Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Photoshoot - Behind The Scenes

Hey guys! I just realized that even though you've been reading my blog, you've never actually heard my voice so here I am with an exclusive behind the scenes video for my fabulous shoot from this post -

You can even hear me complaining about the heat which is one of the main reasons I keep writing about the weather in almost every single outfit post of mine!

This video was shot by Glax and his team at Inck Fotofolio and I absolutely love it! They specialize in wedding photography and also do personalized fashion, fine arts and boudoir photography. 

Contact for any of these personalized services: +91 90110 38403

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Envy Box December 2015

It's the happiest time of the year and this month's My Envy Box looks like it came straight from Santa! The December box is a beautiful shade of red and has Christmas themed motifs all over and they wrote me a personalized note too :) As you may know, My Envy Box is a monthly subscription, where you get a box of samples of leading beauty products each month. If you like any of the samples, you can buy the full-sized version directly from their website.

This month's box came with two full sized products from the European cosmetics company Catrice while the rest are small samples of beauty products of other renowned brands.

To start of with Catrice, I got the Ultimate nail lacquer from their limited edition “Hip Trip” range in the shade Nude & Rude which is pale nude color with shimmer. Since I only wear nude nail polish (or black) this suits me perfectly. I wanted to buy an eyeliner for a long time so was delighted to see that instead of a mascara (which many others got in their December boxes), I got the eyeliner pen. I've used it once and love it because its felt tip offers an ideal dispersion of the product to draw an accurate line. It lasts for hours without smudging so that's awesome too.

Next up is two samples of Bioderma mattifying sunscreen fluid. This product regulates sebum quality to keep pores from becoming clogged and prevent the appearance of blemishes due to sun exposure. I am always in need of sunscreen so am keen to try it out. Then there's this a tiny sample of Ananda light moisturiser which smells exactly like like their aloe rose gel which we got in another Envy Box a few months ago. This light non greasy cream is infused with balancing rose and hydrating sandalwood to stimulate cell renewal and protect against environmental aggressors to make skin soft supple and rejuvenated. Lastly is a whitening mask by O3+ which is infused with vitamin c and active ingredients from natural botanical extracts. I haven't tried it yet but I know that O3+ products are used in salons for facials so this should be good.

Overall, the box has some good products and was definitely much better compared to last month's box which was probably the most disappointing of the year. Anyway, the new year is almost here so I look forward to what's in store for us in the January Envy Box!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Spa Review - Warming Red Thyme Massage At The Four Fountains Spa

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Now that holiday season is here, what better way to spend your holidays than go to the spa? That's exactly how I started my Christmas morning at the Four Fountains Spa! This chain of de-stressing spas needs no introduction as it is India's largest chain of health spas spread out over many cities with therapies for de-stressing, detoxification, immunity and beauty. 

The weather has finally become chilly and I also have a slight cold, cough and blocked nose so it was the perfect time for me to try out their newly introduced Warming Red Thyme Massage. This massage keeps you warm and protected from illnesses that are common during winter. The core ingredients used in it include Red Thyme, Clove and Clary Sage. Each of these ingredients possesses unique medicinal properties which when blended together, form the perfect protection from illnesses that are common during winter. Red Thyme is known to help fight infections like cold, cough and sore throat whereas Clove and Clary Sage are armed to reduce muscle pain, nervous anxiety and help with skin conditions such as dryness and roughness that are common during winter. By using the blend of Red Thyme, Clove and Clary sage essential oils, the massage increases body resistance and warmth.

As I entered the spa, I was delighted to see that my therapist was going to same person who had attended me last year when I had gone there (read about my previous experience here) This massage is really soothing and feels great on the skin as the blend of essential oils is kept continuously warm in a special crucible on a low flame. The gentle heat of the oil is absorbed by your body during the massage to keep you warm and free from winter-related illnesses. As my body was quite stiff, she used mild aromatherapy massage based strokes which felt relaxing and pain relieving. Pradnya, the therapist, is very sweet and makes you feel very comfortable. I felt very rejuvenated after the massage. For best results, combine it with a steam bath like I did, so that it opens up your pores and the oils get absorbed into your skin. After the massage, the steam felt so blissful that I didn't want it to end. 

