Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cute Car Accessories

I just realized that I never talk about my car though its my lifeline and I drive a long distance (approximately 40 kms) everyday. I really love driving and since my car was always driver driven and was given to me just a year ago, I've been wanting to do it up. You know what I mean, I wanna soup up my car with a NOS kit, air filters, get fancy rims and alloys, a mean ass grill and get a matte finish on it. My car's black and you all know how hot black matte paint looks on both nails and cars. Just kidding. I can't afford any of that. But here are a bunch of cute personalized car decor and accessories I found online and wouldn't mind owning. After all decorating your car's interiors gives you a feel good factor when you're on your way to work or home.  

I've always loved the combination of black and red and since I have a black car, these would look fabulous in my ride. The good thing about these colors is that besides looking so good, they also don't get dirty easily unlike light colored seats. One of my mom's cars has beige interiors and they get dirty so fast its not funny. I am a really messy person and don't get my car cleaned very often (from the inside) so these covers are just perfect for me. 

I don't really use maps very often but I am constantly playing dj in the car while I drive so I really need one of these holders that would keep the phone right in front of me while I switch tracks. Less distracting and handy (and hand shaped) haha!

Whether its your body, your house or your car, fragrance is always a good thing! My car often ends up smelling of beer or food so this ceramic lotus car fragrance is awesome. On top of that, its really pretty too. Which girl doesn't love flowers?

Again, a very handy product for any car. Besides your phone, you can also use it to stash your cash, cards or any other essentials you need while you're on the go. 

I'm not really fond of stickers on cars but I found this unique 3d creative car sticker pretty cool because it reminds me of the galaxy print trend. This will look fab on a black car!

What did you think of these? Would you like accessories for your car too or are you good with the way it is?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Style Moi - Street Style

I recently discovered an online store called Style Moi and I'm in love! Headquartered in Hong Kong, Style Moi offers a wide selection of clothing in various styles categorized into segments like casual, bohemian, grunge, retro, contemporary and much more. Style Moi isn't just a store because theirs is a site where one can not just shop but also find fashion inspiration. With its Pinterest like visual style, the site lets you explore the magic of street style fashion created by real people around the world. Instead of showcasing items for sale, their focus is on showing us the style of talented trendsetters around the world. They’ve partnered up with many of the street-style bloggers to create specially curated lookbooks for the site. 

Here are some of my favorite looks by their featured bloggers. Get inspired and see how they turn each unique pieces from Style Moi into different amazing styles -

I love all things fringe and I already have a fringed bag, cami, kimono and a skirt is on the way so this black cropped fringed jacket  is something I need to complete my fringe addiction! You can team it with this Bralet with scallop frill hem the way she has. Finish the look with lace trimmed shorts  and you have a badass rocker chic outfit!

This romantic Bohemian off-shoulder dress is perfect for the summer. It has an adorable flower child vibe thanks to its bishop sleeves and its sheer embroidery detail. 

I've always been a huge fan of 70s fashion because it was one helluva stylish era and this outfit channels exactly that with this Bell sleeved crop top and Lace up shorts. So retro and so stylish.

A headpiece like this one is quite popular in Indian fashion but we usually wear them for weddings along with traditional Indian clothing and we call it a Maang Tikka (Maang is the exposed area of your scalp over which the jewelry is worn) However, when worn like this, it adds a boho vibe to your outfit. You can buy this stone encrusted drop pendant headpiece here

I've spoken about my love for kimonos and black and white a million times, so this Tie Dye Kimono was probably made for me.  Whether you throw it on over a dress of team it with shorts and a cropped bustier or wear it as a swimsuit coverup, a kimono is always perfect!

So these were some of my favorites from Style Moi. Just check out the site and in one glance you'll realize how unique they are compared to all the other stores in the market. They have free shipping worldwide too! I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed! At Style Moi, there's something for everyone.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrity Style - Summer Shorts & Skirts

Here are some fabulous summer festival style shorts and skirts worn by celebs at Coachella over the past few years that I really liked -

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks effortlessly chic in floral denim shorts and a basic white shirt. I recently watched her in Mad Max Fury Road and fell in love with her even more.

Vanessa Hudgens retains her boho style in a tie die maxi skirt with slits. I love her outfits and how she puts them together. 

Alessandra Ambrosio takes it up a notch up pairing bodycon high waist shorts and a crop top in the same print. Love this look! Of course, having a supermodel body helps! 

Alessandra and a few more of her friends in skirts and shorts of various styles. All perfect for summer.

Kendall Jenner seems to share my love for black and wore a high waist fringed pair of shorts with a cropped bustier and lace kimono. LOVE!

This year, she went for a more boho outfit with this beautiful black sheer split skirt and a cropped peasant top. She looked amazing!

