Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Keda KD-190R Epilator Review

I'm sure you'll agree with me that as fashionable beauty conscious women, hair removal is an essential part of our lifestyles. Shaving is a quick and easy way but only works for those who have fine hair and very less growth (like me) while waxing gives great long lasting results but one has to wait for a while for hair to grow to a waxable length. What's the solution? Epilating! I always wanted to buy an epilator but wasn't sure of getting one because the famous Braun Silk Epil series are quite pricey and I wasn't sure if epilating would work for me. Thankfully, this problem was sorted when I found the KD-190R Mini Epilator on Tmart. This product is inexpensive and is an all-in investment as compared to what you would spend at every waxing session at a salon. This cordless portable epilator has been designed specifically for underarms and arms. Its precision epilating head is tailored for a superior performance, providing you with perfect and long-lasting smoothness while its design ensures convenient handing. Hair is removed from the root and grows back thinner and less visible. 

To be honest, I was initially quite freaked out with the whirring noise as the blades moved so it took me some time to gather the courage to use it. However, once I got over my fear, I realized that this epilator is awesome! Since it removes hair from the root, you can stay flawless for a long time and also prevents ingrown hairs. This efficiency in terms of slower growth rate cannot be matched by waxing and shaving, and this is why I realized that with epilators, truly, less is more. Its slightly painful since it doesnt work on a single stroke like waxing but I have a high pain threshold so I was quite okay. 
So in conclusion, I can confidently say that epilators provide a great hair removal experience over other methods, and every woman in the world should at least try epilating at least once so they can experience it! You can buy the Keda KD-190 Mini Epilator on Tmart. Besides these, Tmart also sells cool gadgets, consumer electronics, accessories for phones, games and computer along with holiday gifts and much more at low prices along with worldwide free shipping.

What method of hair removal do you use? Let me know in your comments below!


  1. wow! great post!
    i would love to own 1

  2. Great review! I want to try it!

  3. The one I have is so painful haha but I still want to use it because like you said, you stay flawless for longer! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. Hi June, I use the Silk Epil and am very happy with the results! You will notice that after a few times, less and less hairs will grow back. I don't think it's more painful than waxing, but I'm like you, I too have a high pain threshold :-).

  5. I have sensitive skin, so I can't take much pain! hahaha Glad it worked for you.

  6. I laser removed my underarm and bikini almost a decade ago and they are finally growing back! Albeit super light this time but this is just the perfect thing I need to maintain it! Great find babe, I'll def look into it!

    Thank you for visiting a while back sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. i prefer waxing but epilator comes in handy for tomes which in hurry and i am always in hurry :)
    keep in touch

  8. This is good to know! I normally just wax but I'll have to look into this option!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  9. This sounds great!! I am desperate to find an alternative to waxing... it hurts SO much.. there's always funny sounds coming from the wax room when I am there hahaha!!!


  10. I had never heard of an epilator so this was an amazing review! I hate shaving and can get so lazy, so I may have to check this out.

    Quirky, Brown Love

  11. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing

  12. gotta try these!!


  13. Lovedd the review babe! I am currently using the one by Braun, and it does wonders. But I agree with you that it is indeed pricey. If a cheaper device can do exactly the same thing, then heck I am in!!! <3


  14. Have angels just sung???? I actually need this in my life! SOLUTION!


  15. Great post :)

    PS: New Logo and new graphic for the blog of The Lunch Girls: tell us if you like it! :)
    The Lunch Girls

  16. Great product

    New post in

  17. Great item!

  18. I haven't tried an epilator, but it sounds like a nice alternative to shaving or waxing :)

  19. I have never tried an epilator but this sounds great!


  20. It's great for summer time!
    Kiss kiss ♥
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  21. Great review!!! xx


  22. You know June, Im not much brave and Im always scared of the pain, but it sounds very good and would be curious to give it a try. Many hugs my dear! xo (ps thanks a bunch June, you can find the layout on ilovefashionthemes.com, mine is from there!) xo

  23. it looks so useful and nice!


  24. I've bought a silk epil epilator recently and can honestly tell the price isn't justified. Great review June! This epilator sounds awesome!

  25. Necesito uno de estos jiji. Este tiene muy buena pinta.
    Buen post.
    Besos mil guapa.

  26. I'd be so nervous to try it, but it looks like it works pretty well!


  27. Hi June
    amazing review babe
    I know it and I really like it
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  28. Hello June! Uhh shaving is not something I want to do every day so this sounds like a great thing to have! Something I would definitely consider using when I get lazy :0
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  29. Great review. I prefer waxing with hard wax.

  30. That is very informative as I have never tried anything like this before.

  31. Cute!!! *o*
    New post is up!!
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  32. great review

  33. I already have tried this , it has good results .

  34. For young ladies, obtaining a hair expulsion epilator may be one of numerous perfect ventures for taking endlessly undesirable hair in your home. Its epilating head capacities like a tweezer. Epilator vs waxing


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