 Overall, I had a very blissful experience and LOVED this therapy so I recommend you to head to your nearest Four Fountains Spa to experience this it. It's only available for a limited time so make use of the holiday season and relax yourself! 

Duration : 60 mins

Price :

Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai : Rs. 2699/-

Bangalore Hyderabad Pune : Rs. 2399/-

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fotor Christmas Sale!

I have been using Fotor for a while to edit my pictures and have written about its amazing features a couple of times. If you are not aware of this amazing online photo editor, you can check out my previous posts about it here. Fotor has a massive international community of users and has rolled out lots of new filters and features for us to help us  celebrate the end of the year. They have lots of Christmas special stickers and packs and in this post, I'm going to tell you about all its new features that let you transform an average photograph into a Christmas message!

To begin, choose your starting photo featuring your family, friends or whoever you want to share your greeting with. After you have opened it, you’ll find lots of fun new effects and stickers in the Edit section. In the image below you can see some of the stickers I used on the wall along a Christmas message. Fotor also has an amazing ‘Artistic Collage‘ feature! With this new addition, you can modify and change a range of different photos at the same time, while combining and stitching them!

They have also added lots of festive new backgrounds that can be integrated into your ‘Artistic Collage’ and ‘Design Feature’! The Design feature is particularly handy if you want to create a facebook cover, instagram post or any other graphic for your social media networks as they have a wide range of fantastic templates waiting for you. Its also a perfect tool to create your customized Christmas greeting. 

Along with all these fun new features and additions, Fotor has made it even easier to everyone to enjoy its new content as they are having a massive 50% OFF sale. So make sure you utilize it and avail this offer to get the best out of your images and Christmas greetings! Fotor is also available on iOS and android!

Monday, December 21, 2015

‘Craft Burgers’ at Chili’s American Grill & Bar

Chili’s American Grill & Bar is an American casual dining restaurant chain with a presence in over 32 countries around the world. What started in 1975 in Dallas, Texas with 11 Southwestern-inspired dishes and trademark beverages, now serves some of the best appetizers, soups and chili, salads, burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas, chicken and seafood entrees, fajitas, ribs, steaks and desserts in India. I recently visited Chili's in Phoenix Marketcity Pune and enjoyed the delicious fare along with the new limited offer menu which offers a range of lip smacking hand-crafted burgers.. 

As you enter the place, you are greeted by a vibrant ambiance with bright furnishings and cheerful interiors. The restaurant offers a variety of seating options and even has an outdoor seating area. I had never eaten Chili in my life as it's rarely available in India so the first thing I went for was the Terlingua Chili which came with tender chunks of meat slow cooked with onions and spices topped with mixed cheese. I would say its a lot like Indian keema but less spicy of course. I quite liked it.

The Nachos were highly recommended and I tried the chicken version. I like how they come with melted cheese, chicken, jalapeno and queso on each chip making it a wholesome bite and these are definitely the best nachos I've had in the city. 

A meal at Chili's is incomplete without their signature Baby Back Ribs. slow cooked and smoked to perfection. I tried the original bbq ribs in the classic sauce and it's so good. Super tender and just melts in your mouth. Highly recommended! They're served with fries and corn on the cob.

The highlight of the meal is their Craft Burgers which are made with soft, freshly-toasted potato buns, along with the choice of patty seasoned, hand pressed & made to order. The burgers are layered with fresh, chef-selected ingredients like premium apple wood smoked bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, avocados along with their house-made guacamole. You can choose from options like Guacamole Chicken Burger, Big Mouth® Bites, Oldtimer® with Cheese, Classic Bacon Burger, New Southern Smokehouse Burger, New Sweet & Smoky Burger, all available in four choices of patties- Minced Tenderloin Buffalo Patty, Minced Lamb Patty,Minced Chicken Patty, and Southwestern Veg Patty. The Burgers are all accompanied with pickles, freshly made in-house with Chili’s signature recipe for that extra flavor.

