Monday, October 10, 2016

Outfit - Snowflake

I rarely wear dresses but taking my weakness for white and my newfound love for choker necklines, I knew I had to get this one the moment I saw it on Zaful, a trendy online store I recently discovered. The site has has lots of amazing clothing at great prices and good service and I was pretty impressed by the fit and quality of this dress. Makes a beautiful look for winter doesn't it? Make sure to check this new site out for some fabulous finds!

Dress - Zaful
Shoes - Forever 21


  1. Nice dress!

  2. Looking gorgeous June!
    I love Zaful, they have beautiful clothes

  3. That dress is stunning on you June. You should do dresses more often! <3


  4. Lovely snowflake, dear June, you look so sweet! I loved the outfit, it is really beautiful and I liked the color! It is classy and feminine and I think you look amazing! Hope you have a very nice day!

  5. This dress is very pretty. Kisses :)


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xx June

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