Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal Review

I've been using gel eyeliner on a regular basis for many years but it is quite a hassle because you must clean the brush after each use and of course it is infamous for drying out in the tub. Moreover, it's also not very convenient to carry when you're on the go because you need to carry eye makeup remover to clean the brush and in case you lose the brush there's no way you can apply it (this actually happened to me when I was on a beach holiday earlier this year and I had no choice but to use a earbud to apply my liner and lets just say the results weren't very pretty!) Also, in case you lose the brush's cap, it leaves you prone to allergies and infections. I am not very fond of kohl pencils as they do not give the same finish as a gel eyeliner, and often smudge after a couple of hours. Thankfully, the good folks at Plum cosmetics sent me their NaturStudio kohl kajal for review, and I'm glad that I have finally found a kohl pencil which looks just like gel eyeliner and stays as long as one. 

This kajal pencil is a 100% smudge-proof, water-proof single-swipe black kohl-cum-liner that’s gentle on your eyes. It is soft and creamy and gives a brilliant black that looks “just applied” even after 12 hours. It is free from preservatives, parabens, mineral oil and parafin and is dermatologically and ophthamologically tested and approved. It is rich in Vitamin E for care and protection and is not tested on animals. The product is made in Germany. You'll agree with me that it looks like a gel eyeliner as you can see the photo below. I was also sent this cute sharpener which actually comes with a protective case and residue cleaner. If you're looking for a great new kajal, you must try it out.

Plum is India's first online-only beauty brand and was launched a few months ago.  Plum offers a diverse range of beauty products such as cleansers, face washes, scrubs, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, face masks, eye make up and much more carefully picked depending on your skin type. All Plum products are organic and paraben free. They are very particular to skin type and have different products formulated for different skin types.  They have a wide range of products with you can buy from their official site plumgoodness.com. They offer same-day/next-day shipping and express delivery to almost all major towns in India along with cash on delivery available in most locations. 


  1. Nice product!


  2. It looks good! I was using pencil for years but then swapped over to those felt pen ones, love them!

    Corinne x

  3. I use eyeliner on my regular basis, too and I totally understand what you mean! This kohl looks amazing on you, thanks for introducing the brand!


  4. Your eyes look beautiful ♥♥


  5. Plum colors looks amazing with so many eyes color.

  6. Sounds really great June and is nice to discover India's beauty brand. You got such lovely eyes too! xo

  7. I'm a gel liner girl too, but yeah....for convenience, nothing beats a pencil. This one sounds good, June! I love that's it's smudge-proof.:)

  8. I always appreciate a very good kohl pencil to line my eyes. You have got to get the eyes nice and sleek! Thanks for sharing. Nice review.


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    Your blog is wonderful, Congratulations !
    Beautiful post.
    The photos are beautiful.
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    Kisses from Brazil.

  10. It really does look like gel eyeliner!

  11. wow nice colour

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  12. I like it! Want to try it now.. Wonderful post..Keep In touch dear..
    Rampdiary/Bridal Blog

  13. I will check them out now, the eyeliner is jet black
    Keep in touch

  14. Your make up is stunning! I love the color!

  15. Very nice product, thank you for this review :)


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