Need more outfit inspiration? Download the Myntra app and you can add these fabulous skirts and shorts to your summer wardrobe! Check them out - 

Combining the best of both worlds, this Belle Felle Skort is versatile for both formal and causal looks. With a skort, you can bike, cartwheel and even sit down to your heart’s content. No wonder the Zara skort was a fashion blogger favorite last year. 

For that breezy boho festival style look, this FabAlley Floral Maxi Skirt is just perfect. Team it with a crop top and you have a Vanessa Hudgens style flower child outfit. 
If you've got supermodel legs, show them off with these Denim Shorts by Only. Victoria's Secret Angels definitely have a love for them as most are spotted in Coachella in shorts.

Complete the badass babe look, with these leather shorts from The Vanca. Team them with a jacket and you're good to go. 

Check out Myntra's Summer Shorts and Skirts campaign to show you what they have in store for you 

I'm more of a shorts kinda person. What do you prefer - shorts or skirts?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Perfume Review - Tender By All Good Scents

I recently discovered All Good Scents - an Indian website that retails a variety of perfumes for men and women. It may be easy to choose clothes and accessories online but when it comes to perfumes, even if you read lots of reviews and look it up on fragrantica, there's absolutely no guarantee that you will like the fragrance. However, when it comes to these guys, they were smart enough to have a little quiz on their site that will help you find a fragrance you like. If that doesn't work, you can buy their samples in a SCENTBOX so that you can use it for yourself and then decide what you want. How great is that? 

The perfume I got from them is Tender, a blend of floral scents, white flowers, mandarin, orange blossoms, jasmine, patchouli, rose, honey, cedar and vetiver. Tender comes in a simple glass box. This fragrance comes off as strong initially, but the intensity reduces with time as the top notes fade away. In spite of its yellow color, this perfume doesn't leave marks on clothes and is quite long lasting. With a price tag of just Rs 750, it is extremely affordable. You can buy it here 

I also got a SCENTBOX™ so that I could try out their other fragrances. 

SCENTBOX™ allows you to explore & try any 3 of their fragrance samples so its fantastic that you can smell and use the perfume before you buy the real deal. This comes at a price though! A mere Rs 165! Isn't that awesome? You can choose any perfumes and create your own SCENTBOX here.     

 I got Evoke, Chic and Love & Joy. I stash all three in my bag and alternate between them. Evoke is my favorite! It is a classy, sensual fragrance with predominant vanilla notes with a hint of sandalwood. I'm getting it once I'm done with Tender. 

Chic is really nice too. It has top notes of Cedar,Wild Hyacinth and Green Apple and has quite a chic smell.

I didn't like Love & Joy much. Maybe its the blend of the florals Freesia, Peony, Lily Of The Valley and Magnolia that my nose doesn't like. But then again, perfume is a very personal thing!

Overall, I totally recommend this website as it has a large range of reasonable fragrances and with the concept of Scentbox, you'll definitely find something you like without breaking the bank. Check it out now!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Outfit - Red Hot

With summer in full bloom in India, it is incredibly hot and I find it pretty impossible to do outfit posts any more thanks to the sweltering heat. However, here's something I shot just before I decided to retire from outfit posts till the rains start. Even though I wear black and white most of the time and totally steer clear from bright colors, I was surprisingly attracted to this gorgeous red jumpsuit while I was shopping for my birthday. I feel it doesn't photograph very well shape wise, but looks definitely looks great in real life.  
Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Bag - Mango
Shoes - Forever 21

These photos were shot by my friend Akshat who had shot the fab photos in my previous outfit post too. Check out his work here.

How do you like my look? Do you prefer short jumpsuits or long ones?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Apps Are The Future Of Fashion

I was using a Blackberry till about six months ago and was pretty happy with life without apps. My best friend told me that I would go 'crazy' once I switched to android, my fellow blogger friends told me how much I would love Instagram, yet I clung on to my blackberry, though I knew that as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, there were loads of apps out there to help me out and get my blog more readers. Once I finally made the switch, I realized how right they were. Oh my god, there's an app for almost everything out there. And there is so much to benefit us bloggers. You all know the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. But did you know that there's so much more? 

Whether I'm looking for outfit inspiration or shopping advice, I use numerous apps that help me with my fashion decisions.  Thanks to the millions of outfits that have been shared by fashion influencers from around the world, I can save my favorite looks and shop them too. There are many apps that let you share your style and favorite outfits with the world by snapping a pic and uploading them. You can take a photo of your outfit on a daily basis, tag brands and share a caption to accompany your photo. 

A common issue we all face when we shop alone is that there's no one to give us an opinion. And I''m pretty sure that, just like me most of you snap a picture and sent it to a friend for their opinion, via an app, of course. And then there's the most fun and important aspect of fashion - shopping! Apps have definitely changed the size of the trial room. The new room measures five inches or maybe a bit more, and is powered by a quad- or octa-core processor. Though much smaller than the conventional changing room of an apparel store, what smartphones will do for the fashion industry is like what Bruce Lee did for martial art movies. 

