Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Review

FACES Canada recently launched the Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal which has a highly pigmented creamy formula which glides on skin instantly and gives a wonderful color payoff. The product also comes with a smudger for blending and creating a smoky look which is what I think this product is perfect for. Thanks to its creamy formula and intense gel finish, the product needs one stroke application and lasts for a very long time.

Priced at Rs 549, this gel liner is quite affordable compared to other liners in the market and has a beautiful finish with a intensely pigmented matte black color. The formula is also does not irritate the eyes. It lasts for over 6 hours but unfortunately it smudges a lot so I do not recommend this product if you want to use it as an eyeliner. However, if you want to create a smokey eye look, this product will outlast your black eye shadow since its get formula lasts really long. Thus, this product is actually a great substitute for black eye shadow and is the perfect thing you need to create a smokey look. 

Overall, I think this product should be marketed as an eye shadow since it's long lasting and is great for a smokey eye effect! 


  1. That liner looks perfect for a smokey eye :)

  2. Great review, thanks for the honesty. It looks like it would be tough to use as a liner, especially for clumsy ones like me :) xx


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