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As you may know by now, I'm addicted to colored lenses and love wearing a different color daily. This time I got Neo Cosmo 3 Tone Brown from Klenspop, a Korean online lens store which manufactures and sells a wide range of colored and circle lenses. I love the fact that their shipping is super fast and that they have the cutest packaging ever. What's even better is that each pair comes with a case and plastic tweezers so that you can take them out easily from the glass vials. 

My natural eye color is a very dark brown which is barely visible so I always prefer going lighter. Here's what I look like without lenses-

And now here's Neo Cosmo 3 Tone Brown. Its a beautiful shade of dark brown which is incredibly natural looking and is very flattering. 

Outdoors in Sunlight
Outdoors in shade

Here's how they look up close - 

I get a lot of compliments for these and no one even realizes that they are colored lenses! Another factor which is amazing about these is that they are super comfortable and I wear them for over 9 hours at work in front of a computer and yet feel no discomfort. I totally recommend you to check out Klenspop for all types of colored and circle lenses as I've been getting lenses from them for a long time. 


Diameter: 14mm
BC: 8.6mm
Usage Period: 6 months
Water Content: 45%
Power: All except  -0.25, -0.75 -5.25 -5.75
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Origin: KOREA

You can buy it here 


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  2. awesome presentation) You make is so adorable!

  3. Gorgeous! You look lovely dear!

  4. Interesting products! worth to try them))

  5. The lens looks so natural on you! The color is beautiful <3 Happy holidays hun!

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