I tried the Southern Smokehouse burger with a minced lamb patty and absolutely loved it! The patty bursting with flavor and was really juicy. I deconstructed it below to show you what's inside! If you love burgers, you cannot miss this one!!

Chili's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoChili's is a great place serving some really good food so I recommend you to drop by whenever you're at Phoenix Marketcity Pune next. Fashionistas, keep in mind that it's bang opposite Forever 21 so it's a good idea to pop in there for a bite once you're done with shopping!! For the rest of the world, if there's a Chili's restaurant and bar in your city, I totally recommend you to check it out as I enjoyed my meal there and am sure you will too!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why Invest in a Luxury Watch

As you stare longingly at that luxury watch in the display counter, you have to deal with the dilemma of choosing between the financial cost of the timepiece and potential benefits of owning one. However have you ever though about the benefit you are truly getting and why so many people take the plunge and invest their hard earned cash to buy premium watches? Here’s a straight look into reasons why more people are wearing luxury watches. 

The Investment Value
From a functional sense, luxury timepieces are investments that will last many years, and they are also great investments considering the valuable items in them that retain their value over time. You only need to look at the meteoric rise in gold’s value in the past few years to fully appreciate the potential long-term value of owning a jewelry piece with precious metals. 

Watches made of plated alloys, plastic and other lesser quality materials do not command impressive prices on the resale market over the long-term. A luxury watch is a long-term investment in a prestigious brand name; this makes it most appealing to collectors, many of whom would gladly spend a couple of thousands of dollars to get their hands on a decades old Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega or Rolex watch. 

An Heirloom
A luxury watch is not only a valuable investment, but can be a functional timepiece that can be a meaningful family heirloom that will last generations. The well-manufactured and tasteful luxury watch you purchase is a piece that will defy time and become a treasured item that you can pass on to your son. As the young boy grows up and finally comes of age and wear the watch his father wore, and which his grandfather wore before; that is the archetypal tradition symbol of most importance to a man. 

Monetary inheritance offers little comfort when a child has lost a parent; the parent’s luxury watch is a personal item that reminds those left behind of the previous owner’s lifetime, love for his survivors and success. This makes a lasting quality watch the ideal gift to pass from one generation to the next, even in difficult times. 

Stellar Quality Timekeeping
Beyond the aesthetics, there is one thing that every watch should do well, keep time. Low-priced watches are normally mass-produced in huge factories filled with poorly paid unskilled laborers in environments where “quality control” is a foreign word. However, luxury watches are crafted by passionate and skilled artisans. 

World famous Swiss watchmakers Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet have master horologists in their companies who put together their signature watches is modern facilities that adhere to only the highest craftsmanship standards. A basic model Patek Philippe watch takes about 10 months to put together, while more intricate pieces may take up to two years to manufacture. The level of quality, craftsmanship and material ensures that their luxury watches can stand that test time – most often, decades – with very few tune ups required in-between. 

On the other hand, mass-produced watches only survive, utmost, five years. When you consider the number of features added to luxury watches, such as water-resistance and aeronautical gauges, these precious timepieces become more impressive to have. 

A Delicate Display of Wealth
In all honesty, looks do really matter in this world. A beautiful woman is more likely to attract attention from everyone around you than an unattractive one, well-dressed gentlemen are also more likely to draw in a few gazes from the ladies. Prestigious brands are held in high esteem in the society, and luxury watches are respected and easily recognized all over the world by people who appreciate luxury and details. This rings true when you combine the watch with tasteful clothing like business suits or semi-formal dressing for the more casual events. A luxury watch becomes an accessory that identifies the wearer as a successful man. 

