Forever 21 & Target Shopping Guide

It's no secret that Forever 21 and Target are a shopping lover's dream come true so I've come up with a nifty shopping guide with some tips to hep you get the most out of shopping at these two stores. 


Been a while since I was 21 but that doesn't stop me from shopping at Forever 21 on a fairly regular basis. The reason? Fast fashion and items so cheap, that you don't have to think twice before purchasing. However, even though I love shopping there, I never walk out with more than 3 items every time I go. So here's when I list out a few points you must consider while shopping at Forever 21 - 

1) Quality over Quantity - F21’s cotton and rayon pieces fade and pill quickly in the wash, which becomes especially obvious on articles of clothing that have been screened in the contrasting colors used in patterns. It’s better to stick with polyester and viscose, which hold dye better and don’t pill.

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2) Go for the basics - F21 is a great place to score basic tees, pants, vests and leggings because of their numerous styles, colors and use-and-throw prices. However, steer clear from statement pieces especially if you stay in a small city because chances are, whether you're in college or at a bar, there'll be another girl wearing the same dress as you.  If you really want to buy a statement piece, then buy it, but don't wear it out when it's still in stores. Give it a couple of months and then wear it out. This backfires too by the way. A notable example of this is when I was going out partying with a friend who was wearing a printed jumpsuit she had just bought from there the previous day. Two weeks later, I went out with another friend who was wearing the same jumpsuit (and doesn't know the other girl) And she got it from Forever 21 in a different city over 3 months ago. Now imagine if both girls went out with me on the same day and both wore that jumpsuit. 

3) Awesome Outerwear - Forever 21 is a great place for on trendy outerwear at low prices. They have amazing coats, jackets and blazers in lots of styles, pattern and colors. Pick them up during sales for good deals. I just picked up a really cute sweater during Christmas break and I got it at almost half price. 

4) Love 21 - Love 21 is a contemporary line still focused on trends, but with more attention to detail, trims, fabrics and overall a more sophisticated feel.  What do I mean?  Well color blocking will be less severe, pops of neon go back to neutrals as opposed to being mixed in loud, wild prints.  The fabrics are a little less cheap looking.  

5) Timing - Forever 21 stores are pretty crowded during weekends and especially on evenings. Unless you like long waiting lines to try clothes out, go to F21 during the morning/afternoon on any weekday. If you have office or college in the day, then go on a monday evening for a peaceful shopping experience.


This affordable department store is every shopper's wonderland because you get everything you need under one roof. If done right, Target is a convenient place you can pick up some smart style picks at affordable prices.  Thanks to their low-priced collections from high-end designers like Missoni, Neiman Marcus, Zac Posen, Jason Wu and more along with a huge range of affordable daily wear, women can't get enough of Target. Use this guide to find items that balance modern style, quality, and price -

1) Take advantage of the mark down schedule -  
Monday: Electronics, Accessories, Kids Clothing, Books, Baby, and Stationery
Tuesday: Domestics, Women’s Clothing, Pets and, Market food items
Wednesday: Men’s Clothing, Health and Beauty, Diapers, Lawn/Garden items, and Furniture
Thursday: Housewares, Lingerie, Shoes, Toys, Sporting Goods, Decor and Luggage
Friday: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, and Jewelry

2. Coupons - Target is big on coupons. The Target app has mobile coupons” which gives you ongoing coupons with text message reminders when your coupons are about to expire. If you shop at Target often, consider getting the Target Red Card. You will get 5% off the day you sign up for the card and every day that you use it. You will also get 30 extra days for returns and free shipping on Target’s website. You have the option of getting a debit or credit card, so choose which one works best for you. Additionally, check out Discontrue for more awesome Target coupons.

3. Fashion Union - This newly-introduced line is more trend-focused than Mossimo or Xhilaration. It's made for juniors, so unfortunately the sizes aren't for everyone, but if you're in the market for ridiculously affordable swimwear, button front skirts and chic dresses, this is your jam.

So these were my tips to help you with shopping at Forever 21 and Target. I hope you find them as  helpful as I do!


  1. This is great, haven't been in these stores for ages!! x

  2. Thanks for the tips as I will be going to the US soon! We have Forever 21 here in Manila (though expensive which is ridiculous) but Target we don't so I am looking forward to that trip and will keep your tips in mind. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. Great shopping tips my dear
    I love forever21 though sometimes the material just not give justice to its price.

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  4. Thanks for these great tips, June:) And I didn't know about that mark down schedule! Very cool. Too bad Target left Canada, but I guess I can still shop online:P

  5. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  6. Hi June I think Forever 21 is better for accessories though.

  7. I like both stores; great tips.
    Happy new year.

  8. great dear...thanks for sharing

  9. Fab tips. I don't really shop at F21 anymore but I can never et enough of Target.

  10. Oh wow, these tips are amazing. Especially with the F21 fabrics. I never thought about it but you are so right!

  11. Thanks for useful ideas!

  12. Thanks for wonderful post, really great items=)))

  13. It's really useful for our shoppers. Thx for sharing.
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  14. So many useful tips here!! :)
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    Thanks a lot June!

  15. I'm waiting for Forever 21 in Poland. But it will be probably next year.

  16. I like both stores; great tips.I love forever21 though sometimes the material just not give justice to its price. My Least Price


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