My Envy Box - May 2015

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll would be knowing that I've been revewing My Envy Box for a long time now. This is a luxury sampling box that sends a bunch of beauty products from prestige brands every month and if you like what you used, you can buy the full sized product from their site. The May 2015 edition of My Envy Box is a is a Spa Special box and since all the products have Green Tea as a common ingredient, this edition is also known as the 'Deluxe BeauTEA' box .

 Contrary to all the previous boxes which have a mix of different brands, all 5 products in this edition are from the brand Vana Vidhi which is an Indian Luxury brand. The set contains 40ml bottles of product which makes it very convenient for travelling. I've used all of them a couple of times and they're all pretty nice.

The contents of the box are -

Vana Vidhi Strong Brew Green Tea Natural Face Wash and Aloe Vera & Green Tea Body Wash -  Both products provides a thick and luxurious gel lather, with natural sulphate-free lathers and so much goodness of Darjeeling Tea for this summer. Pamper your skin with Green Tea and Water.

Vana Vidhi Mild Brew Green Tea Shampoo - a sulphate-free shampoo that cleans the hair with the purity of hand-picked Green Tea. The mild brew works wonderfully on hair.

Vana Vidhi Mild Brew Green Tea Hair Conditioner - Vana’s Mild Brew Green Tea Conditioner works to condition, grow and strengthen the hair.

Vana Vidhi Mild Brew Green Tea Natural Moisturizing Body Lotion - This body lotion imparts freshness and pampering to your skin.

Darjeeling Forest Incense - Add a touch of meditation with Darjeeling Forest Incense which is uniquely stickless and hand rolled, adding harmony and solace to the body and soul.

The products are all pretty nice and the best part is that this box is worth a whopping Rs 2600 while subscribers only need to pay Rs 850 for the same. Great deal, isn't it? If you love pampering yourself with luxury beauty products, make sure you try My Envy Box as it is a wonderful way of discovering fabulous beauty products and fragrances.


  1. It seems a great box. xoxo

  2. i am using this body wash these days and its AMAZING

  3. This Envy Box must be amazing! I didn't know this brand, but am loving knowing about it! True, the sizes seem to be good for traveling and I would really love to try the Green Tea Natural Face Wash, cause I love green tea in products and also, face wash and the shampoo and hair conditioner too! Amazing products, for sure!

  4. Really interesting products! This is a good review and your explanation of its benefits are clear and compelling. Thanks for sharing June))

  5. Really interesting post...thx for sharing!


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