These timepieces delicately display wealth in a manner that is subtle without making one appear to be self-aggrandizing, but bold enough to leave a mark. You only need to look at Fortune 500 CEOs and American Presidents to see how true this is. 

The discerning eye is immediately drawn in by accessories and, since quality attracts quality, luxury watches are a sure sign that women recognize as a sign that you appreciate and understand refined quality life. Over-priced champagne and flashy cars scream that you just came upon some money, but luxury timepieces define wealth with nothing to prove. 

In Conclusion
Although any watch can, for some time, fulfill the most basic of duties of showing you time, Zimson luxury watches offer those willing to invest more than a lifetime’s worth of satisfaction. The expert craftsmanship and precious metals added to the watches ensure the perfect harmony between retained value, precision and durability. Wearers of luxury timepieces quietly possess an air associated with wealth, but with a class of success that is tastefully understated. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Geo Tri Color Brown Review | Pinky Paradise

I've been wearing contact lenses for over a decade now because of my poor vision, but I have a weakness for colored lenses. I worn various brands of colored lenses in my life but these are by far the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn which makes them my absolute favorites. They are from the Geo Tri Color series and it's called tri color because they are a blend of dark brown, honey, yellow. 

This is how the lenses look in the glass vials.

My original eye color is a super dark brown which only appears brown in bright sunlight to my dismay. Sadly, I didn't inherit my mom's gorgeous brown eyes so have to resort to colored lenses.

However, once I wear them, I get a natural looking beautiful shade of light brown! 

They do not have an enlarging effect or an outer limbal ring which makes them natural looking and perfect for daily use. 

It is an excellent choice for beginners or people who want a natural looking change of eye color. Colors like blue, green and gray can be risky for Indian skin tones but brown goes perfectly and compliments your appearance. 

I have worn it for very long hours and have even sat in front of the computer for prolonged periods wearing these and have faced zero dryness, redness or discomfort so I totally recommend these to people with sensitive eyes. Out of all brands I've tried, Geo branded lenses are the best in terms of comfort.

I wear these for shoots or night outs regularly and love how amazing my photos come out when I wear them! As you can see, a change in eye color makes a big difference!


Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

I got them from Pinky Paradise - one of the top sellers of circle lenses in the world. They have a fantastic range of brands and colors along with great service and fast shipping. 

Buy them here -

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ezebee - Shop, Buy, Sell is a global online marketplace and community where anyone in the world can sign up, create an online store and offer unlimited products or services, all for free! It is a global social commerce platform that helps small businesses and freelancers to make become entrepreneurs and make money online.  It also helps vendors more easily market their brands with a variety of social networking tools. Anyone can use, no matter where you are from, what you do or how much money you have. And it’s all absolutely free so you don't need to spend money to get your business started online.

As fashion bloggers and lovers, we all have closets overflowing with clothes so this is a great way to sell off what you don't want anymore. So I created an account for myself and setting up a shop was very easy! Check out my store here. I'll be adding clothes from my closet over here on a regular basis. You can choose from numerous categories and subcategories to choose your shop’s niche and you also get a custom URL for your shop. The best part is all listings are free and you don't have to pay anything from your income through You also have options to share your items on social media, and can link your store to your Facebook page.

The site is easy to navigate and shows four links that are prominently displayed on the top sticky bar of the page – Marketplace, Classifieds, Community and People. While the marketplace is self explanatory, the classifieds section lets you post your requirements or what you have to offer in a nutshell. The community section is similar to a Facebook news feed and shows the latest details of products posted. It also lets you join groups and forums. The people section displays a list of sellers along with their shops with options to message and follow them. So, besides buying and selling, you can also connect with other fashion and beauty enthusiasts so it's like a social network where you can connect with anyone in the world to communicate, collaborate and inspire one another. 

Another notable feature is that you can shop local through the new city pages where you can find local shops in your area and help to support your local community. The city pages will also help you to find shops and users to work with, or simply to buy from someone closer which will also help to save money on shipping!

