Resort 2016 Trend - Jumpsuits

When worn right, the jumpsuit (or romper) is an effortless route to chic, whether you're heading to a seaside soiree or taking in the city skyline from a rooftop party. Among the biggest Resort trends of 2016 is the jumpsuit trend. It is a versatile piece that you can take from day to night and wear for a variety of occasions. Here are some basic jumpsuit styles that you should add to your wardrobe - 

The LWJ (little white jumpsuit) is the new go-to for any occasion that calls for chic. It looks sophisticated and put together. Add gold accessories to take it up a notch. 

Monochrome is best kept for formal occasions and can be seamlessly incorporated to your work wardrobe too. Just throw on a blazer to complete the corporate chic look. 

For those with a flair for drama, a crimson jumpsuit is an easy way to knock 'em dead. This look is classy and formal and great for a dinner or formal party.

For a night out, let your imagination go wild, experiment with colors, necklines and sleeve styles.  

When the temperatures rise, so do the hemlines. So for a pool party, beach or any young and casual event, a romper works best. 

So that was how I like my jumpsuits. As you can see, I steer clear from bright colors or girly prints, but that's a personal choice! For more fabulous and classy options, check out these jumpsuits!


  1. your looks are pure elegance!)

  2. wow dear, in all these outfits you look amazing..

  3. You have a fabulous collection of jumpsuits!

  4. Amazing, so many great jumpsuits! I loved all of them, but my favorite ones are the white one and the last one with a lovely print! I think you look great with all of them, dear June! Hope you have a great week!

  5. So many beautiful photos of you looking so stylish and pretty

  6. The burgundy one is the best one :)

  7. You are very pretty and elegant. Kisses and have a lovely Sunday :)


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