Fashion is the one of the fastest growing categories in online retail and at present, every third search term from India is fashion related, says a Google study. After all, now we can buy everything online right from luxury designer labels to fast fashion since mobile apps include new collections, limited edition products and even exclusive items. Users have the option to shop by brand, category or to browse through feed of products which can all be purchased in one single swipe. Apps even eliminate the painful process of online shopping checkouts, as they usually save your shipping and credit card info, allowing you to purchase the products with a simple swipe. If you're not ready to commit to a purchase, the items you love can be saved for later in a shopping cart with an easy tap. Fashion apps are not just useful but very engaging too. My personal favorite is an game app that lets me choose from real life collections from today’s top brands and dress up a model for a certain occasion. And once again, I can purchase the garment for myself in real life too. Developers are now coming up with features to track the social calendars of customers and advise them on what to wear on what occasion. How cool is that?  

Cashing on the power of apps, India's top online store - Myntra is shutting down its website and will be operating exclusively through the app. They have realized the fact that in today's world, the fashionable tech girl is always on the go (in designer shoes of course), so it makes sense to give her a seamless online shopping experience no matter where she is. Download their app to get the latest in fashion from an array of brands.

Needless to say, its pretty evident that apps are the future of fashion. Do you use any fashion apps? If yes, let me know in your comments below!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Restaurant Review - Atmosphere 6

I've been a fan of Atmosphere as I have dined here on multiple occasions due to its proximity to my workplace. Its situated on a roof top and has a lovely ambience which makes it amazing for evenings. They have an extensive multi cuisine menu with a lot variety. Sometimes I've loved the food and sometimes I haven't, so this is a bit of a mixed review.  I'm presenting a huge list of things I've eaten here so here it goes -

Cocktails and mocktails are very good. I've had the Pina Colada and it was absolutely delicious. 

The Greek roast chicken salad consists of delectable pieces of chicken in a lip smacking baked garlic dressing and is really delicious. 

In vegetarian starters, Crunchy Babycorn , Hara Bhara Kebab and Aloo tikki are very average. I'm not fond of Paneer but I had something called Paneer Cottage Cheese (that's what the server said, I couldn't find it on the menu) which was really tasty. 

In non vegetarian starters, the Atmosphere 6 fish tikka consists of chunks of tender fish marinated in a very tasty blend of aromatic spices. The Butter Pepper Prawn Tikka is very good too. The prawns are fresh and tender and retain the flavors of butter and pepper perfectly. The Lemon Butter Garlic Prawns are nice too. 

The Murgh Bannu kabab is a preparation which has tender chunks of chicken in a tasty and non spicy marinade. I found the Hakka Chicken and Chicken Jhangari Kabab pretty average.

In Greek main course, the Falafel, and Lamb Moussaka are above average but have a lot of scope for improvement. The Chicken Shawarma pita pockets are delicious though.  

Their Italian fare is amazing. The Prawn Ravioli with Creamy Caper sauce and Pasta Capri are both good, so whether you choose white sauce or red, its a safe bet (wow, that rhymed). 

The American Choupsey and Thai Red Curry are really delicious too. 

Their Indian main course disappointed me though. I've had the Chicken Dhania Adrak which was below average.  The Dal Makhni too was extremely okay tasting. The Paneer Pasanda was a decent dish but the pieces of paneer were a bit too heavily deep fried to a crunchy texture I did not like. 

Desserts are quite nice. The Gulab Jamun is amazing and melts in your mouth. The Caramel Custard is very nice too. Not too sweet. I'm not a fan of Apple Pie so I did not like it much. The Chocolate Brownie with Icecream is average as the brownie could be sweeter. The same applies for the chocolate lava cake.

Click to add a blog post for Atmosphere 6 on Zomato

So basically, when it comes to the food, I've always loved it besides the one time I ate Indian food there. However, if you don't choose Indian food, I think Atmosphere is a great place for dinner and drinks and I totally recommend it to everyone.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Stunning Sarees at

When it comes to traditional fashion, there is nothing more Indian than a saree. This iconic garment is elegant, figure flattering and is commonly worn all over the country. In fact, red wedding saris are the traditional garment choice for brides in Indian culture. For religious festivals or weddings, my garment of choice too, is a saree. Most women are clueless about where to buy nice sarees from. I was too, till I discovered This site has a humongous range of gorgeous sarees in many different fabrics, colors and styles. They don't only have beautiful sarees but gorgeous lehengas, salwar kameezes, gowns and kurtis too. They offer worldwide shipping, so even if you are abroad, you can get yourself one or gift one to an Indian relative or friend. Isn't that amazing?

Just look at these stunning creations from their site and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Beautiful aren't they? Which one's your favorite? Don't forget to use code SPCL500 if you're buying something to get Rs 500 off on your order (valid on orders above Rs 500 only)

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