So whether you're looking for unique products, offers and services on a global marketplace or want to sell or swap your products by creating your own FREE online shop and free facebook store, ezeebee is the place to be! Sign up now!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Online Shopping Simplified By Shopalike

The other day, I was hunting for some products online and to my dismay, the same product had different names on different sites so I realized that even though there are a gazillion online stores in India, the process of searching through them isn't very streamlined. I wondered if there existed a site which would help me to search for products in an easier way and that's when I discovered, India’s very own fashion, lifestyle and home décor search and comparison website. The website acts as a search engine for fashion and showcases products from all its partner sites on its platform and does not directly sell the products. Through this site you can find the best brands, deals and discounts across multiple retail and e-commerce stores in our country. Their site lists products for Men, Women and Kids that include top brands and reputed sellers across all categories. offers a wide range of products like tops, pants, dresses, ethnic wear, sportswear and shoes along with lifestyle products such as bags, watches and even kitchenware and home décor. You can even search through items on sale across multiple partner shops by activating the ‘only sale’ tab on each page. What I found very impressive is that they have multiple filters that help you find the item of your choice. For example, if you're looking for dresses, you can narrow down your results by style, color, brand, material etc. Once you have selected the product, it automatically directs you to the sellers page where you can check-out in the usual way (cash on delivery, credit card or debit card payments). 

Shopalike has partnered with India's leading online stores like Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc, giving you access to browse and search through their humongous collections. The idea of ShopAlike is to give people the chance to compare all offers and products of thousands of different online shops on one website thus making online shopping for fashion, jewelry and furniture much easier, more transparent and even cheaper. And they have an app too so you can shop on the go!

The best part is that ShopAlike has a global presence with sister websites in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden and many other countries. So the next time you want to buy something online, make sure you check out Shopalike to find the best deals and enjoy a convenient and simplified shopping experience!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Featured - India Today

I have been featured in India Today magazine where I shared some tips for what you can wear to an Indian wedding. Since it's wedding season in India right now and people are getting married left, right and center, check out the article for some fashion inspiration. 

And for the shoot I wore a saree - the most iconic traditional Indian outfit. And this one is special because this is what my mom wore for my parent's wedding!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts Online

  Ferns N Petals has been in the business of designing some of the best valentine gifts online. They have mastered the art of gifting to express true love and romance for your loved ones. Their gift collection features cakes, flowers, personalized gift items and chocolates which are well suited for the occasion. Whether you want to surprise someone in the midnight with a delivery of flowers or send gifts to someone in a different city, they've got you covered across several destinations around the world. Buying a Valentine's Day gift for that special someone is a sweet gesture to show them how you feel about them and make their day. And when I say that special someone, it doesn't have to be your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Valentine's day is a celebration of love, so I don't see anything wrong in gifting something to your parents, siblings or best friends or colleagues for that matter. It doesn't need to be romantic.

Flowers are used in multiple occasions as gifts due to their enormous symbolism and top the list of Valentine's day gifts as they are a great gesture to show your affection for your Valentine. Red roses are the most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day since they embody deep love and affection. Even if your Valentine is in a different city or country, you can send them red roses thanks to Ferns N Petals' international delivery system. If roses are not your thing,they also have a wide range of fresh blooms like gerberas, lilies, tulips and orchids. They can deliver bouquets of freshly picked flowers arranged by expert gift connoisseurs and florists. These are wrapped in soft tissue so that they don’t get spoiled on the way and  maintain their freshness. You can choose from a variety of exquisite arrangements which you can order online and send to your loved ones at any time and any day of the year.

Some of the bouquet options at Ferns N Petals

If the cliched choice of flowers doesn't appeal to you, go for a cake! Cakes are considered to be gifts which add joy and happiness to any occasion and are associated with special occasions. And the best part is you get to share it with your Valentine! Make a statement with special heart shaped valentine cakes which have been prepared by their skilled bakers. If chocolate doesn’t suit your valentine's palate, you can choose from flavors like vanilla, butterscotch, blueberry and red velvet too. 

