Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outfit - Flower Power

I've always been a huge lover of boho fashion but unfortunately, bohemian pieces are not easy to find in boutiques here. So when I found this pretty top with flowers all over on Tideshe, I just knew I had to have it. The top also gave me a chance to finally wear my floral headband which has been sitting in my closet, waiting to be worn for a long time! As winter has finally arrived, I must share with you that Tideshe also has some really nice pieces for outerwear. 

Top - Tideshe
Pants - Pepe Jeans
Bag - SuiteBlanco
Shoes - Forever New

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Calvin Klein Jeans AW'13 - Jacket Edition

This winter seems quite promising as its been getting nice and chilly at night and that has gotten me very excited about layering up and getting a chance to wear all my favorite jackets. Speaking of jackets, Calvin Klein Jeans has some fantastic ones in their Fall Winter 2013 collection and I tried of some of my favorites from the lot. Whatever may your style be, there's something for everyone! Check them out below - 

This black waterproof jacket with a unique detail on the neckline is perfectly biker chic!

This white one is really cute and perfect for all you girly girls :)

You can never go wrong with a fitted black blazer, and this one is proof. It fits like a dream!

Which one did you like the best and why? Tell me in your comments below!

Besides the jackets, they have some really interesting pieces in the collection. I love the textured pants in the last picture and thinks it just perfect for fall. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

French Connection AW'13 - Ooh La La

I'm back with my review of French Connection's collection for Fall Winter 2013 and I am so impressed! They have a bunch of gorgeous dresses in amazing cuts and silhouettes unlike any other I've seen by any brand or store, online or offline. I chose to wear some of my favorites from the collection and show you how they look so here we go! 

Lets start with my favorite dress from the lot, this black and white paneled dress is just the perfect bit of posh, chic and glamorous and its definitely extremely figure flattering! This would be my dream dress for a formal occasion. What do you think?

Next up is this adorable LBD with a difference. Its cute cap sleeves and deep square neck are really flattering and the flared hem makes it stand out from other black bodycon dress I've ever seen. I've owned black dresses with a tulip hem and a balloon hem in the past but I would choose a flared one over them any day as its cute and figure flattering.

Moving on to some color, this simple deep wine colored full sleeve bandage dress is a great way to stay warm and look chic this winter. Simple and stylish!

And for the party girls, here is a black and purple dress with a unique neckline ( sorry its hidden with my hair! ) which fits like a dream and is great for a night out! 

Besides these they have some really nice tops in jewel tones which are perfect for winter and a gorgeous jacket ( which I didn't try on because I feel too hot all the time ) and an adorable jumper with a fox on it!

For men, what caught my eye is that they have a whole range of pants in really unique and funky colors which are pretty wearable thanks to their muted tones.

These pics were taken by my friend Stephanie! Check us out on a girl's night out last year :) 

To see their entire collection check out www.frenchconnection.in

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Outfit - Monochrome Madness

Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations and that's what this outfit is all about. I recently got a super chic white blazer from Romwe and was dying to wear it. The skirt is from FrontRowShop, a new store I discovered recently. Its thick and heavy and fits beautifully. I just love its quality. I paired it with a black bustier (made in Bangkok) from a local store and my newest Zara heels.    

Bustier - Bangkok, Skirt - FrontRowShop, Heels - Zara

Blazer - Romwe
Skirt - FrontRowShop
Shoes - Zara

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Outfit - Florals For Fall

I recently got this gorgeous colorful dress from Foymall, a great online store which has some really amazing pieces for this fall. What I loved about it is the bright and abstract floral print in such happy colors! I paired it with pink and white to make the outfit more girly. Not my usual style but it was definitely fun dressing up like this for a change! 

I even wore it out partying with my girlfriends one night but paired it with black accessories here. 

So which look of mine do you prefer in this dress? How would you accessorize this dress? Tell me in your comments below!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Sunshine Award!

Zoe from Lipstick and Leather nominated me for a Sunshine Award! So I have to post a picture of the sunshine award, give 11 facts about me, answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated me, nominate 11 bloggers and let them know and link the person's blog who tagged me! Its been a while since I did a post like this one (and also the fact have a whole bunch of clothes ready for outfit posts but I've just been super lazy) so here goes! 

11 Questions!

1. What trend are you loving at the moments? Fashion or beauty wise! 
Eye catching outerwear, especially in pale pink! And my all time favorite - Leather ( I just ordered an amazing leather jacket online! Can't wait to wear it)

2. Who's your all time favorite blogger?
Its too difficult for me to pick a favorite blogger but there are a bunch who's style I love. They are all distinctly different 

3. What's your current favorite movie?
I liked Gravity for its effects. But what's I'm totally hooked on to nowadays is the tv show American Horror Story - Coven. Its just so much fun!!

4. What are you most excited about this Autumn/Winter? Why?
The cold! We've had a really warm winter for the past couple of years but this winter looks promising is already getting really chilly! Can't wait to wear lots of layers and tights!

5. What's your hobby?
Cooking! I've been awfully bored lately so have been cooking quite a lot of food ( must start working out, my cooking is making me fat! )

6. Who's your favorite singer/band?
Lana Del Rey

7. Do you prefer to go out or stay in on weekends? Why?
Definitely go out and stay out! Its party season ( everyday )!!!

8. Do you have any pets? If not would you like one? Why?
Yes I have a pet dog! You can see her here. I LOVE animals and have had pet squirrels, rabbits and cats in the past

9. Do you always reply to comments you get?
Yes! Always. 

10. If you could change how you do/did your blog, would you?
Yes! I've been contemplating on changing to design and color scheme to make it look a little more serious and professional. I thought of changing the header too but I know a lot of people love it. 

11. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Oh it totally depends on my mood. I'm basically a very cheerful and chirpy person with a high tolerance level so I don't get bothered by anything much. But sometimes, if I'm fried or in a bad mood, just about anything can piss me off ( I get into pure evil fire breathing bitch mode )

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Outfit - NH7 Weekender

Okay, so thankfully, India is catching up with the world and we finally have music festivals here too. The Bacardi NH7 weekender is one of the most talked about music festivals in India. This four-year-old weekend fest started off in my city - Pune, in 2010 and continues to kill it every year. I went for it for the first time last year for two days ( It happens on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October/November) and I loved the vibe and the experience so I went for all 3 days this year. I was too busy exploring different acts at different stages with my friends along with attending the after parties each night ( it was really tiring because there was a lot of walking ) but managed do take some pictures on Day 2 which was Saturday, 19th Oct 2013. With a gazillion girls wearing flower headbands and cutoff denim shorts everywhere in the fest, I chose to go a little tribal and boho so this is what I wore!

Besides that, I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I sure did! I chose to be Anastasia Steele with a black dress and pointy pumps and a black blindfold and black ribbons tied across my wrist while my Mr Grey played it smart and just wore a gray tee with jeans. Was an easy and fun couple outfit and it was his idea to be 50 Shades though he has no idea what the book is actually about :) Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures in character!

Anyway, getting back to the point, how do you like my festival style outfit and what did you wear on Halloween? Let me know in your comments below!

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