Girl Power: It’s Time To Make It Happen

Even though the slogan Girl Power is relatively new per se – it’s only been around since 1991 when the US punk band, Bikini Kill, published a zine under this name to celebrate women’s independence and empowerment –, the idea of strong and confident women is far from being new. Throughout history, women have ruled over countries, made crucial discoveries, changed the fate of their population, and introduced new ways of thinking into their communities.
In other words, while society has developed a solid feminist background in recent years, it would be unfair to claim that women didn’t matter until now. They did, and they always have been an essential part of society.

However, not everyone is given the same chances from birth. While some individuals receive the education they need to shine and have the support of their friends and family to push their careers or make their voices heard; others can find it hard to find to receive the guidance they deserve in life. Your life choices, your relationships, your career, and your social circle can play a decisive role in empowering women to achieve what they want and take control of their destiny. It is, therefore, everybody’s responsibility to make a difference and unleash Girl Power for all. Are you ready to make it happen?

Helping and encouraging young girls to go further
Did you know that impoverished countries could significantly improve their circumstances if their population were given the opportunity of pursuing a career? Indeed, many nations that have a high birth rate can suffer from the lack of education solutions, resulting in millions of children who can’t read, count, write or aspire to any professional success. More importantly, the failure to provide decent school opportunities for girls accentuates traditional gender issues and acts as an obstacle to the development of the entire population. Encouraging Girl Power in these places is about supporting charities and organisations that are working to provide adequate solutions. By helping schools to reach out to everyone and provide the facilities the population needs, you can ultimately empower girls to change their future for the better.

Being your own boss
For many women, there is an impossible gap between working in a company and launching your own business. Indeed, it can be daunting to become a leader in what feels like a man’s world – the business world remains heavily masculine with fewer women at the top. It’s not uncommon, as a consequence, to struggle to receive the respect and loyalty of a leadership role as a woman, as many employees are still more likely to prefer a man in a ruling position. But, don’t let studies and social bias stop you in your ascension in the business world. There might still be more men than women on top, but there are plenty of inspirational women that have built a successful and profitable business presence. You can turn to someone such as Victoria Beckham for inspiration, who has fought criticism throughout her career but still managed to become one of the most influential fashion designers of her time. Nobody better than Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, can explain what it means to be a #Girlboss. There’s one essential rule that makes leadership possible, you need to believe that you can, as a woman, become a boss.

Finding the right mindset
How you perceive women, and not only yourself, is determinant to both your and their success. Indeed, the biggest enemy of women bosses is the way other women react. According to the Twisted Sisterhood by Kelly Valen, 90% of women have suffered from incivility and gratuitous negativity from their own gender. Whether it’s between friends or colleagues, women can feel painful currents of meanness from fellow females. Ultimately, Valen points out a critical issue about our beloved Girl Power. We, as women, can spend a lot of time hurting each other. The sisterhood can be more twisted and self-harming than we want it to be. Ultimately, the idea behind the Girl Power is that women can help each other to build their independent paths. But when the hostility between women can take a devastating amplitude, it’s easy to understand where the gender gap still prevails.

Believe in yourself
Women are not only the enemies of each other, but they can also affect the way they perceive themselves. Indeed, according to a study done at Cornell University, men are more likely to overestimate their abilities and performance, while women tend to underestimate them. As a result, in the professional environment, women will tend more often to suffer from the imposter syndrome, feeling that they don’t deserve their job. This mindset can affect not only your chances of progression, but also your overall career path. It’s essential to break the vicious circle that keeps your career on standby by working on your posture, appearance and overall professional integration. The better you feel about yourself within the business, the more confident you’ll be about your skills.

Be the light that guides your sisters to success
So what happens once you’ve finally reached the highest step of the corporate ladder? Is your Girl Power journey over? On the contrary, now’s the best time to nurture the positivity in your female employees. Indeed, you can take the time to become a mentor for other women who are trying to build a successful career. Additionally, you have to make sure to keep all gender bias off your recruiting and promoting practices, hence giving talented women just as much chance as men.

Supporting women’s rights and respecting their decisions
The underlying idea behind the Girl Power movement is to empower women to become who they want to be. While some women want to lead an inspirational career, others prefer the challenges of being a housewife for their family. It’s important that you recognise their contribution to society too. Stay-at-home wives and mothers shouldn’t feel ashamed for their choices, in the same way that a woman choosing to become CEO shouldn’t have to deal with people questioning her decision either. Remember that Girl Power is what everyone.

What do we, women, do in our day-to-day activities to support ourselves and other women? This is the question you need to put on top of your agenda if you want to eradicate gender bias and discrimination.  


  1. This post is incredible and I am so glad to see it! Supporting other women is so important. I've heard a lot of people look down on women who choose to stay at home...and just as many look down on women who choose to work full-time when they have kids. It's time we stop judging other women for their life choices. The more we support and love one another...the better.


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