Some of the gorgeous cakes they have for Valentine's Day
Besides these, they also offer chocolates, dry fruits, jewelry, cosmetics ,perfumes and personalized photo gifts so you have lots of options to pamper your loved ones and make their day. Thanks to Ferns N Petals, gifting is made easy for birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion. So, next time you're on the lookout for a gift for that special someone and need it delivered anywhere in the world, make sure to check out Ferns N Petals.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

College Talk - The Importance of BBA

I keep talking about fashion, beauty and restaurants all the time but let me tell you a little bit about my educational background. In my 11th and 12th grade, I specialized in Science and then did my graduation in Commerce and then finally did an MBA in marketing. Physics, Chemistry and Maths for two years were torture and went over my head but I scored above 90 percent in both Computer and English (thus, here I am) but when came to Commerce, I was clueless as I knew nothing about finance and accounting. As I moved on to do my MBA (which is quite a norm and trend in India if you want to start your first job with a decent salary) some of the subjects were common from my graduation in Commerce but for all my classmates who had studied BBA, it was a cakewalk. 

The course educates students about marketing, sales, human resource, finance and much more through projects and practicals. And that's how I realized what the importance of BBA is. If a student opts for an MBA after his BBA degree he already has knowledge of what will be covered in the course and can grasp things very easily and will have a clear idea when he has to choose a specialization. Thus that it provides students a secure start to their professional graph. BBA is a good career option because besides a career in management, a BBA graduate is also eligible to be a Chartered Accountant, a Cost and Works Accountant or a Chartered Financial Analyst. Thus  Many students who take this course choose to be entrepreneurs as they gain complete knowledge about marketing, advertising, finance, human resource, banking during the course and find it easy to start their own business.

The value of BBA degree depends on the university and the college you study. So choosing the best university and a reputed college is very important. A reputed college will have the best teaching faculty who can guide you in the right direction. So before you choose any college or university, sure to research thoroughly and then finalize the best college for yourself. Make sure that the college you choose has a campus placement cell that will help you to get a  job easily. To make things easier for you, here is a list of all bba entrance exams in India on Collegedunia, a portal that can help you with all your college related queries in India.

So if you're looking at a career in management, I recommend you to study BBA during your graduation and breeze through your MBA.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Secret Behind Kylie Jenner's Hair Transformation

Before I start this post I should tell you that I am no fan of any of the Kardashians and have thankfully never watched that show. But its 2015 and if you spend enough time reading the crap on Dailymail like I do, you cannot escape the Kardashian-Jenner stories. Dailymail writers are probably huge fans of the show or the K-clan (or maybe they pay Dailymail to do at least 5 stories on them everyday). Lets keep the intellect aside but when it comes to appearance, I like the Jenner sisters and am quite impressed by Kylie's hair and makeup game. Before writing this post, I researched a little bit about her ever changing hair color, cuts and hairstyles and discovered that its all mostly wigs! This is actually a very smart thing to do because no matter how much money you spend, constantly coloring your hair (especially when you're going from super dark to blonde) will damage and fry your hair. She even shared her prized collection of wigs on her website during a video tour of her room. Standing in front of her collection, she explained which wig she wore at which event.

So that's her real hairstyle finally!
Wigs are trending right now because it's a simple way to change your look and your hairstyle without damaging or chopping it off. Wigs can add volume and length or completely change your style or color of hair in seconds. For those struggling with fine or thinning hair, wigs can provide exciting change and increase confidence as they can look better than your real hair. Celebrities like Kylie, Rihanna and Lady Gaga change their haircut and color all the time thanks to wigs. The best part of owning a wig is the versatility it offers because you can change your style and look within minutes, which saves a lot of time and money.

From ice blue to lime green to jet black Cleopatra-esqe bangs, it's clear Kylie Jenner is adventurous when it comes to experimenting with her hairstyle. She has openly spoken about how much she loves wigs and that changing her style has made her feel creative and confident. 

