coupon code - JUNE at checkout to get 11 percent off!  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Outfit - Looking Good with Myntra Originals

Myntra is an Indian online store for fashion and lifestyle products for men, women and children. Besides stocking a huge range of top brands, what really impressed me about the site is that everything is also categorized into sections like college gear, work wear, vacation supplies and even festival wear.  Myntra also has its own range of products under the line Myntra Originals. I got a bunch of stuff from them and created these two looks which totally suit my style.

LOOK ONE - Keeping It Casual

This casual and comfortable outfit is pretty much by the brand Roadster paired with a pair of nude ballet flats by Dressberry. I was shooting these in the children's play area in my apartment complex so I couldn't resist climbing up the slide to do a few fun pictures. And yes, I did slide quite a few times ;)

Oh, and the swing below? Its brings back childhood memories! Even now I go to the play area and swing sometimes, only in the middle of the night though, so that the building people don't think I'm crazy!

I am wearing a Roadster Denim Shirt, Roadster Spaghetti Top, Roadster Denim Shorts and Dressberry Ballet Flats

LOOK TWO - Bright and Boho

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you should know about my recent obsession about maxi skirts. Moreover, I've been an ardent fan of boho fashion as you can see on this post or my Boho inspiration Pinterest board. I was delighted when I found a gorgeous tangerine skirt which looks great with this pretty teal top which has a lovely lace detailing on the back and finished it with a pair of colorful raffia wedges, all from Myntra Originals.


I am wearing Dressberry Top, Sher Singh Skirt and Dressberry Wedges. 

Besides prompt delivery, what really impressed me about Myntra was their fantastic service. Right from the point when I completed my order to it being dispatched from the warehouse, I was sent emails and text messagees informing me about the same. Their logistics are so impressive that on the day of the delivery, I was sent a text message informing me about the employee who would be making the delivery and after receiving the product, I got an email asking me about my order delivery experience. Considering an enormous country like India and its population, I must say their customer service is excellent! The pleasant shopping experience by them has definitely encouraged me to recommend this site to my friends and Indian readers. Anyway, coming back to the point, I do look good with Myntra Originals right?

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