Sunshine Award!

Zoe from Lipstick and Leather nominated me for a Sunshine Award! So I have to post a picture of the sunshine award, give 11 facts about me, answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated me, nominate 11 bloggers and let them know and link the person's blog who tagged me! Its been a while since I did a post like this one (and also the fact have a whole bunch of clothes ready for outfit posts but I've just been super lazy) so here goes! 

11 Questions!

1. What trend are you loving at the moments? Fashion or beauty wise! 
Eye catching outerwear, especially in pale pink! And my all time favorite - Leather ( I just ordered an amazing leather jacket online! Can't wait to wear it)

2. Who's your all time favorite blogger?
Its too difficult for me to pick a favorite blogger but there are a bunch who's style I love. They are all distinctly different 

3. What's your current favorite movie?
I liked Gravity for its effects. But what's I'm totally hooked on to nowadays is the tv show American Horror Story - Coven. Its just so much fun!!

4. What are you most excited about this Autumn/Winter? Why?
The cold! We've had a really warm winter for the past couple of years but this winter looks promising is already getting really chilly! Can't wait to wear lots of layers and tights!

5. What's your hobby?
Cooking! I've been awfully bored lately so have been cooking quite a lot of food ( must start working out, my cooking is making me fat! )

6. Who's your favorite singer/band?
Lana Del Rey

7. Do you prefer to go out or stay in on weekends? Why?
Definitely go out and stay out! Its party season ( everyday )!!!

8. Do you have any pets? If not would you like one? Why?
Yes I have a pet dog! You can see her here. I LOVE animals and have had pet squirrels, rabbits and cats in the past

9. Do you always reply to comments you get?
Yes! Always. 

10. If you could change how you do/did your blog, would you?
Yes! I've been contemplating on changing to design and color scheme to make it look a little more serious and professional. I thought of changing the header too but I know a lot of people love it. 

11. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Oh it totally depends on my mood. I'm basically a very cheerful and chirpy person with a high tolerance level so I don't get bothered by anything much. But sometimes, if I'm fried or in a bad mood, just about anything can piss me off ( I get into pure evil fire breathing bitch mode )


  1. Congrats to you darling!! It was nice to get to know you a bit more and thank you so much for nominating me too!! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the tag, June:) And it's always cool to find out stuff about your fave bloggers. I like cooking, too:D

  3. Thank you so much for tagging me! I haven't ever participated in blog awards, though I've been nominated or tagged often. I really appreciate it, though! Your answers are really good.


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  4. I haven't seen this award around yet. Congrats though! You deserve it :)

  5. Great answers. You should live in Slovakia if you like so much winter. Sometimes we have it 20 degrees under zero and I really hate it. :D
    Thank you so much for nomination. :)

  6. Aw it made me smile when I saw you noticed the comment I sent!! (:
    Zoe x

  7. Congrats on winning and thanks so much for tagging me dear :)

  8. Very interesting! Thanks for tagging me :)

  9. Congrats darling.... lovely answers!!!!

  10. Congrats on the nominated June! thanks for stopping by!


  11. Beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. i have a dog too! he's my fur baby, hehe

  13. Congrats on your lovely and well deserved award sweety, it was fun reading more about you. I hope you have an inspiring week ahead doll!

  14. June, congrats on the nomination! I enjoy cooking also!

  15. Congrats on the award. Great answers and fantastic blog.

    Thanks for the beautiful comment on my blog. Followed your lovely blog on GFC. Hope you can follow back too ;). Thanks and i will be back again.

  16. This is too cool,I must say and I would definitely recommend you

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