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Nawab Asia is a renowned restaurant in Pune which serves North Indian cuisine. Their menu offers a wide range of vegetarian and non vegetarian kebabs that leave you spoilt for choice. Of course, that's not all, they have an equally wide range of main courses so trust me, going through the menu and deciding what to eat can be one helluva long task. My mom loves Indian food so she and I decided to visit Nawab yesterday where we enjoyed a lavish lunch. The restaurant is very dimly lit with chairs and cushions for a cozy feel. They also have a beautiful outdoor balcony seating with lots of greenery all around but sadly, that section was closed when we went. 

My mom is a hardcore Bengali who was born and raised in Calcutta so she always places seafood above chicken and lamb unlike me. So for starters we chose a prawn dish and a fish dish of course. We had the Jheenga E Jaitooni which had char grilled prawns that were marinated with olives and other spices. This is a beautiful combination. The olive marinade is really mild in flavor so it blends wonderfully with the taste of prawns.  

Jhinga E Jaitooni at Nawab Asia
We also had the Fish Peeli Mirch Tikka which consisted of chunks of fish marinated with yogurt, spices and peeli mirch (yellow chilli) from Lucknow grilled in a tandoor. In spite of the use of yellow chilli, the fish was not spicy at all but was delicious.

Fish Peeli Mirch Tikka
Moving on to main course, being the meat lover, I ordered the Balti meat which had tender pieces of mutton cooked in a spicy gravy served in a balti (bucket) and to go with it, I chose Jeera chawal, a mix of basmati rice, onions and cumin seeds. This dish was a slight disappointment to me I didn't really like the gravy much either though my mom did. I guess I should have chosen other specialties from the menu instead.  

Jeera Chawal and Balti Gosht
Even quantity wise, I felt there was too much gravy and too little meat. The portion of rice too felt a bit small. 

Since Nawab is famous for its Biryani, we also decided to try the Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani, which is a preparation in which raw meat and rice are cooked together with aromatic spices so that their flavors blend in perfectly. Thankfully this dish made up what the previous dish did not deliver. The Biryani was really nice. Not too spicy, not too bland and had a decent amount of meat. 

My mom loves selfies so here's one we took between courses! After our superb meal we went shopping after together after ages and had a blast so it was a really fun day. 

Click to add a blog post for Nawab Asia on ZomatoWe had a great experience at Nawab and for the number of dishes we tried, their pricing is not too steep. I used my handy CouponDunia app again to get a discount at Nawab. So make sure you download it to find offers and discounts in top restaurants in your city.

Address - 1st Floor, San Mahu Complex, Opposite Poona Club, Bund Garden Road, Pune


  1. looks nice!!! :)

  2. u look so much like u r mum, exact same eyes u both have
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  3. Dear June, obviously you can eat there wonderful food! I miss really a good restaurant here in Bavaria ...
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  4. Delicious food!

  5. The food look so delicious doll and you both look pretty.

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  8. Loved the review June! The meal looks delicious!))

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  10. we are totally fall in love whit the indian cousine! OMG! Yummyyyyy
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  12. Your mum is gorgeous, finally can see where you get your beauty from, June! Looking at all these pictures make me miss Indian food so much, haven't found a good one here yet.

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  14. OMG, your photos make me so hungry and I have just my breakfast :))))

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  15. The food looks delicious, I'm a big fan of the Indian dishes!

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  17. the food seems yummy......both you and your mom looks beautiful....

  18. The food looks so good! Haha I'm really craving Indian food right now :D Kisses from Hungary xo

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