June 2014 Envy Box!

After white, orange and pink boxes in the past, June's Envy Box was a gorgeous shade of lavender! The June Box is pretty great because it had one full sized product, two generous sized samples and a cosmetic product finally!

This month's box had a generous sample of Skinyoga Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub which I've read rave reviews about and am yet to use. My feet often feel like they belong to a beggar (Indian beggars NEVER wear shoes) so this should work for me.  

Next up is the Provencial Lavender Smooth(ening) Operator Body Lotion by Kronokare which I've used, and is really nice. I like how the product's been named, in a style that feels like a mix of a Benefit and L'Occitane. This sized sample is perfect to carry around in your handbag. I've already loved Thalgo's products from my previous boxes and have finished all of them so I'm looking forward to use this freshness exfoliator by them. 

I am a huge fan of Nina Ricci perfumes as I mentioned in a previous post, so I was more than happy to see this sample of La Tentation De Nina in the box. I haven't used it yet because I know I will fall in love with it!

Last, and definitely not the least is a full sized bottle of Innisfree eco nail color pro. Its a lovely pale pink color with a bold and opaque finish.

I loved the June box and am definitely looking forward to what the Envy Box has in store for us in the future. With many generous sized samples and surprise full sized products, it's getting better and better each month!


  1. Wow, great box.
    Have a lovely week!!!

  2. Great box hi doll.

  3. That foot product sounds good! My feet are always a mess, so I relate, lol!

  4. Amazing products. I bet that it´s great fragrance. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. El esmalte tiene un color precioso!!!
    Un beso, June


  6. oh wow, you got the sampe of your fav fregrance
    my feet are so dry , looking forwrd to the complete review on the foot scrub
    happy sunday

  7. Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)
    I would like to try these products, it sounds good!!!!


  8. Hi June! Im glad you have been satisfied with the box, the products inspire me a lot, the nail polish caught soon my eye, the pale pink is so adorable and just love the opaque finish. Happy Sunday June! xo

  9. Hello from Spain: fabulous box. Keep in touch.

  10. Everything looks good, June:) I want that scrub for my feet!

  11. This looks s great with lots of amazing products. The lavender shade is fabulous too.

  12. Wow!! You got some amazing stuff in your june box babe!!! I love that Nina Ricci's perfume!! It's soooo girly! Definitely worth buying the full bottle! :)


  13. Super super box, love the perfume :)) Happy Monday doll xx

  14. great box!


  15. Looks like it has potential. How much does it run for?
    Bright and Shiny


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xx June

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