So what are the advantages of a wig?

  • Wigs offer more protection to the wearer’s natural hair giving the natural hair time to breathe.
  • Wigs are very low maintenance and don't really require much of styling
  •  Wigs offer the wearer the option of adding more length, color and volume to their hairstyle

More than anything else, wigs are hassle free! I have heard of cases where a person spends at least six hours a month getting extensions taken in and out. Then there was someone who once missed a flight because she realized at the airport she'd forgotten her hair straightener and went home to fetch it. Then there's one who has never been to a music festival because she wouldn't be able to bring her hairdryer. These women are all smart, sane, low-maintenance ladies, hair issues aside. Easiest solution to hair woes - get a wig!

So if really want to change your look and experiment with your hairstyle without damaging or cutting your hair, check out  Hairbro which has a huge selection of human hair wigs for women. Their collection features wigs in exotic colors including honey blondes, platinum blondes, feisty reds,  rich browns and much more. 

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Sunday BBQ Grill & LIIT's At Hard Rock Cafe

December is the undisputed party month of the year and to add to the festivities and holiday season, Hard Rock Cafe Pune gives us a delicious new barbecue experience every Sunday! The Sunday BBQ Grills bring us a culinary display of a live grill counter sizzling with an array of new dishes that are to make your Sunday afternoon a lazy but a memorable one. But that’s not all December has to offer, they have also launched their signature LIIT festival, so you can can taste an exclusive range of 10 new variants of this hot seller. Fresh fruit, unique flavors, subtle spices and wild colors are only a few highlights from this delicious and refreshing menu. I was there last Sunday and had a fantastic time devouring some really good food and a couple of brilliant Long Island Iced Teas.

I started my afternoon with the gorgeous and uber delicious Lavender Long Island which infuses lavender syrup with all the usual spirits. This is a sure shot winner. One of the best cocktails I've had in my life. I'm definitely going back for more.

What a beauty!
Next up was a whole bunch of appetizers from the Sunday BBQ menu. Sadly, my camera had a problem so half the photos did not get saved so I only have this one to share with you. I tried the Texas Chicken Slider, Caribbean Chicken Skewers, Tangy Grilled BBQ Wings, Grilled Jerk Fish Fillet and Spicy Chicken Drumsticks. If you love Wings as much as I do, make sure you try the ones on the special menu as they are spicier and tangier (thus, even better) than the wings in the regular menu. And if you love super spicy food, (I have a weakness for chilly) make sure you try the Drumsticks (pictured below). They are out of this world. LOVED IT! 

I am not a fan of sweets or sweet drinks and am addicted to spicy stuff, so when I saw a spicy version of a LIIT, I obviously had to have it. This one's only for all you fans of spicy stuff - The Jalapeno Iced Tea which has the usual spirits with jalapeno slices and brine. Loved it so much that I drank half of it before I realized I need to click a picture.

After eating so much of chicken, I was in the mood for fish so I tried two variants. The first was the Basa which was perfectly marinaded and was really juicy and had a burst of flavor in each bite. 

 I washed it down with Love Is In The Air, a variation of a long island which includes a dash of lychee and is topped with red wine. This is really tasty and has the perfect amount of sweetness (which even I could happily tolerate) It's a hot favorite among the ladies! 

 Saving the best for last is the Herb Crusted Scottish Salmon which has a delicious chunk of pink grilled salmon served with a side of veggies, mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Try this with a dash of lime juice. It  makes it even better!

Besides all this feast for carnivores, they also have a variety of vegetarian dishes on the menu (which I obviously avoided) along with a salad and pasta counter where you can DIY your salads and pastas.

The Salad Counter at Hard Rock Cafe Pune
Now that I've showed you how to make the most of your Sunday, make sure to Hard Rock Cafe Pune real soon as this special affair is exclusive in our city! Cheers to that! And for all of you who are based in other cities, the LIIT festival is happening at Hard Rock Cafes across India, so go try those yummy drinks asap!

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